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Tuesday, Rough Days

Capt. S passed on at roughly ten-thirty last night.

Beloved is likely to need me, and it's my job to be the support for her. Things may be off-schedule as a direct result. She's taking some leave in order to deal with everything.

I might be cancelling or delaying stuff in order to help out. I thank you for your patience with me during this difficult time.

Her stress is my stress too.

I shall try to get everything done today. I might miss something somewhere. I might end up hugging my Beloved all day.

The cruel world spins on.

Long Monday, Sad Times, and Rest

Today, I do not have to fret about getting Miss Chaos to school. Therefore, my plans don't stretch much further than bare-minimum content, and simply Being There for my beloved.

Capt. S will not be with us much longer, and if I focus on that fact, I will be useless. The cruel world spins on. Creatures need to eat, bills must be paid. Things need dealing with.

I need to go get kitty fodder and litter at some point. Where the money

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Sunday, Game Night

I am sinking into Minecraft again, and I know exactly why. It's what I do when I have nothing I can do. It helps me feel like I'm getting something done.

Capt. S is on morphine, and doesn't have long. Beloved's going to be with her today, and I can't do anything.

Beloved is going through one of the worst experiences to survive, and I can NOT help.

So I fart around in Minecraft. Because it's something that I can do.


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Saturday, More Catching Up

I should get a chamber or a void done. I should get some more chapters summarised. I should also spend some time with my Beloved because quality time is important.

I shall work at what I can work at whilst my Beloved sleeps.

After that, my schedule is filled with a huge question mark. Hopefully with some R&R but you never know.

I think five chapters per diem is being kinder on myself and letting me have more mental health/

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Friday, Unfuckening & Shenanigans

I shall at least be cleaning out the Catio today. Despite cyclone headaches, despite whatever my painkillers are going to do to me today.

I distracted myself from writing this blog. Yay. But at least I got to do the right things in the right order.

Today's pln also includes a chamber or a void in TaleSpire, at minimum five chapters to summarise of Adapting and then writing, relaxation, and possibly an awful lot of Minecraft.

Beloved has a fancy 'do' to

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Thursday, Game Night, Catching Up

It's been a week of it. Monday was too dang tired, Tuesday was tech support, Wednesday was running about for some interesting things...

For those who are interested, getting my hair done and checking out Miss Chaos' school's job expo. Then we had date night.

Today's the first chance I've had to sit down and work on things. I refuse to feel guilty about it, other people needed my time, presence, and muscle. I am only one bean, and I have my

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Wednesday, Cyclone Headache -_-

There must be a low pressure system somewhere between me and Rockhampton. Or between me and Coffs Harbour. I am feeling it in my face :P

Not fun.

Today, Beloved and I are getting our hair done. Then we wend our way to the job expo to have a look at potential occupations for Miss Chaos. Such fun.

I have no idea when we're going to get a date going, but... something may crop up.

We might get onto fixing my sand

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Tuesday, Tech Support and Patreon

Today, I shall be helping MeMum smooth out some of her life's little problems. Fingers crossed it won't take too long, but there's always something. So I have Mayhem on call for the afternoon. Hopefully.

I might have to rack off at midday just to be certain someone's at home if he doesn't answer his electronica.

Therefore, Patreon content will be delayed, and I will aim to get five more chapters summarised at some point this afternoon. Anything else is pure gravy.

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Sunday, Game Night & Beginnings

I am going to try to summarise at least ten chapters of Adapting today. I have an early bedtime, so doing a little is better than doing nothing.

Same deal tomorrow, when Long Monday is going to be dragging at my usual levels.

I finally got inspiration to write the story for tale foundry. TIL that it takes roughly twenty-five minutes to write 350 words. Maybe as many as twenty, since I over-wrote a bit. But there you go.

It wouldn't be

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Saturday, Procrastinating the Hard Part

I have done all the samples I can sample. Which means I have to go summarise the entire dang novel.


I have a plan, and it's going to suck for me, but I have a PLAN.

  1. Read a chapter. Figure out a sentence or two that encapsulates what goes on in it.
  2. Put that sentence into a separate file.
  3. Keep going until "bare bones" summary is accomplished.
  4. Use that document as a source to concoct a compelling version in 2K words.
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Friday, Unfuckening and Date PLNs

Queen Elizabeth II has passed from this cruel world, so now we get King Charles the Somethingth. I can't remember which Charles we're up to.

Unless he abdicates in favour of one of his kids. Unlikely. He's been waiting his entire life to get the crown so... I guess we see what kind of king he is.

The Muppet had nuclear secrets spread out on his hotel floor in Mar-a-lago. Lovely. Including other nations' nuclear secrets. So of course he's claiming that

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Thursday, Woes Incoming

Things are not looking great for Capt. S. The cancer is killing her appetite and she needs to eat to have the energy to fight the bloody thing. Too bad that medical cannabis is still illegal in our neck of the woods.

Watching someone spiral out of this world is no picnic. Beloved had to rush to the hospital from work and then drive back late at night because there were no rentable bedrooms anywhere.

Functioning on TWO HOURS' SLEEP, poor darling.

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Shenanigans

I am immediately poddling off to get my veins plumbed because the Doc I'm now seeing wants to be sure of my early morning Cortisol levels.

This is the earliest I can wrangle.

The blood people open at 7 and I am doing my darndest to be there as fast as I can get there.

Which means quickest possible publish and advertising cycle and a brief blog.

I work out what the fuck I'm doing today as I do it. I'm squeezing

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Tuesday, Patreon and Other Nonsense

I need to fix the footnotes for B'Nar -- This will be happening _after I fix the chapters. Nothing is ever easy.

Le sigh.

Today, I must unearth or create stuff for my Patreon patrons, build a chamber of dungeon for my players to dragon in, do the first formatting pass for B'Nar at minimum, and perhaps devote some hours to creating articles for Alfarell.

Goblins and Brownies to start with. Since I put them in A Devil's Tale.

Now that

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