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Tuesday, Patreon Organised!

I'm feeling accomplished this morning. Woke up early and used my time to publish all my Patreon stuff. Which kind of makes up for being overheated and bothered by an innard rebellion.

Besides my insides trying to be outsides, I have all the rest of the day to worldbuild, chamber-build, and maybe write a few things besides.

...and watch CritRole. Because of course watch CritRole.

Still attempting to be kind to myself. Kind of need to write a few things about my mental state or things that happen about being me.

Those are a bit rough, though. I'm already annoyed by internal malfunction. I don't need to write the rough stuff when I'm prepared to be angry at the world.

Onwards to storytime.

Sunday, Feeling Hollow

Went to a Queer Social and didn't know how to contribute to the conversations. The person we were meeting after said social cancelled. Went looking for something fun to do and ended up nope-ing back home. Woke up to catch Tale Foundry and it's been moved to tomorrow.

Feeling a little unloved in my particular pocket of the world.

Still, I have plenty of time to write my blog, work on a chamber or two of the dungeon, plot or write something

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Saturday, Brunch Shenanigans

I'm going out for brunch with Beloved and my DM. Which are two different people. I've never had a brunch before so this promises to be interesting.

I've also got Miss Chaos trying No Frills Clarityne in the hopes that this fixes the dang cough. Fingers crossed.

She may have similar issues with Sneezin and Wheezin Season that I do. Dangit.

BUT I also have to be ready for everything tut suite so we can be offski ASAP. Fun.

I am also

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Friday, Unfuckening and PLNs

The Catio needs cleansing, there's a small mountain of dishwashing to do. There's absolute mountains of clothing and such. If I can do at least one round each of dishwashing and clothing, it might give Beloved a little bit of a break.

She was literally up all night, poor darling.

We have a LOT of stuff. We have a LOT of bills.

Three figures for my meds. Three figures for the cat. Three figures for all the cabinets and storage spaces we

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Thursday, I Need Air!

Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season is kicking my butt. STILL. I need long rugby socks to keep my fetlocks from freezing. STILL. Miss Chaos still has a cough. STILL.

Good news, I see the doc this friday. Just in time. I have almost run out of my meds.

I also know how to show proof of my jabs. Huzzah.

So today is a day of rest. I shall work on one chamber minimum in TaleSpire and not expect very much out of myself

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Shrinky Shenanigans

I derped, yesterday, and mistook the date of my shrink appointment for yesterday instead of today. Fun. So now I have more leftover anxiety to flop around about on Date Night. Yay.

I may or may not write about my first encounter with possible sexual assault later today. My shrink and my Beloved will be the only people who get a direct link.

In other news, a very dumb American state has passed a bill to "protect women" by... (reads the smudged

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Tuesday, Patreon and Other PLNs

Miss Chaos is still coughing, and rumbling in the lungs, so she's staying home until the mucous is no longer an issue. Which means I have to call in after this bit is done to make sure the school knows she's still on the sick list.

Unless she gets chronic lung issues like I have, in which case it's Choose Your Mask, and wear that in public situations. I'm teaching her all of my dumb lung tricks, just in case.

...we may

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Sunday, Game Night and PLNs

This will be the evening when the shenanigans of IceSpire Peak wind up, I introduce a new player, and have some celebrations for them to have shenanigans with.

THEN I get them all to decide on what next and maybe set up a thing where I can record the sessions without my gloriously pale fiz in the equation.

Fun times ahoy.

Changes with it.

The fun times shall continue as I continue to build dungeons for my players to dragon in at

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Saturday, Planned Nothing

I have nothing planned for today and I plan on INDULGING in it. Zero expectations from myself.

I will be harvesting and feeding my Starters because I held off yesterday. But that's fairly leisurely as far as daily nonsense goes.

It's come to my attention that mental health needs to be maintained via breaks from stress. Amazing, that. We need to take a breather from high expectations now and again.

Today's my day.

I will not accept criticism.

This afternoon is early

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Friday, Bad Air Day

Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season is kicking my butt. Double doses on the preventer, a dose on Max, and I still feel like I'm breathing through a narrow tube. Bleh.

It's Friday, so my Bare Minimum PLN is clean out the Catio.

The good news is that I made it five minutes on the OPEP this morning so I get another go at about lunchtime. If I remember. I want to remember because -dangit- it's hard to breathe and OPEP clears the clinker.

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Thursday, Appointments and Such

I need to book Jolie in for her dental check-up. I need to talk to my quack about flu shots and Rona booster(s). I also need to get a wriggle on with Miss Chaos' NDIS horseshit so we can sign her on to SLES [School Leavers Employment Service].

I have been procrastinating on such for TOO long. And according to other parentals of other disabled kids, we have to find the case manager ourselves.

What. The. Shit.

FUCKing red tape

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Burnout

Feeling a little frazzled again this morning. Most of that due to a Bad Air Day. But taking a Mental Health Break may be in order. Or at least taking better Mental Health Measures until I feel more secure.

In this case, Doctor Me prescribes more Wifey Hugs, stat.

Another potential cure is starting a Secret Blog to talk about ALL of my mental bullshit when I'm going through it. I want to talk about my emotions without recriminations, so it won't

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Tuesday, Patreon, Nerfing and Nonsense

Beloved and I tried to remove the remaining acrylic on my nails and... nothing shifted. Even literally soaking my nails in acetone did squat. So I'm left with picking it off or growing it off.

Lucky my nails grow fast.

It's Patreon day today! I get to unearth all the cool stuff I deem fit to share with my Esteemed Patrons, and then post it so they can take a peeksie.


I also have to go about nerfing the Lockbox of

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