Dear Diary

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Last Day!

It's the penultimate day before I take the long-arse journey back home. Richer for experience and poorer for cash [eh. Whaddayagunnado] but definitely a happier person for all the experiences.

I now know how to pan for gold. Got bupkiss but the experience, but I know how to do it. The trick is not spending a fortune in the chase for the mother-load. That ship done sailed more than a century ago.

The PLN, such as it is, is to be certain I get a sound sleep tonight, do last arrangements1, and pack my shit for the trip.

Just like the trip out, I'm doing two instants so I'm ready for the trip back. And just like the trip out, I'm highly distracted by literally everything. Yay.

Three cheers for anxiety, I guess.

Once I'm back home, work will resume on B'Nar as well as recording footage for Oh My Mods and trying to learn Java so I can create that stories app... and Oh Shit I have Three Bajillion Projects Again.

Why do I keep doing this to myself?

It's a never-ending cycle of "Oh, I have the time. Oh, I have the time. Where did the time go?"

One day, I'll think these things through rationally.

But I kind of have to do the app thing because lack of space on my Google Drive. I've committed to doing Oh My Mods because I want to have some fun whilst maybe having a presence on the YouTubes and someone might stumble across my Author Readings (tm).

And I really should find a way to get back onto SESP at some point. Practice, perhaps, for me doing animatics to my own reading which might get me Noticed at long last.

But I also wanna make a game or two that I have a cool concept for and could plausibly turn into a retropixel Thing, maybe.


Plans, PLNs, and fuckups. That's my life.

I keep bumbling on anyway, because that's pretty much all I got. Enthusiasm, inertia, and anxiety are in a constant war in my head and maybe I can make something nice with it at the end of the day.

Half an hour a day. I got lots of half hours. I can plausibly do this.

Baby steps.

  1. Such as acquiring clear tape to be certain that the side rear-view mirror I busted up stays together until it can see a pro. Long story short: I bumped into something at low speed whilst avoiding bumping into something else and the pieces are whole but you need a degree to get them solidly back into place.

I should have my own calendar

It's going to be the tenth of January before I put the last words into 2018's Year of Instants. I'm ten days out of sync with the calendar as it stands.

I may request some twofer prompts so I can get close to resyncing with the calendar. The last attempt didn't end well because successive disasters, but I'm willing to give it another go. Otherwise, it would just get worse.

I'll be home by the Big Day, and theoretically able to quickly

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The Leylands' Tour

It was a very full day, yesterday. I got a driving tour of Dijabringabeeralong1, followed by a scenic trip to Historical Pannington where the opportunity to get a slight share of Aussie gold and gemstones had shut before we got there.

Nevertheless, a good time was actually had, because there were other attractions and I got to absorb some philosophy on the general layout of quiet country towns depending entirely on how small they are.

Bigger little towns have the pub,

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Adventure For Sure!

Today's itinerary involves going to the outer reaches of Dijabringabeeralong for some unspecified shenanigans and probably shopping.

This means my highly-distractible arse has to focus on at least writing today's Instant. If I can get in the TAZ ficlet, I shall count myself lucky.

Onwards I go, contemplating the mystery of getting a full nights' sleep but still being brain-tired.

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According to the schedule, we should be having some of those today. Going places. Seeing things. I have no idea what the PLNs are, so this promises to be entertaining.

Possibly entertaining after the fact, and to outsiders, but that's how it goes.

Adding to the potential hilarity is the fact that I have a Cyclone Headache. Brought on by a low pressure system somewhere within twenty kilometers or two hundred. I forgot to get myself some ibuprofen and ascetominophen so I'm

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The Dirt

I did promise some filthy details to y'all. Those who care about such things must not be disappointed. Those who read this should be notified so that some form of word can get out, even if the full details are notably lacking.

There's a predator working in the Queensland-New South Wales area and he operates on older women who have lost their husbands. Given what I've heard, what he's done is not his first rodeo and I wouldn't put it past him

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Happy New Year!

This is it, friendos. My PLN today starts with early-morning, last-minute shit only slightly complicated by the fact that my Tumblr has been followed by two porn bots in as many days.

I really should make that 'safety poster' over again but nah. I have packing to do. I gotta pack my technoscrattle, load up the car, and take a long-arse journey to Tullagawoopwoop so I can share time with a friend.

It's probably a good thing I'm taking a breather from

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So Here's the PLN

I got myself a long day tomorrow and I can't let most of it get absorbed in YouTube or any such nonse so for today:

1) Do the bloggity stuff for today
2) Do the Instant for this morning and all that associated nonsense
3) Pop out and pick up some sugarfree Fishermans' Friends so I'm completely prepped for a long-arse drive
4) Write tomorrow's Instant
5) Pack somewhere between 3 and 4
6) THEN worry about the rest of my day.

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Citizen of the Procrasti Nation

The pln this morning was to rise from my slumber and get the blog and Instant portion of my day out of the way so I could focus on other things.

You see, my morning agenda includes a visit to the doctor because it turns out I was correct about prescriptions only lasting one year. One would think that, as a former chronically ill person, I would have the majority experience with how long prescriptions last and all that noise, but noooooo.

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Getting My Shit Together

I'm headed off up to Tullagawoopwoop to visit my friendo soon. So far, I've gathered most of my clothing into a bag in case I couldn't get the suitcases, and then got the suitcases down -_-

There's a phenominal amount of gecko crap on them and I should brush them off before I get packing, and the list of things I really should buy is starting to grow...

But of course I also have to arrange for Mayhem's book list to

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Slight Embuggerance

The pln this morning was to record another session for Oh My Mods. Alas, I had an update. It's currently going through an update and will be "a few minutes".

It's been more than a few minutes. It might be stuck. I can't tell.

And like a true cowardy custard, I dasn't do a thing about the planned sesh record until such time as the issues are resolved. Which may involve dragging my Beloved into the mess so that they can do

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'Tis the Day After Christmas...

...And all on the roads,

Are the people driving,

Who prob'ly drank loads...

I took MeMum home this early AM with a hope that we wouldn't cross paths with the really dangerous dickheads and thereby give her more stress than she ever needed for the rest of her life.

And then... not even halfway to Costco...

Doodling the wrong way along an off ramp, using the lane, seemingly completely unaware that they were GOING THE WRONG WAY... there's this Ute. Lucky there

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::Cue William Tell But Not Really::

Today, I am driving to the other side of the world Brisbane to fetch MeMum so we can have her over for Christmas day.

This comes on the heels of a disturbed night because this years' seemingly traditional Yule Disaster(tm) has happened to Capt. S.

The family is taking steps, because this one looks like a gold class clusterfuck that could have only been solved as it happened, and nobody got the memo as it was happening. I'm under orders to

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