Well Fuck

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Well, Fuck

Okay. Here's the situation.

  • Cocoa contains carbs and I need to figure out the content of one button to keep my hot chocolates ketogenic
  • Mayhem has a conference with his guidance counsellor and I discuss his grades
  • I need new windshield wipers
  • Time is growing ever closer to the release of a better Apple Lappy for my first actual Earned Laptop
  • All my funds are tied up in other shit
  • Including Mayhem's traineeship [$2K]
  • And paying for my car rego [$600+]
  • My face FUCKING HURTS because two low-pressure troughs, east and west of my location
  • And I've recently heard of a number of teachers just playing on their phones for entire classes.

So yeah, this school that we picked based on good news has turned into a firkin shitpile inside of four years. That's horrendous.

I fully expect to get the "we'll look into this" fob-off, but Mayhem may just get a reprieve. Fingers crossed.

And that's happening REAL soon, so I at least need to schedule my Blasts.