Sunday, Excursion PLNs

So apparently some aggregious TERF from the United States has come all the way to Australia to stage some bullshit about how genderqueer folks are all dangerous pedos and a danger to womens' sports or whatever the fuck.

Naturally, this should not be allowed to stand.

So everyone in solidarity is poised to counter that bullshit with a show of numbers, including everyone who stands with the genderqueers and their right to live their lives in peace.

First they called gays "pedos". Now they're calling Trans people "pedos". I saw an account of someone trying to accuse asexual and aromantic people of pedophilia. Thank grop they can't wrap their fluffy little minds around nonbinariness or I'd also be on their chopping block.

[There was also a brief spate where someone attempted to accuse writers of shipping fanfics to be pedos. You can't win with this mob]

So yeah. Not a beach day.

A being loud and visible and in the face of TERFs day. All so we can continue to be allowed to fucking LIVE.

It's a shame that people still have to fight for the right to live as they please without causing harm to anyone. It's the twenty-first century. You'd think it'd be a brighter future.

If no story today, twofer tomorrow.

If no story tomorrow, I've probably been arrested to being too close to a TERF whilst genderqueer.