Day of Rest

A 3-post collection

Monday, Public Holiday, Also Resting

I will still be making my daily offerings. That's not stopping. I'm taking time off from my side projects.

Speaking of, I just passed the second Sunday that I forgot to post my Patreon stuff. I'll do that today.

At some point in the near future, Beloved shall join my company and we get some precious snuggle-time together.

I hope to have the wherewithall to stream a story today. And the time, come to think of it. I have no idea when I'll have to run out and fetch my Beloved.

Let's see how far I'll go.


Beloved's not stopping over, but coming for longer closer to the end of the week. I now have no need to fret about stuff.

Long Monday, Potential Shenanigans

Something in the living room is humming, the shelf for my record player is still in its wrapping, there's loads to do to make sure Capt. S' old place is orderly for the next step, MUM is still unfucking and hoping it doesn't flood again.

Beloved has taken a well-earned day out with friendos [found a VERY nice jacket with a VERY heinous price tag :P And didn't get it. Whew] and may also be pretty much wrecked for later this morning.

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Long Monday Again!

Tale Foundry has moved their stream to this oncoming Saturday, so I didn't have to fret about that. Yet. I still have chambering and world building and NOW I have a shared Minecraft world with my fellow players to have fun with. Which means some hours dedicated to a duplicate world in Creative Mode to work out what the hell I'm doing with the hole I found to inhabit.

Where to put the roast chicken machine, where to put the roast beef

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