Challenge #04177-K159: Tough to Swallow

A person was given powerful painkillers when they got hurt. Later, they were taking calming drugs, regularly, during therapy. Unfortunately, they became addicted to both. The ones that prescribed the medications now had to help the person to be weaned off of them.

(( Note - one of the big reasons there was a major addiction to drugs like oxycontin and other painkillers is due to them being over-prescribed, sadly.)) -- Anon Guest

[AN: No worries, OP, I have witnessed several "miracle drugs" being handed out like lollies at a kids' party]

They called it Mercy, and it was the hot new thing. The best painkiller in history. The best painkiller in the world. Its gimmick was that the sufferer could not overdose. More than a few had tried and failed. They didn't even make themselves sick. They just woke up the next morning after a really good nap.

They even woke in a better mental state than they were in when they tried to overdose.

Some started calling it Miracle, owing to its effects. It acted fast, and took pain away to the point where it was negligible. If an injury needed rest, then the patient taking Mercy would be inclined to rest. Physiotherapy was no longer torment to the people who needed it.

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