Friday, Weary Bean

I woke up in the wee smallest hours, this morning. Pretty soon after midnight, in fact. Since I couldn't easily get back to sleep, I sat up and wrote something.

Half a chapter of A Devil's Tale and the start of a Doctor Who fanfic, in fact. Part of me wants to write it like it could be an episode. A greater part of me is absolute shit at scriptwriting.

So it's a hybrid. And messy. I have a lot of ideas busting to get out, but I also have to ration my time and wrists. And I really need to focus on finishing A Devil's Tale the hell off.

I'm covering a lot of time in the story, now. The ripples in time will happen later. How one life can change a world.

I've yet to clean out the catio today, and my offerings will be happening at their own pace.

Next week, I take a breather. I do my side projects according to my mood. If at all. Let myself flop around and be a lump for a while.

Just to chillax.

For now... I move on with what's gotta be done.