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Tuesday, Patreon and Birthmas Week

Tomorrow is Party Day! WOOOO! Tonight my love and I shall share a special evening.

It's in my personal best interests to get my regular work done as soon as possible. And here I am delaying and derailing myself by watching other people with Baldur's Gate 3 having their fun with the thing.

I have Patreon stuff to post, episodes to record, a story to write for now, a story to write for later [All Hallow's Read], a meme to participate in, a chapter to summarise, and maybe a program to tweak. That last one's low priority.

I focus on my offerings first and then duck behind the curtain for everything else.

Enough dithering. Let's get busy.

Saturday, Day 0, Bifdy Soon

Plague news: Three new cases, two locals and one import. Twenty-two total active cases, fourteen of them are in hospital. Australia's at 78% first vax and 55% fully vaxxed. Queensland's at 47% fully vaxxed. This is the month that my little darlings get their second jab. Hooray.

In just a few short days, I turn 49. Yeeps.

In an even fewer days, become... A Dungeon Master! Tomorrow, in fact. Yahah.


Pretty sure Beloved is Plotting something. But today, I eat

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Mayhem's Merry Birth!

On this day, long about four in the afternoon, Mayhem was extracted via surgery. He is now adult. Officially. He is now entitled to do the adult things.


So of course he can't make up his firkin mind about what he's doing today, so the default is farting around on his compy. Kids these days.

Still, his default allows me to go do the thing you are looking forward to - writing my weird little daily tales and maybe even getting

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Merry Birthmasween to MeMum

It's MeMum's birthday! Yay!

Can't deliver the tech support until the upcoming weekend, but it promises to be a definite delivery because I won't be up until like 2AM because D&D.

I got the brat run, soon, and all the other things that happen on a Monday. Plus the chance that Mayhem's school won't want him there for reasons. I dunno.

I'm hoping he can have a chance to catch up on everything and then get it signed off. Otherwise,

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That Went Well...

The problem with this time of year is that it's Between Seasons. It's too soon after school holidays for another Kiddie Blockbuster, too far away from the Yuletide Boom for All The Blockbusters At Once.

Therefore, we had a rather staid pre-celebration that included fish and chips and a visit to Lone Star in the evening.

Today... Today, Capt. S is coming up to have a mutual birthday cluster party of sorts with us. So that means that there will be cake

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Happy birthday, dear Beloved

It's my Beloved's birthday tomorrow, and I have enough scratch to pay for anything they want for this weekend. Not only do I have spare spondooly from buying my laptop, but I have scratchings in the piggy bank and a willingness to make the love of my life happy for a whole weekend.

They, of course, have started their celebrations by staying up until fuckoff in the morning [2AM] and waking me up in the process. They are now having a scheduled

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Tomorrow, I am forty-six.

Tomorrow, I'm posting Well Rendered for free up on Smashwords as my gift to all of y'all for supporting me in your own way throughout the years.

Tomorrow, I find out what my dear darling family has planned for me. Though I suspect it will be an evening out and that's pretty much it.

Tomorrow, MeMum is going to ring and sing at me :D Which is the highlight of the day to be honest.

And tomorrow, I

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Happy Birthday, Miss Chaos

My darling little girl is now a Difficult Teen(tm) at officially thirteen today.

I haven't got her anything for a present just yet. But she does have free license to pig out on whatever she wants, today. Which is going to include dinner at Hoggies, cupcakes at school, and a caramel mud cake in the evening.

On the plus side, I do have all day to wander around and figure out what might gain miss Chaos' interest.

Or I could give

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Feast Day

It's Mayhem's 16th birthday, today. And we're having a feast day. Which means lots of fast food for Mayhem and just about anything my little darlings want to eat during the day.

I'll be a bit more conservative, but today will definitely include cake.

And today is a cleaning day without the influence of the cleaners, because our main lady is crook, today. Which means loads of self-discipline on my part.

And I'm not arting this morning. Because I'm taking everyone around

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Bargains! Bargains! Bargains!

I got $50 birthday money to spend irresponsibly, yesterday.

So of fucking course this morning, I made a beeline for the places that sell iTunes cards. I wanted an entire $50 card, not one in instalments.

And I'm kinda glad I did, because Target sold me a $50 card for $40 :D

I feel like a massive thief, now. But I'm still loving it.

And I still have $10 to spend irresponsibly.

I wonder if I can put a deposit on Steamworld

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Happy birthday to me

This is the third year I've given away a story on my birthday for free. I have quite the stable of free tales but this is more introspective than most.

When you look at society, really look at society, you discover a great deal of unfairness based entirely on things an individual can not help.

Skin tone - society judges you within thirteen seconds and that prejudice remains. The darker your skin, the more threatening you are to paler people.
Genitals -

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