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Back on the Wagon

Beloved is continually tempting me with treats on weekends. I succumbed to temptation and got a caramel-sugar sundae the other day.

Yesterday? Didn't have too much at all. I've fallen more or less into the habit of having one meal a day, with the occasional allowance for snackadoos.

My usual meal is one steak with an option for camembert and figs1 or my pickled strawberries and mascarpone if the steak in question is beef. For pork steak, I eat more of the pork fats, so I stay away from the cheeses.

Variations include allowing myself a sugar-free jelly once a day, and perhaps a square of 90% cocoa chocolate for that afternoon theobromine boost.

Yesterday, though, it was coffee and figs with cheese, then chicken broth with cream. Pretty much it. Didn't feel like anything else. Not the recommended procedure for the daily, as nutrition is a vital necessity. I plan on getting back to that today.

In other news, I got a speeding ticket for my trip to Friendo's on New Years'. I was doing 97 because I thought it was a 100 zone when it was actually an 80 zone. Mia culpa. Mia also hoping that the non-obvious speed sign for ages may help but I doubt it.

I will be working on amending my behaviour somehow because this will be three points off my licence. But first I gotta find a JP to help me sign the paperwork and blablabla. Busier day ahead. My fault.

Mayhem has decided to be late to school because reasons? I don't get it but... his decisions, his consequences. His loss.

I did not need that emotional weight today. Buggerit.

  1. Two dried figs eaten with a proportional amount of camembert cheese. I find it delicious. YMMV

One Day, a Difference

I'm currently involved in an email debate with someone over my hurting rich people's feelings with a few words versus their ability to literally ruin everything. I will continue to call out the wealthy for their bad choices until they make a whole fuckton of good ones to prove me wrong.

Like, on the Wealthy People Agenda of things they could be doing but choose not to:

  • Demonetize the medical industry
  • Pay all employees a thriving wage
  • Promote and employ alternative energy
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Fun Was Had

The adventuring party is on the cusp of a TPK because we're being zerg rushed by a bunch of demons. It's not looking good.

My throat is sore, I'm currently existing on less than five hours' sleep, and I can not sleep.

Plus I just got a comment on a recent story via my Wordpress, which is a fairly odd angle to approach things, but I'm willing to extend the benefit of the doubt. It's difficult to derive a complete story out

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Burning at Both Ends Again

I give myself too many projects when I'm bored. Then I run out of time to do them because I overcommit to things. Then I burn out and get depressed and don't do any firkin thing.

It's a cycle. I'm trying not to ride it downhill this time around.

HAM only works when you have uninterrupted half-hours to do things. It's great for my day structure when there is no structure. When I gotta organise myself around other shit... it's not so

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Early to Rise...

Apparently I can't sleep past 4AM and today I plan to make that work for me. As you might have guessed, my Patreon and Wordpress content are missing so far this week and I aim to remedy that lack.

I hope.

I've already spaced out for half an hour over Tumblr's terrible decision to go high contrast and give their user base headaches. Way to go, guys. Another terrible decision in an unbroken chain of terrible decisions.

I swear to fuck, I'm

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Crosswired Again?

I remembered... then forgot... that today was the Cleaning day. On the plus side, I got all my writing done in good time. On the minus side... I spent a majority of the day fretting about the cleaning.

I'm not up to doing anything on my pet projects, yet and that's okay. Working out my time windows is part of the process. Re-enforcing HAM is definitely part of it because fretting about time is one of my biggest ways to waste time.

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A New Way

Master Mayhem is 17. In many places, that means he's expected to handle things for himself. Including himself. Therefore, I am no longer chasing him to be ready at a certain time. This is going to be interesting. My lovely little lad has ever been the type to ignore my warnings and then get smacked in the face with the consequences.

Just as an example: Mayhem has emerged from the bedroom and is now wandering the halls looking for his school bag.

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A flying start?

Mayhem went back to sleep three times this morning. He's going to need an early night tonight or he won't be prepared for school tomorrow.

Lad's in for some interesting times.

Meanwhile, Chaos is raring to go. I last saw her in her uniform and last heard her doing a giggle run up and down the hallway. She's all ready, already. Hooray. It's my dear darling Eldest who has to take a dose of personal responsibility.

He's going to get a lecture.

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Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

We had a very nice Australia/Invasion day, yesterday. I ate too much, even if it's healthy food, when you eat too much, you gain weight. Now I have an extra kilo to shake off so I might go another fortnight on the strict plan.

I'll ask for advice from Beloved in that regard.

Today, I was reminded of one very important thing I forgot to get sorted before Back to School - SHOES.

Therefore, at a later time, there shall be

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Running around, today

It's Australia day, so the entire family is gathering in Scenic Coominya for the traditional burned offerings.

I didn't get anything done on my side-projects yesterday because my writing absorbed my personal energy (and that's okay). Plus the big plan of the evening was to visit Carl's Jr to try their carboriffic fare for my first feast day in a fortnight.

Burgers: delicious, juicy, and prone to fallout both liquid and solid.

Chips: less like a salt lick and more like a

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After two weeks of staying on the wagon and losing weight by the gram, I can break out and get some naughty foods.

I'm working in a new phrase in regards to my HAM plans and agenda to conquer my gaseous dreams, and that is: "and that's okay."

Like this:

  • I didn't make any headway on conquering boxes for Idle Game Maker... and that's okay.
  • I needed an afternoon's degaussing from my stress... and that's okay.
  • I spend the evening scheduling episodes
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Thursday already?

Like Arthur Dent, I can't quite get the hang of Thursdays. They sneak up on me and surprise me with things like - impending Fridays.

It isn't a Gaming Night, but it is a Cleaning Day. On top of that, I have self-imposed goals like my novel, the Instant, the flash fanfic, learning Java, and doing something for one of my other side projects...

I've decided to split my HAM on days of X. Like today, my X is unriddling how boxes

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Do the Priority Shuffle!

Prioritising my HAM has helped me get shit done. Yay. Progress varies and I can shift between a minimum of one technically-working product and a currently broken product by commenting out a few lines.

BUT... I'm not doing that, today.

Today, my post literature priorities involve:

  • furthering my education in Java, and
  • creating something that's technically operational in RPG Maker
  • either edit another ep of Oh My Mods or finally work up another scene of SESP

I've done enough futzing around with

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Shrink Day

I'm seeing my shrink today to see if I still have a brain in my fluffy little noggin. I'm guessing yes.

I'm gonna bring along the iPad because I actually committed some art between visits and there's a chance I might get struck with inspiration during the natter.

My priority list for the HAM when I can fit it in are:

  • The publically viewable stories
  • Patreon Tuesday
  • 500 words
  • Editing the last of the Oh My Mods footage so I can put
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Back into the rhythm

It is the last full week before Back To School. My little darlings have their shit sorted apart from lunchboxes, I think. Should still be able to get those long about Wednesday if they want them.


  • Today is cleaning day
  • Tomorrow is shrink visit

And thusly, the Wednesday is the only actual day I have guaranteed free so far. I will be asking the darlings whether or not they want a fresh lunchbox and I'm willing to bet Mayhem will answer

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