Day Three

A 12-post collection

Thursday, Plague Day 3... Ow...

My head is splitting and I'm coughing up opaque stuff. I can't look at the colour because the headache makes me light sensitive.

I barely have a voice left, so calling the doctor for better painkillers and maybe antibiotics is going to be problematic at best.

Make that "definitely antibiotics". I just coughed up something very green.


I am a very sore, very tired bean. I'm waiting for the painkillers to kick in and it looks like they're not being nice to me.

If I can make a story today, I will.

Tuesday, Day 3, Busy busy busy...

Plague news: No new cases! There's four total active cases and all of them are in hospital. Australia's at 91.5% first vax, 85% fully vaxxed. Queensland's just edging out of being last at getting the jabs, at 84.6% first vax, 73% fully vaxxed.

I have Patreon nonsense to share, the usual story, and shopping to do. There's a lot of rain so when I go out on my adventures, I will be driving carefully.

Miss Chaos missed her bus yesterday,

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Monday, Day 3, Loopy Nutter

Plague news: No new cases! There's twelve total active cases, eleven of those are in hospital. Australia's at 88% first vax, 77% fully vaxxed. Queensland is at 77.6% first vax, 63.9% fully vaxxed.


D&D was wild last night. I learned that Doppelgangers are almost OP for my crew of murder hobos. Almost. It was all down to the luck of the roll. We had two near-death experiences and lucky for the crew, Doppelgangers are LOADED.

They are

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Tuesday, Day 3, Patreon

Plague news: no new cases. Twenty-two total active cases, fifteen are in hospital. Australia's at 86.8% first vax, 73% fully vaxxed. Queensland's at 75%first vax, 60.7% fully vaxxed. We need to get the firkin lead out.

I have Patreon posts to make today. Some chapters and a Tale Foundry entry, but not a lot for the dollar tier.

My patrons are going to get a sneak peek of the road trip variant of my Chaos Table.

My battle today

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Wednesday, Day 3, Wordpress

Plague news: No new cases! There's twenty-two total active cases, fifteen are in hospital with one in the ICU. Australia's at 85% first vax, 69% (nice) fully vaxxed. Queensland's at 72.8% first vax, and 57.5% fully vaxxed.

I like these numbers. They are nice numbers. They could be better, but they are very nice numbers.

We're drawing closer and closer to the end of my Terrible Tiefling Tale, so I shall be planning to go off about stuff according to

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Tuesday, Day 3, PLNs Forthcoming

I have Patreon nonse happening today. I have PLNs to go out and acquire brushes. I have further shenanigans involving tax nonsense because nothing is ever, ever easy around here.

It went like this:

  1. Attempt to get Mayhem's paperwork in order so that he can get job with help
  2. Realise we need tax BS done
  3. Wait a while for Beloved to get that sorted
  4. Ask politely if they've got it sorted
  5. B: "No, you have to make the appointment."
    Me: "Me? With
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Sunday - Day Three - Leyland's Tour!

Yesterday was almost complete shenanigans and most of it was spending too much money getting supplies. Thanks to the lack of community transmission, I actually felt bold enough to shop around rather than go on the most efficient path to obtain the thing.

Things have changed so much it's disorienting.

  • Big W has two dedicated exits and one dedicated entrance
  • Golden Circle Factory Outlet has moved
  • Right next to a Silly Solly's
  • I went to six different places and forgot to get
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Tuesday - Day Three

Today's the day of the duck march! This afternoon, Miss Chaos and I are taking a lot of time to fill out a huge form so we can start running the red tape to get Chaos on the NDIS.

I firkin hate red tape.

If I ran the world, it would be: Okay, you need help? Where do you need help? Cool. Let's get that arranged.

Of course paying for all this necessitates getting taxes "best citizen fees" from the super-wealthy, and

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Wednesday - Day Three

I woke up at half-past one this morning and more or less forced myself to get back to sleep so now my morning is extra sluggish. I have zero ideas for today's wordpress wednesday, so it's probably going to be another Chapter Of...

I tried to make a tutorial for MeMum to install the search engine to beat Bing and because I was recording in a relatively empty house, my brain went into "everyone is asleep" mode, and I pitched my voice

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Tuesday - Day Three

The school week starts up again, and that means I should be getting a wriggle on with KOSBOB once more. Heading slowly but steadily towards the 114K goal... then setting my sights on 117K. If I may quote a Disney movie, I am almost there.

The news today is all about the Muppet and the health crisis he could have avoided if he wasn't (a) wilfully ignorant, (b) obsessed with being in the spotlight, or, (c) more concerned with how the stock

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Thursday - Day Three

Hope raises for a count higher than four. It's my birthday in three days and there's not a lot of celebration available.

Cake, unsuitable food, and maybe a present. I have purchased a good gift for my Beloved because posting times and advance orders. I ungently hinted about what would be cool for my birthday and expect to be surprised. That, or taken for a shopping trip because that's how Beloved operates.

Cheesecake shop's going to firkin love us.

Muppet's been up

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Friday - Day Three!

Day three at firkin last. I can't remember the last time we had a day three. Oof. I have three sliced loaves in the freezer, so all I'm doing is making "the bikkie" which is sourdough starter, fried gently in butter, plus olives. If the dough is extra thick, I add cream and coconut milk until it's appropriately runny and fry it for longer.

Today didn't need extra hydration.

I might have been impatient with Side A, so I'm letting it absorb

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