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Last-minute folderol

I watched Toastyhat animate in the wee smol hours again, so already tired! Yay! I'm also out of coconut milk and should get myself a fresh supply of coconut milk and I have NO idea if Beloved is down for more shopping so close to Crimbolio.

Getting supplies close to Xmas is HELL. Candy-cane coloured, mint-flavoured, ho-ho-HELL.

I do try to have all possible supplies to stay the hell out of the shops at that time of year, but... not always possible. Plus my traitor brain can only remember 0.5 thing at the best of times, so... yeah. Not a fun time for my easily-distractible arse.

I've apparently been having problems with story posting on this site and I'm going to actually record the process this time to see what the feck is going wrong with the tubes THIS time.

Probably my brain tube, but I would like to eliminate all possibilities.

Meh. It's 6AM, there's a pall of smoke in the air because our "glorious leader" ScoMo decided, in his infinite wisdom, that fire service wasn't necessary in a country that EVOLVED TO BURN REGULARLY. Waytago, ScoMo. Got any more good jokes?

The air quality isn't horrible JUST yet, but I am actively looking at getting myself a Vogmask(tm) on the just-in-case basis. This will likely happen again because Australia has a long history of electing idiots into positions of power.


Let's get on with something I can accomplish.


Okay, so yesterday I just managed to get my output accomplished. Then I pretty much instantly conked out until the wee small hours this AM.

I got perhaps half a music piece for the podcast, but I haven't edited anything. In a few brief minutes, I shall be feeding the felines and dotpainting touch-ups. Then commencing on my output once more.

I'm feeling a little weary at the moment, so I need to figure out a pick-me-up to get me back on

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On the Road Again...

Today, I am working whilst mobile, so my schedule is shot to shit. Assuming I ever had a schedule...

I did wake early (and so did Chaos) so I dotpainted all the red trim on my Tiefling's gi and belt. There's a few little slips that are easily countered by some dotpainting touch-ups. No big deal.

Tomorrow - most likely - I shall journey with my box o' dudes to ask about washes so I can bring up some features.

90% won't

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Mo Monday...

Mo hassles.

Tomorrow is a really big day, run-around wise. Pippi is getting her stitches out in the same hour-ish that Mayhem is attending some kind of welcome-to-your-McJob party. I also have a shrink visit and I have to wish MeMum a merry birthmas.

Busy day.

I have to do a money run today, and unfuck the house, and go get a new stash of Halo Top because it's my Sanity Treat.

I shall also be doing the Instant in good time

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Yesterday was bloody exhausting. So much so that I conked out and wound up being awake at one in the morning... writing self-indulgent claptrap.

I wrote so much that I hurt my wrist.

Fucking whoops.

I also have D&D tonight. So I'm in for a long-ass day. A day that includes taking Mayhem to a pre-formal so he can schmooze and show off for one last time with his schoolmates.

At least I don't have to drag his arse to

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Run the Fuck Out

Ok, so here's the situation. I got a son to deliver to graduation, a kitty to deliver for her hysterectomy, a child to deliver to her bus, and said graduation to attend.

Story is going to be hella late.

I can try to get stuff done, but I can't make promises.

I did wake up earlier this morning, but I dove into temptation and spent my energy on some self-indulgent claptrap that may never see the light of day.

...check my Patreon

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A bit of a breather? Nope

Today, Mayhem has a job interview. Also today, I have to go out and snag some kitty fodder of the soft and gooshy variety. I did promise Mayhem that I would get him some Kobolds to paint.

We're not painting yet. We have to have a clear workspace to work in and that means (gasp of dread) putting the laundry away. Horrible fate, that.

I'm also planning to do a thing on why my pet universe centres on the idea that Humans

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Second Chaos Week

I have another week of disrupted schedules, running around for stuff, and generally being a disorganised loon.

I have a cat getting vaccinations. I have a cat getting desexed. Different cats. I have Mayhem's graduation plus hauling him to a job interview. I have the regular shuffle of Cleaning Days and the chaos of Whatever Is Happening To My Car.

Like, I should be finding out what's going on with my vehicle this week. I hope. If not, I'll have to ring

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Madness Day

Today is the day that horses run around in Melbourne and the entire nation stops to watch them. Today is the day when my Beloved is putting out fires in the server room.

Today is the day I don't see the love of my life until the wee smol hours in the next morning.

Today, I was charged with waking my love at 5:30AM when I usually wake up our spawn. Just so that they could get out of the house

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Progress Was Had

Whilst waiting for Toasty to start her stream, I got quite a few fictions moved off of the paid content list of my Patreon. Because it is actually sketchy to charge for access to that.

So. From oldest entry to newest, I have moved all the fanfictions onto Patreons Only content from the $5 tier. I'm in the process of moving all the stuff off of the $10 tier, but there's WAY more of them than there were of the $5 tier.

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Okay. Let's Do This

So far this fine morrow:

  • Got the kids organised and off to school
  • Acquired kitty necessities (food & litter)
  • Acquired fuel for vehicle

So now I'm broke and can't afford to restock my supply of Peanut Butter Cup flavoured Halo Tops. Dag.

The things I do for love.

Today has a Wordpress piece due, so I'll be ranting about another aspect of saving the world, since I only have two more unpublished novels for y'all to take a free gander at, so

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A Challenge!

Today is Thursday. Though I have everything in place for the finishing of episode ten of Inter-Mission, I haven't had the wherewithal to sit down and just edit sound.

So yeah, this is close to the wire because cats. And procrastination. Cats and procrastination.

Speaking of, my little creature decided to inspect my lap (got scritches) and inspect my desk this AM. Cute as hell, but it didn't help me get anything accomplished.

I have my focus music on, and after I

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That Went Well...

So. In one day, we have:

  • Realised the short walkway is too long and cut it to size
  • Including angle-grinding the sharp bits off
  • Fit a skin to the junction between short and long walkways (it's a mess, but it works!)
  • Mis-measured an entire part of the whole mess
  • Made a new one that's way better
  • Mis-measured the legs for same
  • Fixed that
  • Had to get more mesh for the new part
  • And a bunch of other stuff, too
  • Developed a PLN
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I Have a PLN

Today: The instant Chaos is off to school, I paddle on out to Bunnings and get some steel for bracers for the metal bender. I know we're going to need them, but Beloved is still in denial. We shall see who is correct.

Tomorrow: Beloved is taking a day off, so don't expect much in the way of my output until either the work is done, or we run out of daylight. Be warned.

The stories and writing happen whenever I have

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