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Monday, Backup Reads and Cyclone Headache

I can feel the weather in my face, this morning. I have taken painkillers for it, but they're not being effective today. I might not be doing the stream because looking into a bright light is not my favourite idea right now.

Fingers crossed, they actually work before stream time. I don't like having to cancel for all my assortment of reasons.

My head hurts. I just want to sleep it off.

I have Beloved's company tomorrow, and it looks like I can't regularly bake every other week. I don't want the bread I made to expire before I can eat it.

I shall figure something out. I don't know how or when.

Staying in the dark helps, but I can still feel that headache lurking behind my eye.

There will still be offerings, but there may not be stream. There's still some hours between then and now. I shall have to play it by ear.

Leaving my daily tale until I know for sure. Other efforts and offerings will have my attention between now and then.

Sunday, Stream Shenanigans and Sleep Issues

I finally have enough sleep, yay. I also have a little bit of reflux so some vinegar is in my diet plans until it goes away. Which means I need to find some cheap fish for the interim.

It might just be a cheap week. I hope.

I'm still working out when I'm doing things. I'm going to try posting my Patreon stuff next Sunday. Part so I can gather a bunch of stuff for the post, and part so I can

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Saturday, Parkrun, Bug chasing, and Hair

There's been some alarm from my readers over the prospect of my moving [though I can't fathom why. I find a way to work around every impediment in my path] so let me ease some concerns with this:

It's all at least a year in the future IF things go well for us.

By that time, the kids could have lives of their own. By that time, I could have an author career. I could have a multi-bajillion-dollar deal with some megacorporation

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Friday, Changes Inherent?

The QPP might be cohabiting at some point in a not-too-distant future. I know I said they'd have to carry me out of here feet first, but there's ways around that. The hurdle of cold-hard-folding is going to be solved RSN so the next problems of: (a) finding a place big enough for all of us, (b) that suits all of us1, (3) has room for a Catio, (d) and is close to public transit.

My brief survey of the options

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Thursday, All Going Well?

All going well, I shall move more entries from my Wordpress blog to the new self-hosted arena. All going well, I meet up with my Beloved this afternoon. All going well, I have her to snuggle until Monday morning.

All going well... I will not suffer from any lingering Lurgi effects.

All going well, we resume our PLNs to go parkrun on the southside of Brisbane, followed by a market crawl.

All going well, I can get my offerings and some of

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Wednesday, Busy Bean

I gotta get Mayhem to APM by 11. I gotta do some shopping. I gotta get my offerings out. I gotta do some side projects. I gotta finish calibrating OBS so I can stream from Linux-land.

I should eventually figure out how to make Stencyl work here as well. Meanwhile, I can at least work on some assets.

And I wuzgunna post my Patreon stuff today as well.

At least most of my nonsense can be wrangled. OTOH, I am managing this

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Tuesday, Moving Patreon Day

I am deliberately not posting on Patreon today. Because henceforth, Tuesday is one of the days that will be shared with Beloved.

I shall try shifting it to Wednesday, that being the one day that I will have minimum time for myself. So today and tomorrow will be minimum side-project days.

I tried and failed to follow the instructions for installing the Linux version of Stencyl. Once I get that going, I'm going to attempt making Pseuducku for realsies.

I have resources.

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Monday, Asthma Issues

Every time I catch a Lurgi, I end up with an asthma attack. As I write this, I'm going through another dose on the nebuliser. The bug I have has slowed me right down with some INTENSE lethargy.

I took a half-hour nap between stretchies this morning. I don't know how much of that is Lurgi and how much is Covid: Electric Boogaloo.

I'm not putting a number on it because nobody's tracing anything any more. And I am sincerely pissed off

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Sunday, Recovery???

I've cancelled my streams today because Lurgi. And recovery time is exactly what this little bean needed.

I was awake sometime around 6 when I got an email from MeMum declaring it to be Monday. I had been intermittently napping and waking all day, so this momentarily made me believe that I'd slept through an entire day.

Fun moment.

Quick calendar check and an email exchange later, we both know what day it is. Yay.

I'm still determined to take things easy.

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Saturday, Lurgi and Luncheon

The thing that is going around has finally roosted on me. Chills, lethargy, one bout of gastro, and the good old ever-reliable head swamp.

Beloved and Adorable are also effected with The Bug so there's no parkrun for us. We need at least another week before we can try. So much for our plans for South Bank/West End followed by a Markets Stroll(tm).

For those of you wondering about Markets Stroll(tm)... you go to the farmer's/crafters/weekend market

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Friday, Bread, Unfuckening, and Fiddling About

Me and my chronic difficulty with instructions are trying to install Stencyl and Minecraft in Linux. My Beloved is rescheduling so that shared time between myself and Adorable is a bit more fair.

To that end, my Patreon posts will likely be happening on Monday or the weekend. I'll see which is more amenable.

I'll pop an announcement up on my Patreon this morning.

I have one loaf in the incubator, and the other is stowed in the little fridge. I'm finishing

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Thursday, Baking Prep, and Good News

I have found some knee sleeves. They were in Rebel Allsports (not sponsored) and promise to not roast my patellas when they're in situ.

My knees are warm, but not uncomfortably warm, and I needed my knee bracers today. Because today's a day for bread.

I have Wilson in the incubator, the flour weighed out, and the chia soaking in the water. In less than four hours, I autolyse and commence the rest of the nonsense. Knead-hour-knead until I get to the

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Wednesday, Unfuckening Complications

My attempts to move my Steam games to Linux have come to the temporary halt of Thing Not Working Like It Should.

I'm going to need someone with more prowess at these things to watch me do exactly the same thing I've done like five hundred times before. The Fickle Finger of Tech Failure is completely vulnerable to the Expert Observer effect.

I shall finish this blog and then sally forth for some minor supplies and bits and bobs. I plan on

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Tuesday, Attempts Shall Be Made

I had some irregular sleep, yesterday, so I haven't got moving before eight. After I make my usual offerings, I shall be attempting to get a video up on Patreon without using YouTube.

I suspect that YouTube will be a vile necessity.

I'm planning to do bread this week. Thursday and Friday seem like good days to do that. And at some point, I need to toddle out and go get household supplies.

I've signed up for the 5K Bridge to Brisbane,

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Monday, Backup Reads and Stream

I'm having some issues with setting up my nonsense over on the Linux partition, so I continue using Windows for streams, and therefore the backup reads.

Hopefully, I'll unriddle things enough to use Linux full time. But that occurrance is some significant unfucking down the line.

I have to rebuild some of my tab hoards in both areas. Which is what I'm doing this morning, before the backup reads kick into gear.

EDIT: I got distracted, did the backup group, AND the

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