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Thursday, Painting Night

I needed a day away from expectations. Something to remind myself that it's okay to take my time with things. I am up to set dressing on a map and that's a stage of progress.

I will be likely inspired to go further, but I won't be going very far today because I'm off adventuring in meatspace, starting this afternoon.

I have to leave the house at half-past 3 to catch a train at 4 so I can get to a place at 5 and be in the thing with my Beloved by 6.

I expect to go through some caffeines tonight.

It's a twofer when I go on, today. I don't actually know about streaming? It's not that rewarding for me. But I can't expect an audience if I don't keep doing the thing.

I'll also ask my nerds on Discord.

You can weigh in, too.

Wednesday, Wordpress and The Morbs

I'm having a depressive episode today. Despite doing the things I should be doing, despite accomplishing my aims on the day to day... I'm feeling down and depressed.

Every time I think about doing something I should finish. Every time I think about making more progress... There's a wave of exhaustion that threatens to bowl me over.

I might take a day.

I'll write an Instant tomorrow if it comes to that.

I wanted to get angry at WOTC and I can't

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Tuesday, Patreon and Shenanigans

Good news: Some nice fam has been helping MeMum with the disaster that is her yard and now all she has to do is keep it maintained.

Bad news: This also means more petrol runs.

Good news: I get paid for that.

Bad news: I still have to haul my asthmatic arse over there from the other side of town to help with that.

Also bad news: I'm having Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season so a good lungful of oxygen is harder to

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Monday, Game Morning

I have already been awake for four hours, now. Technically five. As soon as I stream, it shall be six.

So it's no surprise that my plans immediately following stream this morning include going to bed and catching some sleeps.

If any other output happens today, it is bonus material. And I owe two more chapters to the files for my beta readers because I will be working on chapter 169 sometime real soon now.

Best to get rattling because the stream

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Sunday, Running Around, and Still Streaming

As I write these very words, it is approaching ten minutes past two in the morning and I am in the middle of an asthma attack that crept up on me in a really bad way.

To put it in the most interesting way possible: I started my day at one in the morning by googling "feeling like a ghost is taking my pulse on the left of my neck" since three other searches could not find anything unrelated to a heart

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Saturday, I have a social life now


Social life?


Yeah apparently I do.

We took KIABIL for the Parkrun and he did the whole 5K straight out of the box! Holy shit. Thereafter, we went to a Nerd Bar called Netherworld.

Yes, there are Nerd Bars. Yes, they have a lot of games and that includes game machines. They also have an overall atmosphere of inclusivity that makes the whole place pleasant to be in.

Translation: TERFs Not Allowed.

It's a nice place. But it also sucked

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Friday, An Attempt Was Made

I at least cleaned out the Catio. I am about to feed and harvest my starters to make The Bikkie.

And because my love got me sugar-loaded caffeine bubbles, I can also sample the pasta that the fam made last night.



I tried and nobody should criticise me so ner.

Speaking of trying, I have two hundred pages of anthology to edit, so that's most of the rest of my day. Then I can work on finishing the next chapter

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Thursday, PLNs of Schedule

The new schedule is looking a little like this:

3-7AM: Lounge around with Beloved, maybe read and maybe edit something.
8AM(ish): Getting ready for the day
9AM(ish): blogging and editing until Curse O'Clock
10AM: Curse O'Clock
11AM: Back to my bullshit. Stream set-up.
12PM: Streaming!
1PM-4PM: The rest of my bullshit
4PM-on: Relax time!

The last two depend on the ability of my back to put up with me doing stuff.

I'm going to spend my hour in the curse

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Sundry

I did it again. I futzed around until it was too late to stream before the 10AM curse.

So my PLN now is to do a bit of shopping with my time. I need to get vegemite and cat food.

After I get back and stream, I think I'll focus my energies on footnote checking and at least one chapter summary.

Once the anthology is fully edited, I can get it out on the interwebs for your reading pleasure.

Once the novel

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Tuesday, Catching Up, Patreon, and all that jazz

The cursed mower started working just after I got everything together to move it. Hooray, I guess. So my heavy lifting was hauling boxes of stuff off to lifeline with the full understanding that I have a zippy little TARDIS car that can move lots of stuff at once.

I now have a completely improvised phone holder for those fun occasions where I need my GPS. It still needs some tweaking, but that won't be happening today.

TODAY my focus is on:

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Sunday, Beach Day

It's the last day of holidays for Friendo Awesome, so we're taking her and KIABIL up to Rainbow Beach for fun times in the sun times.

Expect me to look rather red for the next couple of streams.

Speaking of streams, I won't be online for some time. There's a high chance that I might not be able to stream at all today. If that happens, there will be a twofer tomorrow.

I will not be taking my "security blanket" - aka

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Saturday, Parkrun and PLNs

I did the 5K, enjoyed company and snackage. And then just about fell over thereafter.

That's why the stream happened closer to sunset. And there's another reason it won't be happening tomorrow.

The fam is heading out with Friendo Awesome to Rainbow beach and having some fun times in Meatspace.

I fully expect to not have the wherewithall to do much more than the daily tale.

NEXT week, I shall be getting on with getting on. Fingers crossed.

Working out where to

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Friday, Very Late Start

Beloved was not feeling very peachy keen this AM. Nasty cramps. Alas, an upgrade from the hot-water bottle is going to cost three figures and cost us a lot of time in waiting for the thing to arrive by post.


I have called my dentist and reschedule my appointment because economical offsets. I have cleaned out the catio. I have yet to feed the Starters or create The Bikkie.

I'll be doing that after the stream.

Which should be happening very,

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Thursday, Best-laid PLNs

I wuzgunna work on a summary of Beauties today. I wuzgunna tag another week of fics for the app. I wuzgunna ensure another fifty footnotes in the anthology.

...and then my wrists went kasplat.

I have the story done for today, and rubbish to put out for collection. Beyond that, I am resting my wrists and hoping I can get to the rest of it later.

I hurt and I'm tired and I would like to try getting better about doing all

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