Plague Diary

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Sunday, Tale Foundry and Streaming Nonsense

I've already done the Game Stream, and I'm watching Tale Foundry. I can't do my usual stunt of writing the next story in advance. Because the leads on the vote are tied.

So I shall spend the intervening minutes working on another chapter of A Devil's Tale because I need to have those to keep my Beloved happy. Well. I also want to have those. Because this whole book is fun.

For the second time, DungeonDraft crashed as I was trying to make the dang map. So I'm attempting a third try before resorting to the Player Version and using that on Owlbear when the time comes.

I am growing steadily SICK of Map 15.

My PLNs after the story today involve lying around, writing intermittently, and otherwise enjoying myself.

Wish me luck.

Friday, On Point for a Change

I have cleaned the catio before I sat down to write. I am keeping my temptation to play Dyson Sphere Program at bay until I have at least done the mandatory output.

Last time I tried fixing a map, the app crashed. I try again today.

I also aim to feed my starters, summarise a chapter, and tag a week of fic.

There will be Bikkie.

Tomorrow promises to be interesting, as the morning is full of Parkrun and the evening is

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Thursday, Redlining it

Beloved binged chapters right up to The Kiss(tm). Which means that there's VERY FEW chapters between where she's up to and where I'm writing.

So I really should hustle some more chapters.

BUT I also have to fix a dungeon map, tag a week for the app, summarise a chapter for the pitmad. And find a moment for myself to chill and enjoy stuff.

I'm feeling a little pressed right now.

But I know Beloved understands me and will ease off

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Wednesday, Wordpress and PLNs

It's taking me longer to write the daily tale. I should work on that.

In my feed this morning, people using AI's to write things are flooding publishers with AI-generated horseshit. People creating garbage product with minimal possible effort and maximum possible profit in mind.

Which means that my efforts to prepare for publishers might yet be moot.

Fucking idiots not wanting to put in the effort... grumble grumble bitch and whine.


Anyway. Considering how slow I am at the summarising,

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Tuesday, Patreon and PLN

I have written and posted my entry for the Tale Foundry this week. I actually wrote it this morning.

I have commenced the chapter in which my main protagonists of A Devil's Tale finally lock lips. This is something I've been anticipating for some time.

I can only hope I do it all justice.

Onwards to my PLNs today is to post the Patreon stuff, correct some errors in a dungeon map, try to get the tagging and summarising done, and then

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Monday, Ongoing PLNs

I have to go fix a dungeon map because what I believed to be a rendering error was not quite the rendering error I thought it was. Fun times ahead there. But there is the Wall Tool and it will do what I want it to. Draw a firkin wall where I wanted a wall all along.


I shall get on with today's tale, do the Tale Foundry reads and then get on with fixing the issues I gave myself. As

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Sunday, Game Night, the Blargies

I don't know what came over me this morning, but I couldn't hang on for the Tale Foundry, let alone stream.

So I cancelled the story stream and went for a nap. Not sure it took.

BUT it is the afternoon, so I should probably force it happening.

Gave the starters/harvest product to my Beloved while I napped and she's still about to make a start. Sigh.

I'll focus on the story and then crawl back to bed and hope for

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Saturday, Parkrun and Pooped

I think I got some good exercise in despite the depredations of Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season plus my knees trying to sabotage me. It was a good walk through the Chermside Parkrun, and probably just as well.

Temperatures today SUCK.

Which is why I plan on doing little more strenuous than getting my output done and then slobbing off for the remainder of the day. I might get some set dressing done, but I doubt it.

I got another chapter in the

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Friday, A Heads-Up

The PLN today is to take Mayhem over to MeMum's for some heavy lifting before the day gets punishing. So immediately after I publish this blog, I am getting ready and hauling myself and son-of-mine all the way to the other side of Brisbane so we can do that.

And since we're there, we may also be doing some other helpful things. Which may take some time.

So if the story happens today, it shall be happening later. If not, there will

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Thursday, Some Small Progress

I have given up on ClipStudio for the meanwhile, and have resolved myself towards creating an all-new, all-different cover for 2022's Year of Instants.

It's been a trial.

So far, I have created the very essential melty clock. Behold:

[Shown here, a clock with visible gears and the 12, 3, 6, and 9 positions replaced with Dec, Mar, Jun, and Sep respectively. The bottom side of the clock is oozing and dripping as if it is becoming liquid]

Fingers crossed, it's a

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Cat Food

I really need to hurry along and get the kitters some gooshy foods because (gasp!) we are out of the gooshies.

Horrible circumstance.

There's also dinner and a movie for the date tonight. Just about the only Marvel Hero I want to see on the screen any more besides the good old fuzzy blue Elf. Yeah we're watching the Ant Man movie.

So it's in my best interest to get a rattle on to get the important shopping done straight after I

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Monday, Long Monday No More

Thanks to Game Night happening in the early morning, I now have Mondays relatively free!


For today, my problem is remembering that it's Monday, and not getting a day ahead of myself.

My PLNs today include the Tale Foundry backup reads, dungeon set-dressing, fic tagging, and doing what I can to create more novel.

Beloved's binging chapters at warp speed and it's hard not to feel rushed about it.

I need to go searching for a way to do the dang

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Sunday, Game morning & Tale Foundry

Just finished game time with the international maniacs. I'm watching Tale Foundry and about to ponder the prompt.

I also wish to get onto Animal Crossing: New Horizons to do the whole turnip thing. It's a THING. Turnips == profit + stock market joke.

So I'll be warming up the Switch to play whilst I listen to the Foundry.

Story happening live on stream after that. It's going to be fun. The cats wish to be fed hours ago.

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