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Wednesday, Wordpress and Budgeting

I did not dive into temptation at Golden Circle's factory outlet. Thus I have a little more than a hundred dollarydoos more than I usually have at this time of the pay cycle.


I also purchased a bunch of cheap bread and now the "mice" [Miss Chaos and Mayhem] have alternate sources of sandwiches.

Today's Wordpress is going to contain my perfected Chia Sourdough recipe and procedure. And the reasons why. I have a two-day process because my time windows, and I'll be explaining all of that.

There's also going to be a few paragraphs encouraging anyone who's still doing sourdough to do their own fucking around and finding out. Because jiggery-pokery is an essential element of the game.

Offerings as soon as I can manage. We have more rain, so there might be significant delays.

Let's go.

Wednesday, Wordpress and Rejiggering

I have little idea what I'm doing for Wordpress today, so it shall probably be copypasta of more fanficcy edition of A Devil's Tale.

Unless I find something else to be tetchy about, today.

I'm going to put my other activities on hold until I've worked out what the heck is up with Stream Elements. What I need to do about that, and so on. Other streamers can use little sound bites, so I know I can use something of the like

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