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I am disappoint

Mayhem is officially in the shit. He lied about being permitted to go home on Monday, so not I need actual office verification before I take one step to go collect him.

Mayhem knows he's stepped in it, and time will tell whether or not this inspires some responsibility. I'm starting with getting him to clean up his own messes.

Fingers crossed he wakes up to himself. Because his options are shape up or ship out. If he isn't a student, he can get a job. One way or another, that lad is paying rent.

Having paid work will do the world of good for him IMHO.

Today, I have to think up something for Wordpress. I might save that for afterwards. I still owe my Patrons a stalled fanfic. That's definitely happening today.

I have successfully backed up all my old fanficcery into my other google drive, so yay there.

Hey, maybe I could have a go at explaining my fictional economy in my pet universe. There's a lot of fuss about giving people what they need, and who, exactly, is "lazy". I'll try not to go into Leftist Foaming. You're welcome.

We'll see when I get there.

I can do this!

I have an appointment with the people fixing my car, today. The door latches on my car have been recalled and need replacing.

Thus, my PLN for the day includes bringing along MY NEW LAPPY to do all my work whilst on the move. I have everything set up.

Thus, I'm letting myself relax this morning and only focussing on this blog.

If I get as far as the Patreon stuff while on remote, all y'all will miss out on is the

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Merry Birthmasween to MeMum

It's MeMum's birthday! Yay!

Can't deliver the tech support until the upcoming weekend, but it promises to be a definite delivery because I won't be up until like 2AM because D&D.

I got the brat run, soon, and all the other things that happen on a Monday. Plus the chance that Mayhem's school won't want him there for reasons. I dunno.

I'm hoping he can have a chance to catch up on everything and then get it signed off. Otherwise,

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The Good Old Summertime?

It's edging towards official Summer, here in sunny Queensland. Of course, something, somewhere is on fire. Which is perfectly normal for my neck of the woods in this time of the year.

Not usually at 3AM though.

Aunty has had somewhere on fire near her - fire's out now though. I have a high sensitivity to knowing that somewhere's ignited and it just firkin adds to my sleepless issues in the Wee Small. Y'know. Alongside my somnalistic self-immolation.

Beloved has had some

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5hrs Sleep or Less!

Lesson 1: D&D Sessions can be LONG.

Lesson 2: Most of it is arguing.

Lesson 3: If you can give the crew a good belly laugh on your first try, you're good.

I fucked my stealth check on the first try, introduced that particular mechanic about my Kobold. Kind of stumbled into a puzzle quest and accidentally ended up being the bravest member of the party by being the last out of the room when it was a room full

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Friday! Yay!

Today's the day that Gerroff starts their adventures. Tonight, myself and Mayhem will be trundling down to town to join in with a party of adventurers currently in the Underdark.

I'm excited.

My main task du jour is to focus enough that I can actually get shit done so I have the time to go and play.

Of course, Mayhem has been super-excited about going out to play, so he's talking a mile a minute. Keeping me derailed.

For the record, flipping

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Mayhem threw up again, this morning. His skin is looking a little sallow, too.

I'm worried that the medicos are going to demand they take his gallbladder out regardless of the possible benefits or definite detriments.

Fingers crossed, some sunshine will help him out.

My plns also include depositing my scratchings from this year into my Dreams account. Something for which requires my actual physical presence in the actual physical bank. Because my scratchings are a loose collection of random bills and

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Off to the Doctor's

I'm visiting the doctor and I'm not sure why. I have my suspicions [mental health plan] because it was my shrink who wanted it to happen.

It's happening in the morning, so I could plausibly do a coffee and bank run whilst I'm out and about with minimal impact on my energy levels. The only potential snag in this pln is that I had yet another 3AM consciousness episode, so I might yet be perpetuating the sleeplessness cycle.

Have no fear. I

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Coming Soon...

This Friday, I join up with a D&D group at Beloved's workplace. I may or may not have the little darlings in tow. That would make the evening more interesting, to be certain. And more expensive, since taking the train in is my pln for that evening.

I'm going to be documenting the adventures of Gerroff, a Kobold bard with an INT score of 10. They're agender and never saw why that was important. Whatever passes for puberty amongst Kobolds

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That Went Well...

The problem with this time of year is that it's Between Seasons. It's too soon after school holidays for another Kiddie Blockbuster, too far away from the Yuletide Boom for All The Blockbusters At Once.

Therefore, we had a rather staid pre-celebration that included fish and chips and a visit to Lone Star in the evening.

Today... Today, Capt. S is coming up to have a mutual birthday cluster party of sorts with us. So that means that there will be cake

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Happy birthday, dear Beloved

It's my Beloved's birthday tomorrow, and I have enough scratch to pay for anything they want for this weekend. Not only do I have spare spondooly from buying my laptop, but I have scratchings in the piggy bank and a willingness to make the love of my life happy for a whole weekend.

They, of course, have started their celebrations by staying up until fuckoff in the morning [2AM] and waking me up in the process. They are now having a scheduled

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It's taken a year of waiting, two years of gathering hearts on Steemit, and one new model coming out, but I. Am. THERE!

This is the first laptop that is 100% mine. Not a hand-me-down, not a shared object. MINE! Paid for with the (admittedly slow) fruits of my own labor.

I've fucking EARNED this, dear readers.

The newest Macbook Air literally costs half of what the older model did, even with all the bells and whistles included. Money that, coincidence amazes,

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Dang it

Every time I get the slightest bit of optimism about our future, something else rises up to kick me in the nards. The Muppet and his supporters are up to their usual shenanigans - aka unadulterated evil.

These greedy shits are going to destroy our lives for fucking profit. The racist shits who follow them are going to be cheering the entire time. Fucking... RRRGH...

I wish I could just go up to them and slap each and every one of their

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Asleep, Awake

Once again, my internal alarm clock got me conscious before dawn. Ashwagandha or no, I still have my internal alarm set to "fuck you" for reasons I probably never will be able to fathom.

It's a cycle, I know that. Be tired all day, go to bed early as possible, wake up early because I rested early. Stopping it in its tracks seems to involve having a nap-nap in the day, but... there is no time for that sort of thing.


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I feel better now

Yesterday, I was a gold-plated grump. However, some Doctor Who and a decent nap has helped me approach life with a case of que sera sera. There's no point in getting emotional about this shit because - it does nothing.

Unless I become an overnight, international celebrity that the billionaires fawn over, then there's absolutely nothing I can say or do that will change their minds. I'm just another pleb at their mercy. Another peasant struggling to exist in this diesel dystopia

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