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I'm late for putting up my Wordpress Wednesday, so I should dig up a li'l something-something for y'all. I hope you like chapter 2 of Beauties and the Beastly.

I've had enough of disparaging the administrations as they continue to mess things up. I've had enough of complaining about how scared I am. I've had enough of being scared and hunkering in my bunker and I'm certainly not going to whine about how much freedom I don't have because idiots everywhere are acting like the crisis is over.

That's what this blog is for ;)

I have PLNs to use up the last of the White Wings wholemeal to make an enormous loaf of sourdough out of the one lump of nonsense from one kilo of flour. I'm going to keep the hydration to 700g of water and just... hope for the best. Take my time and whatnot. Just... chill.

I need more chill in my life. Especially recently, with the plague nonsense.

For mental survival, I've put together a playlist of videos that cheer me up every time. Welcome to my sense of humour. I hope you enjoy.

It's almost 9AM, and I'm still working on my blog. Best to just move onwards and create some fiction and post a chapter.

Let's do this thing.

I have the fraids...

Got myself some fresh hot anxiety, directly from the oven of my gremlin brain. I don't even know why it's spiking NOW, but it's where I am and flakk this to heck and gone.

The focus on powering the economy in literally every nation is going to lead to more deaths and I'm just waiting for the hammer to fall. Scotty from Marketing is planning to cut Jobkeeper as soon as all the schools re-open because of course he is. This is

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The Clusterfuck Continueth

Just as they're easing restrictions, we have a cluster of new cases and who would have predicted this? Oh, wait. Literally everyone who knows how viruses work. Good job.

The conspiracy theorists have more fuel for their fire because a lab in Wuhan allegedly shut down due to some mishap. This could be: (a) a direct result of funding loss because The Muppet doesn't believe in science, (b) actual protocol related to a suit puncture or spillage or something of the ilk

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Stupid is infectious

In sympathy with the idiots with guns protesting lockdowns, over in the US, some idiots with cardboard signs tried protesting the lockdowns in Victoria. All of those people from Victoria are enjoying a no-frills lockdown care of the nation's prisons.

Next thing you know, they'll be drinking bleach to try and cure themselves. PSA - don't drink bleach or you will die.

The Muppet's having a big concern because the plague has hit his fortress of ego former "safe space" and he's

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Sunday (Early) Morning

This Friday past, I heard something that I haven't heard for two months. It gave me chills when I realised why it hadn't happened, either.

I heard the neighbourhood dogs having a bark-off. Why they hadn't barked inside of two months was because their people were home and they weren't bored out of their fluffy little minds.

So the people weren't home any more, and hark... the dogs do bark.

I'm going to be hearing that until the next wave hits and

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A taste of schadenfreude

The Muppet has been in close vicinity to someone who tested positive to the plague. It's in the White House, and of course all residents and staff are tested daily whilst the rest of the nation can't get anywhere near a test. This man is making it incredibly difficult to avoid crowing in joy at his inevitable downfall.

Of fucking course the extremely annoying orange is refusing to wear a mask or stop getting close to people. Yikes. Shades of Typhoid Mary

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I'm having a frighten

We went out for some hardware, yesterday and... oh my glob. There were more people than I've seen in any one place for a month or more. Every single one of them was bare faced and only nodding at social distancing when reminded to.

This is how following waves happen. This is what's going to stretch this plague out for most of this year, if not the rest of it and some of the next one. I feel like my entire life

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Some Fun Now

Miss Chaos is the only one staying home to prevent the spread of the plague. I might send her back to school as of next week, but this really requires a consult with Beloved and an honest discussion of the risks. Chaos can't take her phone with her and therefore can't use the alleged protection of the extant Covid tracking apps.


Our most vulnerable to infection and spread [with bonus points for being inclined to be asymptomatic] can't use the one

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Actual venturing out

Mayhem has work today. Chaos needs a better set of headphones with a decent dang mic to them. If this goes for the trifecta, we might be heading northwards to a place that sells bulk organic flour so I actually have a chance of regularly making some firkin bread.

So what am I doing? Scrolling through Tumblr!

I've had my coffee. I've had my meds. I've had a decent amount of sleep in that I'm not functioning tired. What I don't have

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Short Week

This Monday was a public holiday, so we have extra time for faffing about on the day. Schools are allowing students to come back so long as social distancing happens, but I'm betting my last dollar that this will be the source of another wave of the damn thing.

Australia and Britain alike want to investigate the pandemic and China is up in arms about it. Of course. China doesn't want to look bad, but I tell you, nothing looks worse than

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I spoiled my kitties

We went out into the wilderness and found some luxurious bedding for the felines, since they are one year old as of a few days ago. I also had the good luck to score some decent wholemeal - spelt wholemeal.

Beloved floated a conspiracy theory that perhaps the shops aren't that invested in restocking the flour. Especially the Wholemeal. The theory goes that the shops want people to keep buying bread instead of making their own... although there's still a lot of

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So here's a situation:

I'd like to get my hands on some wholemeal flour. Any wholemeal will do since you can transition a sourdough starter to literally anything going as long as it's in the same family.

Obviously, if I want a rye starter, I'm going to need another jar.

However, you can use a starter with any other kind of flour you like, so long as it's got the carbohydrates for the yeast to feed on.

Beloved's corporation has realised that office space and having

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Saturday Feast Day

I have had a lazy morning, not even getting out of bed before nine. Gorging myself on some remaining carbohydrates.

The news is full of false claims by the Muppet about how excellent he is, instantly followed by fact checks that say, actually no he isn't. The lack of cases in the US is directly related to the lack of testing.

So in the continuing clusterfuck, the news about the plague itself goes thus:

  • The virus can persist on surfaces for 24
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I don't have enough flour to be confident about making bread, but Mayhem is taking up the slack by using all my bread mix to make bread according to the instructions. He's loving it.

I like the fact that none of this bread mix is going to waste. Mayhem is making bread to be proud of, even though I can't eat it.

I've blended my harvests together this morning and made some ENORMOUS sourdough frisbees. When Chaos gets back to school, I'll

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Getting a Groove

This morning, I over-estimated my harvest and cut up twice as many olives and mushrooms as usual. Nothing was wasted, though. I added them to a quick two-egg scramble, added cheese, and called it an omelette.

Of course, miss Chaos got half of everything, but she didn't want the omelette. Meh. I thought it was tasty enough. Whatever.

I think, this Friday, I will only be making savoury pancakes. The bread flour starter is still getting healthy and I think another week

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