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Wednesday - Day Zero

Yesterday's case happens to be from overseas and already contained, so there's more hope for days free of idiocy from the infected.

Idiocy from everywhere else...

The Muppet's way of handling Climate change is the same as his way of handling the plague. Swear that it's going to go away and then singsong "I'm not listening, nerny nerny ner ner."


They're talking about opening up the borders again and it is honestly too soon. NSW and Victoria are still rife with the plague. This could only end badly.

Thanks to the family, I am making bread today. Thanks to insomnia, I have a head-start on that. Two more dough botherings and the lot of it can rest whilst I faff about with the rest of my nonsense.

I got the Patreon stuff and my Wordpress nonsense over with in the wee small hours. All I have left is the novel words and Instant Story and then I can go enjoy myself. Yay.

Tuesday - Day 2

I have shrinky business going on and talking about how to handle Miss Chaos being obstinate at school versus how to help Mayhem with the social anxiety. It's not my job to fix everything, but I should be able to help a little bit.

The blackout didn't happen because it's actually happening on the 28th. I got my wires crossed. Shocker.

Which is why I double-checked my calendar today to make sure I have the shrinky business. Which I do. Of course

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Monday - Day 1!

No new cases in Queensland yesterday, so today is Day One. Woot? There's still over a week before the Brisbane anti-lockdown protests blow up on us. Meanwhile, Melbourne's having more anti-lockdown protests which is what started their second wave in the first place.

It's like Quiet Minute after school and there's that one kid who won't shut the fuck up.

China's fighting India. China's rattling sabres against Australia and the USA. You know what they say about fighting a war on two

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Sunday (Day Zero once more)

Three new cases all related to known ones. Eight days left for the Brisbane protests to blow up like the ones in Melbourne did. The only hope is that none of those anti-lockdown protestors had been anywhere near a contact site. Especially since a lot of them are hoaxers and therefore would not have been checking where they've been and when.


It was a long stream this morning, but I got another story segment finished in one of my Terrible Tiefling

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Saturday (Day Zero)

Two new cases linked to previous ones and already in quarantine. Nine days -thereabouts- until the Brisbane protests blow up on us. It'll be battening down the hatches for sure when and if that happens.


  • China escalates their war footing with India
  • Some dudebro used the Covid-19 app to text a girl. The only way this could have been worse was if he opened with a dick pic
  • Quarantine clusterfucks continue as one family is living in an airport in some
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Friday - Day One at Last!

Woo! Now I know there's going to be ten-ish days before the protests in Brisbane spark an outbreak, but I am still celebrating the small victories. One day without anyone on the Karen Squad stirring shit. That's a win.

Not winning today:

  • Woman escapes quarantine in Spain while infected to go to the beach. She also dropped her kid off at school. Way to go, Karen. This is why we can't have nice things
  • Sweden's alleged "success" with the virus cost them
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Wednesday - Day Zero Butt

It's Day Zero again, but... the difference is that the one new case in Queensland is from overseas and already doing quarantine.


  • The pregnant woman who organised an anti-lockdown protest and was arrested for it now expects an apology from the Victorian Premier. I hope it goes, "I'm sorry you're that f*cking stupid," to be honest
  • Because there's still literally over a hundred new cases in Victoria on the daily. I know I said they celebrated going under twenty at
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Tuesday Day Zero Again and Again and Again

Two more cases and thirteen days until an outbreak linked directly to the anti-lockdown protests in Brisbane. Did people learn nothing from firkin Victoria?


People are comparing the lockdown and virus restrictions to North Korea and they obviously don't know shit. I want to smack them. Or throw them to the USA where they're not doing anything and medical attention costs like unto a wounded buffalo. See how happy they are with things then.

The plague has been spreading in a

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Monday, Day Zero again

Two more cases related to known ones. Blargh. Meanwhile, anti-lockdown protesters in Brisbane are trying so very hard to get more lockdown. Way to go, people. The reason you think the plague is a hoax is because you were protected by the firkin lockdown. Gah.

Around and around and around and around...

Vaccine talk is increasing globally and it's plausible that, in a few short months, the anti-vaxxers will be the biggest problem in stopping the plague.

I still say Hoaxers should

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Sunday, and another Day Zero (sigh)

Honestly, I'm making note of what day it is to help me keep track. The groundhoggening is real, folks. I had a glorious slug day yesterday and I now have a crick in my neck from Gamer Lean.

Today's case is related to a known one. Yay?

You know that old console thing where you'd shift your body or tilt the controller to influence your performance on the screen? That. Only apparently I get right up to my monitor and tilt my

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Saturday - Day One!

Finally and at last. One. DAY. With zero nonsense from the Karen Squad, anyone related to the Karen Squad, or anyone within six degrees of anything the Karen Squad might have breathed on.

I still remember when we were within two days of Day Fourteen. All the same, this morning's news. is a relief from all the Day Zeroes that have been happening.

Here's to many more days of no plague.

Yesterday had me all over everywhere. I learned about ReTurn -

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Shenanigans! (Day Zero)

There's outbreaks in North Queensland linked to sewerage somehow. I'm vaguing on the details but there's also a beach? I don't know if it's related, so don't go connecting any dots.

We've had a firkin WEEK of Day Zeroes and it's honestly shitting me off. There's like five different articles calling for all of Australia to "finish the job" and I bet that's going to involve locking up all the firkin Karen Squad.

So far:

  • It's a Student-Free day for Chaos
  • Mayhem
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Thursday, Further Shenanigans, and Whoops No Ducks (Also Day Zero)

I'd ask what else could go wrong, but I know what happens to people who say blatantly silly things like that.

Long story short, the ducks I thought were ready to march are still lost in the pond. I will chase them down when I find some of that elusive free time. Today's shenanigans include finally changing the batteries in my car so Mayhem can get some driving in during the nonsense this arvo. Yay.

There's two more cases and they're all

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So Here's Teh PLN... (Day Zero)

Two new cases closely linked with a school (institution) and a hospital (also institution). Then there's that muggins from Victoria who got bagged by border control in Brisbane airport. Thanks, arsehat. Now an entire plane of people have to put their plans and lives on hold because you had to be an entitled git.

Onwards with Teh PLN because some of this nonse can't wait for one arsehat. I made myself a busy day. Just look at this:

  • Instant story
  • 100 words
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Tuesday and still day zero

Only one new case today and no news to find about where it is. My bet is Wacol. If not Wacol, then some institution where the protocols are sacrificed for cost-cutting.

Today, I shall offer up things I've written to my Patrons, and do my Instant as usual. There's also a minimum of a hundred words in KOSBOB that I'll do during Bus O'Clock.

Good news - I've returned to making those masks.
Bad news - I burned my finger in the

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