Challenge #03794-J141: The Big Mistake Hunt

When you're a pirate, there is ONE rule you should always follow, newbie.


DO NOT MAKE A HUMAN.... you did WHAT???

Ok, this is on you, ..... RUN! -- Anon Guest

Do not meddle with Humans, for they are petty and creatively vengeful. If they have seen you, if they know your name, if they know anything about you, they will track you down and extract more than you expect from you.

Mind. Body. Spirit. They will break them all.

Probie Xyn has just been informed of this after looting a singular soft toy from the Flambourgh's Human. She had found the Deathworlder just as he was emerging from the cleansing booth and stunned them at max power. Then she grabbed the closest small object and ran. This, Xyn was learning, was a huge mistake.

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