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Wednesday, Wordpress and Date Nite



Which means I shall be keeping company with Beloved and Adorable tonight. BUT, I'm also playing taxi for Mayhem so he can inform APM that he's looking into TAFE certificate(s) in IT.

And if you understood that alphabet soup, more power to you. For those who don't: APM = Advanced Placement Managers, TAFE = Technical And Further Education, and IT = Information Technology.

APM are the mob who are helping Mayhem get gainful employment. They may or may not offer helpful advice regarding the best course to apply for. Mayhem will be looking on Monday.

Tomorrow, I try recording a video for Stencyl purposes. And then sometime following, I finally do some shopping. Mayhaps with one of the kids in tow to remind me of what is needed.

I'm going on a rant this week, about summaries versus synopses. Because some people seem to have NO IDEA about the difference.

Tuesday, Date Night and Patreon Whoopsies

I have been trying to do the challenge for Stencyl to no avail. I shall screenshot my latest code attempts for the Patreon stuff.

There has to be a way to do this thing. And the other two things in the challenge list. I shall be looking up hints and tips at a later date.

Beloved and I are having some time together tonight, because social stuff happening on Thursday. I might not get on with my usual routine for some significant

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Wednesday, No Date Night, so...

Beloved cancelled Date Night because we will be having all those fun activities this Friday, down in Sydney.

So I shall therefore render my offerings and attempt Stencyl stuff as is normal. I am also indulging in a few carbs as is normal.

I will end up indulging in Baldur's Gate 3, which is not as is normal.

Gonna get ONE of my alts to Act 2 if it firkin kills me.

I am in the midst of recording more chapters and

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Wednesday, Wordpress and PLNs

Beloved surprised me by heading home this morning, so I had to drop everything and scoot. Wheeee.

So now she's here and I've got some lower budget PLNs for fun shared space time together. Which have to wait until I am done with the offerings for the day.

Which are:

  • Wordpress
  • Fediverse meme
  • Tale Foundry entry
  • Daily tale

The prompt got announced sometime whilst I was unconscious, so now I hustle to have a go at someone else's universe for the Foundry.

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Wednesday, Date Day and Wordpress

I should launch soon, but I also need my nebuliser, so I take off after that.

I shall be shaving seconds on this.

Everything is going to hinge on my ability to fill my lungs with medication.

I won't speed. I won't drive dangerously. I'd rather be a little late than dead, on time.

Beloved is seeing experts, so I am chauffeur, escort, and entertainment for the day. And then it shall be dinner and Karaoke for the QPP.


I shall

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Remote Dating

Both my snugglebuddies are down with a sickness. Beloved caught a Lurgi while she was over at Adorable's and we mutually decided not to give me another threat to my lungs.

BUT it's also date night and bonding exercises have to be a shared experience we can do together. So we're doing that.

Technonerds for the win, I guess.

I already did the meme on the Fediverse this morning, so all I have left is the daily tale, the Wordpress entry, and

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Tuesday, Patreon and Movie Night

I have been making minimal progress this week because distractions [aka Dwarf Fortress] and there's something that makes me wish to mess around with shit rather than create.

I think I need to sit somewhere and be bored for a while.

...I don't have ADHD, but I do a remarkable impersonation thereof.

The good news, such as it is, is that I shall be experimenting with a medication that might help my general attitude against the world. If it works, it works.

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Wednesday, Wordpress, Date Night, and Snuggle Time

Beloved is home again tonight and it shall be part of my plans to pick her up and then take her out. Powers only know what else I am doing in the evening. Besides cuddling, I mean.

For the day, I make my offerings, and send them forth into the interwebs. I work on my WIP for as long as inspiration strikes and then fuck off and fool about on games.

Chapter Count: Made it past 2/5ths of Chapter 279. Fingers

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Wednesday, Wordpress, Patreon, and Date Night

I forgot to do the Patreon stuff. That will be happening very soon. Along with the Wordpress entry for this week.

I really should get myself back into the habit of summarising my firkin novels. On the other hand, I really wanna chase endorphins via game.

I'll focus on doing my offerings first rather than attempting to micromanage Dwarves or work on my farms in Minecraft or work on my Dyson sphere.

...I will find curious ways to procrastinate and I need

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Shenanigans

My love and I have knotted muscles in our shoulders and upper right arms. So my PLN involves getting some bath bombs (and dinner), and then retiring for the evening for a nice hot bath and massage exchange.

I shall be posting yet another episode of the fanficcy variant of "A Devil's Tale" today, working on the daily offerings, and of course the WIP.

Chapter Count: About to launch into chapter 274. I might be heading towards Literary Zoomies? I dunno. I

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Wednesday, Date Night and Wordpress

It's another feast day and I'm hoping that yesterday's Sharts won't interrupt any plans I might have to enjoy with Beloved.

I also have to make some firkin plans.

Already, the Dunwannas are sinking in.

The gotta-gottas are making me feel guilty for having the Dunwannas and I have them worse because of it.

I managed to bork my wrists before I began today and yeah. Crawling back into bed is looking like a valid choice.

I soldier on. I try to

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Wednesday, Worpress and Date PLNs

I'm still dribbling sentences into Chapter 261 where the happy happy fun times begin.

Turns out writing smut is a skill I need to rekindle after years of letting it atrophy. Once I get back into the -haha- swing of things, I'm sure I'll take off into writing two chapters a day again.

Or near enough to it.

I have little idea of WTF I might be doing tonight. Maybe bath snacks and reading to my lovely. Keep it cheap since we

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Date Night PLNs

I didn't get around to dungeon map, yesterday, so doing some of that today is among my priorities. Alongside getting to some plot resolution in A Devil's Tale. Which, I might add, has now commenced in it's THIRD firkin GoogDoc.

I should be getting my regular phone back tomorrow, so retrieving it and my meds will likely happen then. I have my prescriptions ready and the hope that they've not expired yet because visiting the quacks has got expensive.


I'm even

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Date PLNs

Beloved spent a miserable 48 hours at the workplace, or near enough to it. Certainly a significant portion thereof. Her plans today include getting to work early and thereafter leaving early so we can have a lazy night in.

I will read to her and she will have a well-earned laze about and we shall feed each other treats.

We might even watch a television or two.

I can feel a rant coming on regarding perception of people and body police. I

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Wednesday, Wordpress, Dates, and Other Shenanigans

Today, I might have an opinion on Wordpress. I might not. I don't really know. Possibly about the past being another country. OR it might be another installment of A Devil's Tale the fanficcy variant.

Depends how bloody tired I am by the time I get that shit together.

Gotta tag a week, gotta add 250 words to the 2K summary so I could get at least halfway through that word limit. Gotta set dress two more chambers, gotta clean and sort

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