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Sunday, No Streams

I enjoyed most of the show, yesterday. We all went to see Spamalot and... yeah. It wouldn't be Monty Python if it didn't contain something to offend everyone. Same with taking the joke WAAAYYY too long. It's the style and I could deal with most of it.

Beloved wasn't impressed with that and I can understand it.

But a fun day was had by most and I got lots of kisses and cuddles in and that will have to do.

Not like I can afford to give her much more than that. I am taking a break and taking my ease. And firkin making time to do my stretchies dangit.

I need those to function.

And speaking of functioning...

Chapter Count: Working on Ch 344 of the "brief side trip" that's now heading towards TWO GORRAM YEARS in the making. The one book to get the plot kittens to calm down is currently a quadrilogy and may yet become a pentology.

And I don't have nearly as many plotlines as A Song of Ice and Fire.

Stretchies now. Story later.

Sunday, Day of Rest


  1. Did Parkrun/brunch
  2. Got dressed up for a birthday party
  3. Worked at Adorable's place so I wouldn't get too deep into work at home and forget the party was on
  4. Went to the party
  5. Which went WAY late
  6. I did not get to bed until half-past 11 PM

So I had to cancel my streams.

My offerings are still going out unto you. I'm writing as I watch the Tale Foundry stream.

There's a prompt for the next week that I

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Sunday, Back in Brisbane

Let's recap.

We were supposed to board the plane at almost seven in the evening, get to Brisbane by eightish, and I would potentially have some energy to drive home and sleep in my own bed. That was the PLN.

However. The plane had a dodgy motor in its tail, the one responsible for driving the air conditioning in the plane. In order to get it operational, they needed a special charger at the airport.

Some other plane nicked it for two

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Sunday, Beach Day

It's the last day of holidays for Friendo Awesome, so we're taking her and KIABIL up to Rainbow Beach for fun times in the sun times.

Expect me to look rather red for the next couple of streams.

Speaking of streams, I won't be online for some time. There's a high chance that I might not be able to stream at all today. If that happens, there will be a twofer tomorrow.

I will not be taking my "security blanket" - aka

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Monday, Public Holiday

It's the last day of rest before the return to normal shenanigans. The last day at home to chill and enjoy the chance to relax.

Tomorrow, it all goes off.

Tomorrow, I do my stream, charge off to the other side of the city, and help MeMum with her sundry stuff 'n' nonsense. Including the inevitable tech support.

Tomorrow, I also have my Patreon to fret about in the afternoon or, let's face it, the morning of the next day.

Today, I

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Thursday, Rushed and Bamfoozled

I forgot about Wordpress Wednesday, yesterday. Caught up this morning with what it was likely to be anyway: another installation of the fanficcy version of A Devil's Tale. The pro version of which is going to be 111 chapters and is STILL nowhere near being finished.

I'm getting closer to individuating all the chapters for mum. I may change the folder name so it's more universal. And if the Master Document won't let me edit it any more, I can always write

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Indulgence Day

It's Saturday, and I've just consumed an entire pizza [prawns and mushrooms yum] and I am trying to take a break from being bothered by the world for a day.

Today's PLN, such as it is, is thus:

  • [X] Lie in
  • [X] Eat carbs
  • [ ] Instant story
  • [ ] Fun project(s)
  • [ ] Enjoy myself

I've already heard that the Karen Squad in Victoria and NSW are attempting to get themselves smuggled into Queensland, and the idiot who rode the train while infected is facing an

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I am legendary

Yesterday, acknowledging that my family was HEAVILY into the bread I baked [because butt, possibly], I set out to make more bread so we'd actually have some for the week.

I actually baked it on the same day I mixed it. Let me tell you. Sourdough is S-L-O-W. I perfected a mixing method much like a cat making itself comfortable, and it turned out amazingly.

I should have given it four folds, but it still turned out well. I also should have

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Public holiday, broken week, do the hustle.

I'm more or less focussed on writing and not bothering with very much else outside of the mandatory minute of silence in remembrance.

Here's to all those who have fallen. For those who fought for ideals, who fought for their homelands, who fought for their way of life. Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn...

Here's to all those still serving. For those who are still fighting. Some for ideals, some for rich

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Et Finis

No, I'm not done with my novel. I'm done with writing Free Katz and I'm taking a day off from fanfic. Mostly so my brain gremlins get sorted on which is going to be the next fanfic I do because some ideas are shinier than others and the gremlin debates are getting a bit wild.

I might put it up to a poll, using the fic ideas that have excerpts as potentials.

If I had anywhere to put up a poll besides

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Lazy Day!

I am going to write today's Instant and then vanish into doing nothing until I either finish a fic or fall asleep.

Beloved will be back on Keto today after a weekend of breaking it good and hard. And to be honest, the instant I'm done with the story, I'm back in there to check on them.

We've had a lot of carbs, yesterday. There might be some trouble from the diabetes as a result. In fact. I'll just check now.


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I feel so much better

I should learn. I really should. When I'm feeling depressed or overwhelmed, I just need some Me-Time.

Yesterday - I did buggerall. Today, I plan more of the same.

Of course you will be getting the instant story and the daily instalment of Iris and Peter Get Married (Eventually). But beyond that? I plan on doing nothing very much at all.

Beloved has weather-dependant plans to go to the beach. You will be hearing about my sunburns and sandcastles if all goes

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Slowly Getting There

I took an actual day off, today. Well, most of a day off.

Possibly 50% of a day off.

Because a Mum’s work is never done. I can’t have a complete day off.

The dog got out and I had to go catch him. Invisible fences are looking increasingly attractive right now.

And I spent the afternoon teaching Mayhem (my eldest) that playing with the dog is fun.

That was exhausting. But fun.

But I didn’t

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