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Monday - Day Two

It's a public holiday so it's the one last day in my pajamjams to enjoy.

For those who are curious, the "table" was actually a TV. The screen in the front room has been a vexation of mine for some significant time. It had something wrong with it that had a random percentage horizontally darker and ruining the screen quality.

Yesterday was a day of two cakes. One chocolate torte and one carrot cake and the Cheesecake Shop carrot cakes have a little ginger in them and I find that delightful.

I broke my fast this morning with chocolate torte that was only technically healthy by reason of the strawberry half on it. Gotta love those technicalities. I've had forty-eight trips around the sun. I should be allowed some indulgences.

In the news:

  • Social media has already keyed on to the fact that the Muppet's messages are staged and the coughing has been edited out. On one hand - yes he's actually sick. On the other hand - it's another fine tradition of the Muppet lying to the greater public
  • Reports differ, but his oxygen levels are a concern to those who -beyond reason- love him
  • China doesn't give a shit who wins the US election, which only shows they have a plan for either party
  • China still threatening war
  • Putin has kept himself in a sterile bubble since the plague began and insists anyone who wants to share air with him quarantine for two weeks before they meet
  • Doctors report lasting heart damage for those who survive the plague. Along with shortened breath, that's a double danger to the poor folks who've fought it
  • Muppet's doctor avoided answering whether or not the Muppet has ever been on oxygen
  • Muppet claims he's fighting this plague "for everyone all over the world who is fighting it" shyeah, like he's ever thought of anyone beyond his mirror in his life
  • I'm taking the claims that he "could walk out tomorrow" with an entire salt mine

This is a plague that lays people low for weeks. It causes lasting damage. It's not something someone in THREE high-risk groups [old, overweight, wilfuly ignorant] can shake off in a hurry.

Ironically, I don't want him to die. I want him to suffer all the consequences of his actions before that happens.

Today's PLN - unfuckening, story, and more cake.

Let's get on with that.

Sunday - Cake Day - Day One

Happ borth two mi. Yes I spelled it like that on purpose. It's my birthday, I can do what I like so ner.

It's forty-eight trips around the sun, today. I asked my Beloved for a little camera I can attach to my gaming compy for potential gamer vid purposes... and now there is a worryingly table-sized package sitting in mock innocence in the dining room.

I am having a concern.

The Muppet has gone to hospital with his plague case and

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Saturday - Day Zero

Darnit. Two more cases from overseas and detected in quarantine.

Semi-joyous news. The Muppet has apparently contracted the plague. If true, then I believe in Kharma even harder. His action - or rather, inaction - has actually been the chief factor in the chain of events that resulted in his repeated exposure and possible infection.

That said, it's entirely possible that this is one of his dodgy manipulative strategies to make the "libtards" look bad.

  1. Tweet screenshots of the people who have
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Friday- Day Four

It's the end of the week and it's looking like we might actually accomplish up to a week free of the plague. Fingers crossed in hope.

In the news:

  • If you can't scrabble together $2K in an emergency, then you're officially living hand-to-mouth and that is bad
  • I have that amount in various scrimpings, but they're already ear-marked to prevent emergencies that cost more than $2k, but if one explodes after the other, I'm screwed
  • Virologist goes to court to declare that
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Thursday - Day Three

Hope raises for a count higher than four. It's my birthday in three days and there's not a lot of celebration available.

Cake, unsuitable food, and maybe a present. I have purchased a good gift for my Beloved because posting times and advance orders. I ungently hinted about what would be cool for my birthday and expect to be surprised. That, or taken for a shopping trip because that's how Beloved operates.

Cheesecake shop's going to firkin love us.

Muppet's been up

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Wednesday - Day Two

The three little idiots who brought the last breakout into Queensland are now on trial and I have to admit that the schadenfreude is delicious. They're looking at five years' jail and $13K in fines. I hope that's each and not cumulative. The main charge is fraud since they profited from providing false documents. I'd slap on a layer of public endangerment as well, since this plague seems to be incrementally deadly.

