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Challenge #03339-I051: Ancient Human Traditions

I found one of your stories a few days ago, I've never heard of your work before and I have to admit, I'm hooked. Thank you, your work makes me smile when I am having a bad afternoon. I saw you want some prompts. So I have one.

Humans hold a New Year's party aboard ship with their friends. And it's a lot quieter than their friends feared it would be. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I am glad I make your day, Nonny. Perhaps you shall make yourself known in any of my varied internet forums? Be glad to see you there]

Terran New Year's: A celebration shared amongst Humans that usually involves artistic explosions. See reference file: Fireworks.

This was quite a bit different to what the infonets said it would be. For starters, the ships' Humans were not lighting any blue touchpaper. A lot of them were inebriated, many of them were wearing amusing spectacles featuring the Terran Common Calendar numeral as part of their integral structure[1].

The Humans had deployed amusing noisemakers with tassels or feathers, and now Companion K'tauk was learning all the intricacies of the "curlytoot".

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Challenge #03238-H329: United Celebration

The humans have a large, long, parade to celebrate Earth Day. What is Earth Day? It's a day where they remember their homeworld, the beauty of it, how important it is as the starting point of their civilization, and their renewal of a promise to try to avoid the mistakes of the past, lest they ever again risk their future. -- Anon Guest

The assembled colonial polities of Terra, universally known as the United Fellowship of Terran Planets, synced their disparate calendars

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Challenge #03216-H309: Any Excuse to Party

Some townsfolk lie to Wraithvine and hir friends saying there's a meeting in the big town hall. Managing to get Wraithvine and the rest into the dark hall, suddenly the torches flare and everyone jumps out and shouts "Surprise! Happy Birthday!" With gifts, food, and decorations!

No one actually knew what the real birthday was, but it was decided, because the being was so kind, to throw a birthday party anyway! -- Anon Guest

Wraithvine knew something was up in a cold

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Mayhem's Merry Birth!

On this day, long about four in the afternoon, Mayhem was extracted via surgery. He is now adult. Officially. He is now entitled to do the adult things.


So of course he can't make up his firkin mind about what he's doing today, so the default is farting around on his compy. Kids these days.

Still, his default allows me to go do the thing you are looking forward to - writing my weird little daily tales and maybe even getting

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temperpaints: grindylowefic: studioafh: Oh my God. A publisher replied. They love the first chapters I sent them. They want to publish my...




Oh my God.

A publisher replied.

They love the first chapters I sent them.

They want to publish my novel.

My novel.

Oh my God.

Wow seriously???? That’s awesome!!! Congratulations! 

I fuckin’ TOLD you!! Mega congratulations!!

YES! Grats to you, studioafh. You have already gone further than I ever dared.

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