Long Monday, Low Expectations

The crew and I have attempted to play several games in one sesh. Rutrum got sick of Minecraft, and I get it. The game can get on your pecs if you're not careful.

But we had fun, anyway.

The remainder of my morning is dedicated to the story stream, then letting Beloved take over the parenting at least for this morning. Then I must discuss how to remove mods from our versions of Satisfactory. Or at least turning them off.

Because sharing Satisfactory with my crew could also be fun.

But that's in a distant part of the day.

If I get anything at all accomplished today, it is a bonus. I am otherwise taking time to myself to slob around and be a lump.

I might yet get another chapter done. I might get two. I might do a couple of chambers.

Or I might just watch cartoons all day.

I plan on enjoying it.