Wednesday, Rant Day and Running Around

I have two... "interesting" loaves of bread on the rack, today. After the shenanigans, I shall wrap them up in paper and pop them in the fridge.

I have just enough bread for today. Tomorrow, I can open a loaf and wrap the both of them in plastic.

Loaf tax:

[Shown here: Two photographs of homebaked bread, each loaf is made of two sections. Each loaf has split along the side, instead of splitting along the scores made in the top. The second loaf is resting on parchment and has sesame seeds on top]

Second loaf has the sesame seeds on it. A visual mnemonic I use to make sure I use my bread in order.

I am excited to do my rant, today. Going off about Autism done right, at least in my opinion. About how it's done right and is good representation. And about how better representations could be done later on.

Spoilers: it's the gender stuff. It's always the gender stuff.

I might just start working on it as soon as I sit with my main compy. BUT... I also have to ferry Mayhem around and do some finance for my next pair of glasses.

Gonna get on with getting on. I still have to torture my feet.