Day Three

A 5-post collection

Tuesday - Day Three

Today's the day of the duck march! This afternoon, Miss Chaos and I are taking a lot of time to fill out a huge form so we can start running the red tape to get Chaos on the NDIS.

I firkin hate red tape.

If I ran the world, it would be: Okay, you need help? Where do you need help? Cool. Let's get that arranged.

Of course paying for all this necessitates getting taxes "best citizen fees" from the super-wealthy, and having monitoring agencies to be sure that the help is actually helping.

Problem is making sure people actually listen to the people who need help with nonsense. Ableism is a bitch.

In the Headlines:

  • Muppet repeats last election's trick of calling for the opposition to be arrested
  • Right wing continues projecting so hard they may as well be Birch Carrol and Coyle
  • Muppet also claims that if he had listened to Fauci, there'd be 500K deaths
  • Victoria now has to test people in Quarantine for HIV because of a monumental fuckup. I smell lawsuits in the wind
  • Travel bubbles pose a risk to people who don't know where the plague is rife... wandering into areas where the plague is rife. Travel advisories are a must
  • Instagram model in trouble for wearing a "Free Melbourne" T-shirt
  • China continues to be hostile against the entirety of the rest of the world, but Australia has the irrits because they stopped buying coal


I'm going to fart around until Bus O'Clock. BTW - the attempt at self-started unfuckening was a gigantic fail.

Wednesday - Day Three

I woke up at half-past one this morning and more or less forced myself to get back to sleep so now my morning is extra sluggish. I have zero ideas for today's wordpress wednesday, so it's probably going to be another Chapter Of...

I tried to make a tutorial for MeMum to install the search engine to beat Bing and because I was recording in a relatively empty house, my brain went into "everyone is asleep" mode, and I pitched my voice

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Tuesday - Day Three

The school week starts up again, and that means I should be getting a wriggle on with KOSBOB once more. Heading slowly but steadily towards the 114K goal... then setting my sights on 117K. If I may quote a Disney movie, I am almost there.

The news today is all about the Muppet and the health crisis he could have avoided if he wasn't (a) wilfully ignorant, (b) obsessed with being in the spotlight, or, (c) more concerned with how the stock

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Thursday - Day Three

Hope raises for a count higher than four. It's my birthday in three days and there's not a lot of celebration available.

Cake, unsuitable food, and maybe a present. I have purchased a good gift for my Beloved because posting times and advance orders. I ungently hinted about what would be cool for my birthday and expect to be surprised. That, or taken for a shopping trip because that's how Beloved operates.

Cheesecake shop's going to firkin love us.

Muppet's been up

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Friday - Day Three!

Day three at firkin last. I can't remember the last time we had a day three. Oof. I have three sliced loaves in the freezer, so all I'm doing is making "the bikkie" which is sourdough starter, fried gently in butter, plus olives. If the dough is extra thick, I add cream and coconut milk until it's appropriately runny and fry it for longer.

Today didn't need extra hydration.

I might have been impatient with Side A, so I'm letting it absorb

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