Happy Birthday To Me

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I'm one year away from singing that aria from Pirates of Penzance. You know the one. Ruth sings about being forty-seven in a world where men all want 17YO brides [gross!].

In other news, I am posting up Well Rendered just as soon as I finish up this blog entry. Last tweaks and then it's off to the races. So to speak.

I get the gift of watching my 'sales' spike for a free short story. Hopefully, it's enough to inspire a few actual sales that put money my way.


In the haul so far, there's a very nice set of headphones big enough to contain my ears and therefore not crush them and cause me a lot of problems. So far, they're looking very good for actually doing that.

...I have also learned that there is a nerve cluster in the vicinity of the right side of my jaw that, when under pressure, hurts my right ear. Finding the sweet spot upon which to rest said headphones is the problem I'm working on now.

There's also a copy of Ocean's 8 on Blu-Ray, which I plan to indulge in for a Movie Day, possibly this weekend. It depends on when Capt. Useless is having his birthday party. Calendar-wise, we're six days apart. We've shared a birthday party more often than not, and I'm moderately certain we might both be sick of it.

Ah well. Today, I indulge in the naughty things, and suspend my diet for the other days that parties may be happening. Only afterwards can I go back to focussing on getting myself back to my alleged ideal weight.

For now, though, I'm doing as much as I can as soon as I can so I can have a good old fart-about for the rest of the day.

2 days to my birthday

Turning 45. Ageing disgracefully. I may yet be a senile delinquent, time will tell.

What I'd really love from my dear followers is FANART. I'm not allowed to read any fanfictions I might have sparked. Unless it's a fic inspired by one of my other fanfics, in which case, that's cool. So if you have an artistic side and a load of spare time, go for it, post that mofo, and firkin tag me so I can ogle that beauty at my

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Happy birthday to me

This is the third year I've given away a story on my birthday for free. I have quite the stable of free tales but this is more introspective than most.

When you look at society, really look at society, you discover a great deal of unfairness based entirely on things an individual can not help.

Skin tone - society judges you within thirteen seconds and that prejudice remains. The darker your skin, the more threatening you are to paler people.
Genitals -

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