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Challenge #03423-I135: Not Pinpoint

A: I’m lost, where tf are we in the timeline?

B: like I said after the primate revolution and the before the cleave of humanity


B: Oh, after all the creation of the argunaught

A: THAT DOESN’T HELP -- Anon Guest

It was one thing to learn that time travel was possible. It was another to learn that the Professor's time machine looked and sounded like a Winnebago. A rather arthritic Winnebago that was two coughs and a significant sneeze from total collapse.

The third thing that San Germain was wrapping hir head around was that there was a LOT of history to learn about. Including the fact that some things were named that way more than once.

"There's a second primate revolution?"

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A Milestone Approaches

This week, I shall write the last Instant for 2019. Which will set off maybe a week or more of me making sure every last entry is fixed and without flaws, firing up Photoshop to edit the new cover for the year of Instants, and getting it out there - for free - over on Smashwords.

Because copyright is a thing and there's stuff in there that belongs to other IP's and I can't even suggest a donation for that stuff. Sigh.

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Holidays For Some

Mayhem is finished with school for this year, as confirmed by a call from the office. They may just dig up an undone scrap of paperwork, but he's done.

Which means that he's on the job market for the holidays.

First mistake: Using Polite Writer Rules to apply for work.

You don't want to be a Nice Writer when looking for a summer job. Nice Writers give the people on the other side an ENTIRE MONTH to get back or whatever their

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Milestones of Assorted Import

Today, I have posted the last of Warp and Weft on AO3 [See the "Fanficcery" entry on the menu]. Possibly the weirdest thing I have written of my own free will.

Today, my story count over on Steemit will hit 1972. My birth year FFS. I've written up to my firkin birth year in daily stories. Of course, I know the real count is this plus eight, but you bet I'm making a big deal of it now.

For a small portion

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As of this moment, four hundred lovely peeps have downloaded a copy of Hevun’s Rebel [still available for free at Smashwords!] and I couldn’t be happier.

Thankyou. Thankyou all :)

I certainly hope you’re enjoying it.

Tell your friends if you are :D Tell them if you think it’d be right up their alley. Tell them if you reckon it might be a welcome change of pace for them.

Share and enjoy, eh?

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