Challenge #04176-K158: Safe in a Dangerous Place

Lothaire helped the young former captive adjust to a life of freedom. For a being of darkness, they helped bring light back to hir heart. -- Anon Guest

It was a peculiarity that persisted in my head, every time I woke and grew accustomed to this place. I was safe in the lair of a literal monster. Safer than I had ever been in the hands of my master. Four days after my first waking, I was strong enough to shamble around the chamber. Two more days, and I could walk.

Lothaire helped, with frequent reference to hir 'manuals'. Not just with the meals, but also with my freedom.

There was careful work with files and tools to remove my shackles. There was more work with needle and thread to replace my rags with proper clothes. Servicable, they insisted, but likely not fashionable. There was a lot of pork, ham, and bacon.

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