Coping Strategies

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Okay. Let's start to deal.

Beloved and I installed a new cat flap with a magnetic flap catch and pretty red handles for locks. The cats have to get used to the force necessary to dislodge the magnets, but that's relatively small beans.

I have money in my bank, and it's just enough to manage the budget and pay for my car's ransom. Next week is anyone's guess.

As always - anything you can buy from me [links to everything in the hamburger button, top right] will help during the next crisis. Help me weather these life's little pitfalls. Thanks.

I woke up at 3AM again, so I have five more stories in the can. I have two tales already lined up for Episode Sixteen, so this new five can give me the skeleton of the whole thing.

Episode 15 is going to be short. That's because I had a run of really short stories. Therefore, there's five minutes less than you'd expect to get on that one. Be warned.

It's Monday, so I have the everyday nonsense of brat runs, money runs, and keeping the felines outdoors whilst the dreaded vacuum cleaner does its horrible work.

...and since I've been up since 3AM, I need the caffeination just to function. It's not been a fun morning to have a Cyclone Headache.

Onwards with the good news - a fairy godparental has dropped $51 in my Ko-Fi and I shall sneak their handle into today's story somehow. Be on the lookout for a variant on L.D.

Now... I just gotta cope with dealing with the noise.

...I need a second cup of coffee...

Challenge #02076-E252: Omniphobia

"You said it wouldn't be scary this time!"

"Technically I said it wouldn't be a monster. "

"It's a dragon!"

"I stand by my statement!" -- OohLookShiny

[AN: This is before they meet and rescue Marvin in Dirt's Worth]

Wraithvine mentally ticked 'dragon' off the list of beasts that ze could make hir phantom steed appear to be like. The problem was that Kobolds like the freshly-renamed Chrysanthemum were renowned for their craven cowardice and apparently terrified of every possible mount they could

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Challenge #02011-E187: Wrecked

Seeing as humans as tasked with mainly with protecting and defending a ship, regardless of their occupation and other roles they serve, how do the humans and their crew react when their ship is attacked? And if (when?) they fail?

How do humans cope with loss and failure when their more squishy Havenworlder friends need comforting the most? -- Anon Guest

The Sylph had learned what the Human phrase, "You go ahead, I'll catch up," really meant. And had had to use

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