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Challenge #03494-I206: Not What it Says on the Tin

"I'm a cook, but I can't cook for shit!" she said.

"But how can you be a cook?" I replied. -- Anon Guest

"Okay," droned Human Cook. "I have to explain the joke. Cook is my family name?"

"Ah," said Companion Vael. "Asked and answered. From this, I can extrapolate that you complain of too many cooks and perhaps spoiled broth?"

"Got it in one. Thankyou for not making me dragging it out." Cook relaxed. "Shitty kitchen talent not withstanding, I can do many other things that are useful, and I know a whole heap of stories for any occasion. I have plenty of other survival skills."

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Long Monday, Low Expectations

The crew and I have attempted to play several games in one sesh. Rutrum got sick of Minecraft, and I get it. The game can get on your pecs if you're not careful.

But we had fun, anyway.

The remainder of my morning is dedicated to the story stream, then letting Beloved take over the parenting at least for this morning. Then I must discuss how to remove mods from our versions of Satisfactory. Or at least turning them off.

Because sharing

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Challenge #01763-D302: Wiped the Floor

... and this is why the huge wrestler-like bold man is the nurse and the thin woman is the security guard. -- Anon Guest

You need a lot of muscle to be a nurse. For a start, a large part of the job requires being able to lift those who cannot or should not lift themselves. Also required are a strong stomach, a quick mind, and a delicate touch. A good bedside manner is fairly low on the list, all things considered.


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