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A 5-post collection

Happy Birthday, Miss Chaos

My darling little girl is now a Difficult Teen(tm) at officially thirteen today.

I haven't got her anything for a present just yet. But she does have free license to pig out on whatever she wants, today. Which is going to include dinner at Hoggies, cupcakes at school, and a caramel mud cake in the evening.

On the plus side, I do have all day to wander around and figure out what might gain miss Chaos' interest.

Or I could give her Google Play money, which she can use on fun things on her phone.

I dunno.

I feel like I'm being a Horrible Parental, but Miss Chaos is at that stage where they're difficult to buy for.

Meanwhile, master Mayhem has fallen under the influence of Lurgi and is taking a day of rest.

Today's going to be... 'fun'.

Feast Day

It's Mayhem's 16th birthday, today. And we're having a feast day. Which means lots of fast food for Mayhem and just about anything my little darlings want to eat during the day.

I'll be a bit more conservative, but today will definitely include cake.

And today is a cleaning day without the influence of the cleaners, because our main lady is crook, today. Which means loads of self-discipline on my part.

And I'm not arting this morning. Because I'm taking everyone around

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Bargains! Bargains! Bargains!

I got $50 birthday money to spend irresponsibly, yesterday.

So of fucking course this morning, I made a beeline for the places that sell iTunes cards. I wanted an entire $50 card, not one in instalments.

And I'm kinda glad I did, because Target sold me a $50 card for $40 :D

I feel like a massive thief, now. But I'm still loving it.

And I still have $10 to spend irresponsibly.

I wonder if I can put a deposit on Steamworld

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Happy birthday to me

This is the third year I've given away a story on my birthday for free. I have quite the stable of free tales but this is more introspective than most.

When you look at society, really look at society, you discover a great deal of unfairness based entirely on things an individual can not help.

Skin tone - society judges you within thirteen seconds and that prejudice remains. The darker your skin, the more threatening you are to paler people.
Genitals -

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