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Tuesday, Shrink Times and Needs

My shrink has the Rona, so we're doing a Vidcall Headshrinking for maximum safety. My Beloved has been cooking, and I have some more cooking to do as well as meal packing.

I also have to nip out and grab myself some more vegemite.

And I'm plotting to help Beloved with the habitat unfuckening.

With firkin borked wrists to get going on.


Also I plot to do two chambers and maybe some passages before the next couple of chambers that I'll be doing tomorrow.

I am making myself do a paragraph minimum on Merchant of Lies but I'm otherwise being kind to myself because borked wrists.

Oh! AND I have Patreon stuff! Yaaaayyy...

Monday, the Longening

I have been awake since the previous night playing D&D. I plan on being awake later this evening for MORE D&D

One of Beloved's friends is running a virtual game and I want to be a player, darnit.

It shall be interesting to see how this VTT is played. It shall also be interesting to see if I can continue playing despite Sunday Shenanigans, Long Monday, and other associated nonsense.

I will find a way. I'm manic enough

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Sunday, D&D and Scheduling

I have received news that a friend of Beloved is plotting to have some D&D on Mondays.

I am already awake too long on Mondays.

But I also want to play D&D :P

If I'm going to play, I should figure out what the hell schedule I'm working with because Long Monday is going to ssuuuuuuuck if I go through with it.

But then again. Lure of the game.

It's so... shiny...

The allure is there. Gotta admit.

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Saturday, IDK what's going on

This would normally be my Feast Day, but I have moved it to Date Night because not enjoying a lot of things makes Date Night dull.

We may be cooking a lot of stuff. We may be refreshing our stocks of supplies because Lack of Foresight. Turns out not having anywhere to store veggies makes them go off :P

Mea culpa, belike. I will foot the cost of the replacements.

I may also be reconfiguring a map because I forgot about some

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Friday, Unfuckening Day PLNs

It's been raining, so all the fair-weather plans are tucked aside. Not that we had many plns to begin with.

What I am plotting is to do some house unfuckening to help my Beloved. All I will say to her is keep both sinks clear and she may get a nice surprise.

Which will be me hand-washing all the meal prep containers she hates putting through the dishwasher. Mua haha.

Also the usual nonsense of the day, and fixing a map because

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Thursday, Changes

I have made a decision. It's no fun to be on a diet during Date Night. Therefore, my Feast Day is now Wednesday so we can both have some fun.

Which is going to be "interesting" when it comes to my Sourdough Starter Harvest. I can either move the Feed Day to Wednesday, or just keep on going with working with it on the weekend.

Meh. The starter is small beans.

Being able to have more fun with Beloved is better beans.

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Date Night

I actually had an idea and it's going to be slightly interesting in the carrying out. Basically, I have to take public transport again after literal years of not doing that. And then I get a lift back. Whee.

Because instead of a day off, Beloved is off cityside to do some training stuff, so I shall meet her in the city for our nonsense.

I shall need my walking shoes, and a transit pass. The latter of which I shall be

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Tuesday, Patreon, and screw this headache

I have pain on the left side of my head. Mostly in the cheekbone, and up on the brow. What I refer to as the upper left quadrant of my head. If you can call an eighth of a head a "quadrant".

I have: Upper/Lower, Left/Right, Forward/Back.

And the weird part is that I now have an achey bit in the lower back part of my head. No connecting nerves.

Sometimes I wish I had not spent $3K to

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Long Monday, sore wrists, and getting old

It's official, I am blaming the weather for this. I have not been mean to my arms at all in the last few days, but yet the pain flares up.

It's bullshit and I hate it.

I'm also having throat issues and I may be coming down with the autumn sniffoos. Bleh.

Some ginger ale shandy should see me through it. Bugger if I know what else to do for my wrists. I already have braces and am trying to be nice

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Sunday, Cyclone Headache Funtimes

There are no low pressure systems within my range. There are, however, two high pressure systems and the oncoming cold of winter. It still hurts my face like a an absolute barbarian.

I am digging up my sunnies so I can function with life as I know it.

I have already done some Chambering in TaleSpire [back to the wibbly wobbly walls again :P ] and am waiting for any streaming to happen when one of my fave streamers has come down with

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Saturday, Feast Shenanigans

Beloved has PLANS for today. Plans that include waffles and nonsense with sugar. Which is the best kind of nonsense.

Lighter Bag Quest is probably on the schedule.

My wrists are rested enough to write, but it's probably not on my schedule. If anything gets done, I will count it as a win.

Carrying my shit with me is becoming a Problem. Bum bags cause bruising on my hips. Shoulder bags do my shoulders in. Backpacks inevitably cause hassles. And the good

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Friday, Self-care necessary

I did my wrists in by carrying a bag. Good gracious gravy, I am getting old. Lightening the load is going to be a PROCESS.

I have reduced what I need to a minimum, but the bag itself is still heavy. Blarg.

Lighter Bag Quest may be on, today. We shall see.

Meanwhile, I take very careful care of myself. Get help where I can, and otherwise take a breather from my three WIPs, dungeon building, and other shenanigans.

At least I

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Thursday, Beauty Regime

Beloved is also an enabling gremlin, as it turns out. She's convinced me to moisturise [I had a flaking face so yeah. I needed that] and I'm getting my nails done by pros today. Watch for the blood red nails and the gears on my middle fingers :D

Other shenanigans as shenanigans occur, belike. I will be learning Beloved's secrets of finding interesting things to go to, so help me blorb.

I will also learn what's involved with getting a kitty cam,

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Date Night

I have a wordpress to write sometime today. I may or may not be building dungeons for my players to dragon in. I may or may not be writing High Adventure for either Kingdom of Sand or Devil's Tale.

What I will be doing is having an adventure with my Beloved.

I have successfully given my players conniptions by ageing up the Dragon in the game. I mean, they are OP enough to handle it, but they also believe they could be

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Tuesday, Patreon and Back to School

Miss Chaos is going back to school today. She's bounding with energy and I want a share of it, damnit. Also on my agenda today is the regular Patreon stuff, more dungeon to dragon in, and maybe some CritRole on the side.

I should also check out what live entertainment there is so we can do something new and strange on one of our date nights.

In a few short minutes, I shall be posting my tale for today, and then it

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