Dear Diary

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Friday, Day 0, Tangled

Plague news: Two new cases, one of each. Nineteen total active cases and fourteen are in hospital.

Today, my Beloved is getting part of her face burned off with lasers and then turning into a vampire for the interim. Direct exposure to sunlight is not recommended post-procedure.

My arm is back to my full range of movement and I am still not a wifi hotspot.

There's starters to feed, bikkie to make (and consume), 1K to write, mobs to add stats unto in varying boards... and a Beloved to comfort when she comes home after the lasering.

Busy day.

In the news:

  • In case you were wondering how fake is that Radon stuff - It's not fake. They're going into abandoned uranium mines to dose themselves with Radon gas, in order to cure their Covid. Yeeks
  • Family of deceased Covid Conspiracy guy harassed because they were begging for money. There's a site dedicated to listing all the Covidiots who've received lethal karma
  • Qld Premier once again under attack for... ::checks notes:: Keeping the borders closed to the plague vectors down south
  • Moderna apparently makes twice as many antibodies as Pfizer
  • 44YO "promising young man" with control-style abuse habits stabs his 22YO girlfriend to death
  • USA Knomira arrested for providing fake proof of vaccination document
  • Yet another idiot hospitalised after treating his Covid with horse dewormer

This plague is going to render "survival of the smartest" a thing.

Onwards to storytime, house unfuckening, and precision lasers.

Thursday, Day 0, Post-jab Paranoia

Plague news: One new case, an import. Twenty-three total active cases, with seventeen in the hospital. It's Day One of post-Pfizer dose one for me.

I haven't had as many mucous issues this morning and correlation is not causation, but I have joked that the Pfizer jab has cured my asthma. It hasn't really. I'm going to give myself a dose on the nebuliser, Max, and make sure I stay hydrated.

Thanks to anxiety, I'm more than a little drained. If I

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Wednesday, Day 1, Wordpress and Jab

Plague news: NO NEW CASES! Twenty-three total active cases, with seventeen in the hospital.

These are numbers I like to see.

Today's the day I get sub-zero serum added into my arm and become a superhuman wifi hotspot a little better protected against the plague. Huzzah. I also have all day to low-key panic about this.

Of course you, my lovely readers, get another installment of my terrible Tiefling's backstory that explains exactly why he's such a paranoid arsehole with a prickly

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Tuesday, Day 0, Patreon and PLNs

Plague news: Two new cases, both imports. Twenty-seven total active cases, with twenty-three in hospital.

Tomorrow's the day I get my first Pfizer jab. I'm going to get a post-stuck portrait with a thumbs' up and pointing out the jab site.

Hashtag not a wifi hotspot.

Today, following the Patreon post, I take my edits for Adapting and try to hammer a better novel out of it. All on my only.

I must recite: "This is improving my book, this is not

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Monday, Day 0, New Order of Things

Plague News: One new case, a local transmission. Possibly via the yahoos down south. At least it's caught in quarantine. Twenty-six total active cases, with twenty-three in hospital.

We don't have cleaners helping us any more. Can't afford it. So today, we are unfucking the house on our own. My personal goal is to unclutter my desk and to get rid of the old defunct iMac taking up acreage there.

But first, I have to see Miss Chaos off to school. I

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Sunday, Day 0, Day Out

Plague news: Four new cases, all imports. We have twenty-six total active cases, with twenty-one in hospital and nobody in the ICU.

Some idiot had the audacity to state that lockdowns "don't work" when the places that do have lockdowns and strict measures don't have the fucking plague. Yikes. Just do what New Zealand does and nobody needs to get hurt.

I've also come across testimonials from medical professionals working in the Covid wards and... it'll break your heart. Read the post

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Saturday, Day 0, Doors

Plague news: One new case, an import. Thirty total cases, twenty-four in hospital and two in the ICU.

Today, we have discovered that the new doorknobs fit the old doors perfectly. SO... we have to take down the new door we hung last week, put back the old door, and then install the new doorknob. Yay.


I also have to find and upload my OBS recording of my stream since OBS cut the extant one short. Dangit. Shitty internet sucks bollocks.

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Friday, Day 0, WAHEY!

Plague news: two new cases, both imports. Thirty-five total active cases, twenty-one in hospital and two in the ICU.

I have a 1K goal for my novel even though I know darn well that my total is nowhere near being easily divisible by three any more.

As before, I shall write the story and then worry about the word count. I'm nowhere near the end of it, but I gotta start thinking about that now that I have hit the crux of

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Thursday, Day 1, Not Organised

Plague news: Zero new cases! Thirty-seven total active cases, twenty one in hospital, two in the ICU.

We're getting on top of the outbreak. Not completely safe yet, but we're getting there.

We now possess a video doorbell. Which came with a sticker that is impossible to affix to any household surface. I've sought help about this but I don't have high hopes.

Beloved is going to make a vinyl replacement for the sticker that won't at some point later tonight. Meanwhile,

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Wednesday, Day 0, Wordpress

Plague News: Six new cases - two local and four imports. Forty-one total active cases, twenty-one in hospital and two in the ICU.

There's more of my terrible Tiefling lad to share on Wordpress and I'm gradually building up a bunch of stuff to rant about. Some of which I may actually write down at some point in my future.

My poor mum is dealing with Phone Issues. Calling it now - 98% chance she's hit a wrong button somewhere and accidentally

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Tuesday, Day 0, Patreon

Plague News: Two new cases, one of each. Thirty-eight total active cases, with twenty in hospital and two in the ICU.

I'm running out of stuff to add to my Patreon pages and it sucks. The after-effects of Lockdown Brain are catching up with me.

I'm doing my best.

In the news:

  • Apparently new freedoms are coming for NSW despite Knomiras to the contrary
  • Victoria's plague numbers leaked
  • USA warns Aus about more plague nonsense
  • Taliban calls live TV to vomit hate
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Monday, Day 1, Moving Along

Plague news: No new cases! Thirty-nine total active cases, eighteen in hospital, and one in the ICU.

Capt S. has demanded more time with us in return for her not spouting a bunch of TERF talking points in our direction. IDK how to feel about that, but it's another Saturday not spent catching up on missing output or making gains on any other project in progress. OTOH we did kind of spend the entire visit talking with an Aunt about it on

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Sunday, Day 0, The Big Reveal

Plague news: Two new cases, both imports. Fifty-one total active cases, with seventeen in hospital. None in the ICU.

Now for the moment you've all been waiting for. The reveal.

The love of my life, my partner in crime, my soulmate, lifemate, and personal world's best cuddle-buddy has come out as a trans woman. I will no longer be using 'they' to refer to her, but I'm still maintaining the lack of names for safety reasons.

We're in for a wild ride

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Saturday, Day 0, Big Leap

Plague news: One new case today, a local. There's sixty-eight total active cases, with eighteen in hospital and one in the ICU.

Today, my Beloved and I are off on the roads to reveal things that should be revealed face to face. It's an act of bravery to do this and I can only hope things are going to turn out for the best.

Time will tell.

I have to get a wriggle on, so I'm not looking at the news. Max

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Friday, Day 1, Gearing Up

Plague news: NO NEW CASES! Seventy-nine total active cases, with twenty-one in hospital and one in the ICU.

Anxiety is at a peak here in the household as today we PLN to get some final gussying-up before we drop the big reveal tomorrow. That will be happening after household unfuckening and maybe after Chaos returns from school.

I'm still being gentle with myself until all reasons to be panicking are dealt with. One way or another. Stress is hell on inspiration.


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