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Challenge #01763-D302: Wiped the Floor

... and this is why the huge wrestler-like bold man is the nurse and the thin woman is the security guard. -- Anon Guest

You need a lot of muscle to be a nurse. For a start, a large part of the job requires being able to lift those who cannot or should not lift themselves. Also required are a strong stomach, a quick mind, and a delicate touch. A good bedside manner is fairly low on the list, all things considered.

Security does not need big, burly men with lots of muscle. Security requires quick reflexes. An ability to detect trouble before it starts, either by natural or ESPer means. Security requires a companionable demeanor and the ability to switch modes from Companionable to Potentially Deadly in instants. Stealth is essential to the work, so clanking around in a gigantic armour suit is definitely out of the picture.

So, contrary to twentieth-century gender roles and physique expectations, human nurses are frequently the large, burly males, and the Security team is largely petite-looking females with very short haircuts. You can imagine that this does not jibe well with... certain types. Types who say things like, "Shit, I could wipe the floor with your peachy little ass."

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A social experiment for real men

WARNING: This social experiment is only for REAL MEN who are completely secure in their masculinity and are willing to go the distance and not wuss out at the first sign of trouble. If you, for any reason, feel you are not up to the challenge, then don’t come crying to me. I fucking warned you.

You will need:

  • Pins/stickers/a shirt that reads “I am participating in a social experiment. Please act normally”.

  • Some balloons.

  • Some

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