Slow Progress

A 6-post collection

Sunday, Critical Misunderstanding

I thought I had to be up an hour earlier, today. Turns out, I should have been up an hour LATER.


I'll be on track next week.

THIS week, I shall be a wreck.

Again, whoops.

Also for the fun times, one of my plot centric players has dipped out and now I must reshuffle all my ideas. Whoopsy firkin doopsy.

I did my stretchies, put in another 20 chapters for the Advance Reader Copies of A Devil's Tale Book 3 [yes, plural]. Why plural? Because I'm doing a version with sex scenes and one without. So my readers have a choice.

The difference? The sexy version is four chapters longer.

I've got ten minutes until the new game time, my day is effectively a write-off. Let's GO!

Monday, Bits and Bobs

Those of you who follow me on Tumblr may be aware, but for everyone who goes here, first - I started posting a fanfic today. I have at least three other WIPs to finish on an 'unprofessional' level as well as the continuing saga of A Devil's Tale.

I might have five chapters to read to Adorable by tomorrow. Depends on where my muse leads me.

Possibly in every direction at once.

Today, I have finally finished the chapter-by-chapter summary of Beauties

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Monday, Little Progress PLNs

Everything cancelled this weekend. Yay.

So I have a little extra energy and may actually make some progress in my usual nonsense.

Chapter Count: Still slogging my way through Chapter 269.

I might get on to writing more of that.

My other plans include slobbing around in my pajamjams and just being kind to myself.

Let's get on with that and see where my mood takes me.

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Thursday, Behind the Curtain

I didn't tag a week, yesterday, but I did get a chapter summarised, so there is that.

I hope to tag a week, summarise a chapter, and at least draw a dungeon floor map before I play PathFinder with my peeps in the Rainbow Chat Group.

Wish me luck.

I also plan to drip sentences or paragraphs into my working chapter as I go.

Chapter Count: Began working on Chapter 262

Fingers crossed that I get to at least halfway through it

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Tuesday, Doing the Stuff

I'm definitely working on stuff I haven't written before. Scenes I haven't messed with in any other arena. Scary.

So I shall be slowing right down in my chapter production as I go forward. Until I reach other areas in which I am more secure.

Chapter Count: Battling through some steam for Chapter 261

Patreon posts today. Story very soon. Onwards to the rest of it too, I hope.

Let's get some progress on.

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Progress

I should be finished set dressing map 16B, all things going well, today. Which means my next task is making counters for the eventual game.

A day of messing around with BS in GIMP. Yay.

It's a slight pain in the bum, but I gotta do it. Blargh.

Also on my agenda today is the usual week tagging and chapter summarising. And of course the offering of A Devil's Tale [the fanficcy version].

Following that, my dear readers, I shall have myself

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