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Birthmas Shenanigans

We have a new Session Zero this Friday because our DM couldn't actually handle two separate games at once. I grok. I'm considering the Storm King's Thunder campaign paused until further notice.

Mayhem and I are planning to be the Element of Chaos together for the new campaign. Check out our plotting:

Plan A: Stripebark the Treant Druid (him) and Cobalt the Kobold Rogue (me)

The former is actually the home of the latter because we're into those shenanigans.

If our new DM doesn't allow this, we have a different pln.

Plan B: Warforged Rogue (him) and Warforged War Wizard (me)

We're designated siblings and probably pretending to be organic beings, but either way, there will be banter. Shenanigans are bound to happen.

Tonight, there shall be a Sushi Feast because I firkin love me some Gaijin Sushi. Tomorrow, there shall be cake... at the game sesh where we attempt to fly our characters past the new DM for the new campaign.

Saturday... I don't even know. But I am setting a weekly alarm so I can wake up in the wee small hours of the day so I can see art happen in my latest obsession.

Seriously, sponsor Toastyhat on Patreon because her art is amazing. Also sponsor me whilst I'm at it. You come here, you read my stuff, you must know I need some dosh. Link up at the top.

For my birthday... what I want most is for all the Climate Deniers to choke on their own ignorance, or at least wake up and smell the preventable disaster. Nobody can gift me that, alas.

All's quiet...

TOO quiet, as they are won’t to say.

I haven’t had any dramas dropping into my lap, nor Drama Llama’s coming to stay. So far.

I reckon they’re saving themselves up for tomorrow.

What’s happening tomorrow, you may ask? Well, I plan on going out to get a passport photo taken. So I can take it to a friend on Sunday and get myself verified. I hope.

That’s when the

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