Experts are saying that if "virgin" states/territories like Queensland

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Tuesday - Day One

Second Tuesday of the holidays and the magnifying glass is turning towards a specific area in Western Australia as a concerning cluster that seems to be recirculating the plague. Fun. Our last case may have come from there.

A woman in Melbourne has no idea how a tapeworm got into her brain. For real and the blaming of foreigners is right there in the article. Me? I would be looking into whether or not she's one of those weirdoes who eats 'rare'

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Monday - Day Zero

This time the import case is from Western Australia. Sigh. It keeps on keeping on, but I think the person from WA was unaware they had the plague. Unlike too many Karens going around performing potentially lethal shenanigans.

Speaking of potentially lethal:

  • After attempting trade war and threatening battle, war, and sudden death, China has realised that Australia has something they want to prevent economic collapse - it's iron. Hail to Pig Iron Bob: The Second Lot
  • Recordings have emerged that reveal
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Sunday - Day Zero

All three cases found yesterday are foreign imports and already in quarantine, but it still resets my counter to zero and it still makes me stay largely at home doing buggerall with myself. Sigh.

Living with a chronic lung condition is firkin hell during times of an air-transmissable plague.

And it's sad that I just wrote that as if these were multiple occurrences. The truth is, we are just over the first wave. The second will happen when we believe we're safe

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Saturday - Day Four

Four days without plague. Woot. Here's to ten more so I finally have the freedom to go somewhere without that mask. I'm looking forward to it, and have been looking forward to it since firkin MARCH. That feels like twenty years ago now.


The Muppet has publicly announced that he's going to cling to power regardless of what the polls say and it's odds evens that his nefarious minions will let him.

Society as we know it may be fucked. Bring

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Friday - Day Three!

Day three at firkin last. I can't remember the last time we had a day three. Oof. I have three sliced loaves in the freezer, so all I'm doing is making "the bikkie" which is sourdough starter, fried gently in butter, plus olives. If the dough is extra thick, I add cream and coconut milk until it's appropriately runny and fry it for longer.

Today didn't need extra hydration.

I might have been impatient with Side A, so I'm letting it absorb

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Thursday - Day Two

Another day of zero cases, thank goodness. This morning's news feed on my phone had some dipshit from ASIO claiming that we should all do a "controlled burn" for herd immunity.

Dipshit doesn't understand how this plague works.

Fact: People are re-infected with the plague
Fact: People who survive are at risk of being chronically ill for THE REST OF THEIR LIVES
Fact: Though we have statistics on the death rate, we have NO statistics on the percentage of Long Haulers, and

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Wednesday - Day One

No new cases and a lot of running around on my schedule today. Mayhem has a doctor's appointment. We need to buy cat food. I also need to pop into Spotlight and get hold of some florists' wire to fix the catwalk because the pool carpet is slipping.

Stick a broom up my butt and I can sweep the floor on the way.

In the news:

  • Muppet doubles down on claiming the plague was created and unleashed on purpose by China
  • Sweden
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Tuesday ( Day Zero)

Another case from overseas and already contained. My wrist hurts and, after a glimpse at the headlines, I don't want to go deeper.

My wrist hurt since yesterday, and my dumb arse spent yesterday bingeing She-Ra and writing a Terrible Tiefling Tale. My loss but my Patreon's gain.

PLNs today include psyching myself for duck herding - calling the people at NDIS and making sure my wires are no longer crossed. Things need to be done before Scotty From Marketing makes certain

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Monday - Day Zero

Two new cases. One from overseas and the other a contact of a previous case. All in quarantine and secure.

Today is unfuckening nonsense, Instant Story, and maybe getting to one hundred words in my novel. If I feel like it. My writing has been a little in a Meh mood and school holidays don't help that along much.

It looks like the Long Haulers are in for a very long haul as some lingering symptoms look like they're going to be

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