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Plusses and Minusses

Plus: Toasty has started part 3 of her Divinity Saga and I couldn't be happier about that. It's something of a treat to watch something spring to life from the hands of a talented expert.

Minus: The loud orange muppet allegedly in charge of the USA is threatening battle war and sudden death in Iraq because that allegedly makes him look like a strong leader. It also serves to allow the right wing to trumpet, "Support our president because we're AT WAR!"

Plus: I now have motivation to finish SESP. It's another video.

Minus: I also have to figure out a new way to transfer my PSD's because the old one isn't working. I may have forgotten what the old way actually was.

Plus: A new school year is almost underway

Minus: I haven't done much about that actually. Whoops.

Plus: Our alleged glorious leader is turning the Australian fires into a clusterfuck.

Minus: Our alleged glorious leader is turning the Australian fires into a clusterfuck.

This might mean the death of the neo-fascist Aussie Liberal Party because it's pretty darn clear that their climate change denial is literally hurting everyone who lives here. Maybe we might actually be able to do something about the impending environmental disaster before it's too late. I can hope.

Plus: There's another young student in another nation speaking out about the need to avert climate change.

Minus: They will probably hail her as a new hope, give her a bunch of useless awards, and generally pat themselves on the back about that whilst they do as little as possible about the actual problem.

Plus: We might actually get some Fart-of-the-Ferret-type action to actually end anthropogenic climate change.

Minus: We'll have to wait until literally the last instant before said action is taken.

Plus: The World's Billionaires could fund it all and not break a sweat.

Minus: They won't.

Grrr. I want to go around and just smack some people.

Second Day On Meds! Whee!

Also day 2 of attempting to Art every day.

I went ahead and got myself some free animation programs for my iPad and... eeesh.

The free programs always have a "pay for features you need" aspect and it's getting on my niblets because not a lot of cash flow on my end of the chain. I get it. Animation is hard, I get it.

What's so wrong about making animation just a little smidge easier for noobs like me? Please inform me

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Looks like I forgot to write my blog entry before I got on with my story. Again. Even when I'm back on a routine, I forget important bits. It's a concern. I'm not even fifty, yet, and I have a life loaded with what you might call Senior's Moments.

I left my compy to go get tissues and then forgot what I was out for. Until I got back to my compy and remembered my semi-permanent sniffles. Whoops.

At least I remembered

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I think I made the good choice

Yesterday, since we spent most of the day on the road, I wound up VERY tired and just... slept... when I got home. Just... slump. Snore. Done until the wee small hours this very AM.

Useful for streaming, but not much else. But I did get the next five stories recorded so there is that. Even if nobody comes to watch, streaming keeps me honest.

When I'm ahead of my podcast buffer zone, I shall have to work on SESP so I

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Happy New Year!

Beloved has their Tesla and it is a pretty awesome car. I am still waiting through all of January for a response to my sending out of Adapting to potential agents/publishers according to what I can find on #MSWL.

Australia has rung in the new year in the traditional way - by attempting to blow up the Sydney Harbour Bridge with fireworks. This despite numerous warnings that most of Sydney could catch fire as a direct result.

Honestly, I am surprised

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Here We Go...

Beloved has to pick up their Tesla today. Which means I am tasked with driving them to the train in possibly a very few short minutes.

The good news for you is that my Instant is already done. Yay. Out soon on all good social media platforms.

I just gotta drive first.

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Play me some Yaketty Sax

Mayhem doesn't have to work today, so that leaves a day-long time window open. Yay! Which of course means that I'm destined for the outskirts of Logan to visit MeMum and sort out her tech nonsense.

I knew I'd have to wake up really early in the AM in order to have my day job done today, so being awake at quarter to four is no big deal for me.

For those of you wondering about the prawns - we did pack

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Maximum Chaos!

Mayhem's back to work today, and I am the designated driver. Tomorrow, I head off to MeMum's to advise new computer nonsense and attempt to save her files after her last compy got nuked.

I am definitely advising a portable drive so any further file nuking can be avoided.

It's almost ten o'clock. What I need to do is get some street-plausible clothing on and maybe actually focus on my work instead of indulging in play.

Sooner started, sooner done, blablabla.

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I'm BACK! (on my bullshit)

So it was revealed that $100 purchased about three kilos of prawns, and three kilos of ice. Fortunately, that was enough HUGE tiger prawns to sate six people so we're fine. There was even enough left over to vac-pack for snacking purposes. Whee.

We still have oodles and boodles of food. I always fret about not having enough for the Yule feast, and I inevitably end up having WAY too much to see us through to New Years'.

My challenge is to

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Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas, Chag Sameach [correct me if I'm wrong and, if you can, send me an audio file teaching me how to say it properly], and while we're at it, I'd like to know the appropriate greetings for Ramadan and Kwanzaa please. Inclusivity is important.

May the atheists have a fun Festivus, and anyone for whom this is not a day of feasting, insanity, and terrible arguments in the name of family togetherness - have a good day off.

And finally, for

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Crimbolio Eve

It's Christmas Eve, I woke up just minutes into it. Mostly because I made myself nauseated through other shenanigans.

We got our six kilos of prawns. We have a HUGE hunk of ham. We have enough veg and snackables to overload a horse, and possibly enough drinks to float it away downstream.

Good news - it's been raining! It's been raining very lightly, but it's been raining. That's taken a lot of heat out of the days. A blessing for anyone who

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::Hyper-frenetic Chase Music::

It's the day for laying in supplies, storage of same, and unfucking the house without paid assistance.

If I can convince the family to do some of the storage and unfucking, I might be ahead of the game. Stop laughing at me in that tone of voice.

It's almost 6AM. I am going to try for the Instant before I go rocketting off on my assorted adventures.

I already know I'm coming home with six kilos of prawns and a big ol'

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Last-minute folderol

I watched Toastyhat animate in the wee smol hours again, so already tired! Yay! I'm also out of coconut milk and should get myself a fresh supply of coconut milk and I have NO idea if Beloved is down for more shopping so close to Crimbolio.

Getting supplies close to Xmas is HELL. Candy-cane coloured, mint-flavoured, ho-ho-HELL.

I do try to have all possible supplies to stay the hell out of the shops at that time of year, but... not always possible.

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Crimbolio Madness Commence!

I need to make a list. Checking it twice is not extremely mandatory, but you never know with these things.

Laying in pre-yule supplies during the last days before yule is ALWAYS some degree of fun. I am scarred for life from that one shopping trip where EVERY SINGLE SHOP was playing EVERY SINGLE VERSION EVER of The Little Drummer Boy.

When I die, I'm skipping Hell. I've already been there.

Anyway, most of the family wants money, and part of my

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Shenanigans Resume!

Five seconds after I packed up my paints and put all my mini-painting shit away... Mayhem announced that he wanted to learn mini painting. We've gone the Cheapshit Route(tm) for practice dudes and bought a bunch of plastic army dudes.

We shall be painting them in the early morning so I don't have coffee-shakes(tm).

...speaking of coffee shakes, I should go get my meds and caffeine.

I should also get a rattle on with my writing. It's half-past nine. I

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