Dear Diary

A 1300-post collection

More Shenanigans!

We thought it would be a simple stapling job. Half an hour, tops. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.


It was the archetypical "five minute job" in which the client -Capt. S.- seriously misunderestimated how complicated the job was.

Have you ever tried to tailor-cut wood with a staplegun? No? That's the kind of job we had. We needed tools and the ones we had access to were lost, broken, rusted, or incomprehensible.

So of course that necessitated a visit to the mecca of the home handiperson, Bunnings. Which, in turn, wasted four hours of our remaining day because -shit- Bunnings. It's a wormhole of dimensionally transcendant complexity that just... eats your time. You gotta spend half an hour trying to unravel the math of the universe inherent in two different packets of visually identical screws, fam.

That's just how it is.

Today, I have something of a birthday celebration to attend. New friends, new place, new social complexities to unriddle. The usual. The kids are staying at home and ganking our interwebs data. Beloved is offski back to Capt. S. to teach her the fine art of growing some confidence with power tools.

Because everyone needs that.

Power tools are firkin useful and knowing how to work them is just sensible. I did offer to teach Mayhem a little, but he declined. Maybe Chaos will learn in due time, I dunno.

Either way, there will be a time when they have to learn. I just hope to be there to help them out when it comes.

And now - I write.

Hocus Pocus

I really gotta focus.

Beloved stayed home to help me yesterday, and today the entire frame is complete and awaiting Tuesday. Tuesday is when all the fun happens.

The boxing, the concrete pour, the levelling thereof and all the jiggery-pokery. After that bullshit is over with, I have to harass my beloved into constructing the walkway that will connect the cat shelter with the main structure of the house.

Of course, I still have to go over said structure with Spakfilla and

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Fighting the Fight

It's going to be raining today, and I can't let that stop me, because we have a whole rainy weekend to get anything done in.

Pray I don't electrocute my stupid self with all the water zipping around. If I'm gonna hurt myself to the point where I can't work on this thing anymore, it's going to be on the eve of the day where I can plausibly get help to work on this thing.

Just watch. This is the day I

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The Imp's Arse

So now the problem is getting the parts to come together for a crucial last few centimeters/millimeters/nanometers because working with warped wood is just a firkin barrel of arseholes. I suspect aggressive work with the angle grinder may eventually save the day. Mostly because tensioning that beeswax sure didn't.

I'm so close to finishing the structure and it's looking like we could maybe put the concrete in on Tuesday. TUESDAY.

::foaming at the mouth and flailing::

On the plus side

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So close!

I have one post waiting for bolts. One more post waiting to be situated that needs some judicious grinding to get it to fit. Alas, Mayhem was silly enough to wear bare feet on the building site yesterday, so we need him to remember his firkin boots, this time around.

It's so close to the next step. Even with muddy ground.

I just want this DONE, dangit.

Speaking of getting things done, I've been able to get 1K words into Kingdom of

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Commence Faffery

Things accomplished: 1K words, the Instant, and a wooden post re-obtained.

To do today: Patreon nonsense, 500-1K words, the Instant, and post jiggery-pokery.

I want to get Mayhem to help me out with the posts, but getting him to do so is going to be my big battle. Putting these things up is a two-person job and Chaos does not have the height, strength, or patience to do these things.

Still. Best to rattle on with the content whilst the daylight is

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School Hols. Yay?

On one hand, a lot more free time because no brat runs. On the other hand, I still have a lot to do and convincing the kids to come help is an uphill battle at the best of times. Sigh.

In progress news, we fucked up one of the posts, and now I have to go make another one. Boo.

We have a lot of lumber lying around now, thanks to various fuckups.

In other progress news, we have reached the "Fuckit"

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Ow. That was a day.

I have just spent all my daylight hours working on the kitty kondo(tm) and I'm pretty much toasted as a result.

We fucked up a post and now I have to go get and cut a new one. Blah. It can be done, but we feel like idiots as a result.

I can plausibly replace that post during the week. There's going to be more jiggery-pokery involved. Of course. But for now, we have post-mix concrete in the post holes and

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Oofty Goofty

It was supposed to be merely cloudy today, but it rained anyway. Boo.

After some consideration, we figured that it would be much better to construct the shell, level the structure, and pour in some post-mix into the holes, so now we have a plan of attack that just needs the HUGE MUDDY PUDDLE to dry out.

Fortunately, aquatic pumps exist, and we got ourselves a doozy. It's a green slimline thing that you pipe water into in order to get it

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Second-last day of school for this term for Chaos, last day in Mayhem's term.

Everything on our little building site is wet and squishy and we have to drain it before we do anything and AAARGH!

Meanwhile, I did my first 3K of Kingdom of Sand and I am doing character pieces and I'm loving it.

Therefore, today's early rising was leisurely and most of my time is to be spent on editing more episodes of Oh My Mods. With an aim

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I forgot to do the Patreon stuff and I have a medical appointment today, but I am ahead on the word count so... yay. Ish.

Mayhem stayed at home, so on top of getting a tooth hole plugged, we got a rattle on with some of the Kitty Kondo(tm) despite the weather.

...and because of the weather, there is mud everywhere. Sigh. It'll sweep up though.

I also managed to break a board by dropping it, so part of my adventures

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Mayhem has a free day - allegedly. I have already said that he's going to be in trouble if I get any contact from his school about this. Meanwhile, he's helping me with the kittycat shelter.

All things going well, we should have the front entryway side assembled - or mostly assembled - by sunset. In the rain.

This on top of getting a cavity filled. Today is going to be fun.

Story will be happening during any breaks. Thanks in advance

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Around and round I go...

The family and I got the frame... mostly up. There's still a lot of jiggery-pokery involved, including the assembly of the front door to the little place.

It's only now that I realise that the kitty enclosure is going to be firkin huge and Kitty is truly, truly going to be spoiled. It's a room that's only a smidge smaller than the dorm room my love used to live in when they were in uni. For a human, that's criminally small. For

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We have a PLN

Today, we shall be boxing out and digging the footprint, if all goes well. Similarly, scattering the base of the footprint with drainage gravel because that's how it works.

Ten o'clock is almost here, and that means noise shall be allowed.

The story, of course, will be happening. Just later than normal and possibly dripping with frustration because... Even though we can do all this, the forecast is for a week of rain :P

I hate that this is taking so long.

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A PLN of Action

So. We have a guest from the States who's due to fly south for the winter to do some technogeek stuff over there. I know not if they're coming back for another sleepover before they head home.

Either way, Beloved is taking them to the airport this AM so we're delayed in going off and seeking things to make the Kitty Kondo(tm) be real. That's fine. It lets me attempt to focus and make at minimum, this blog entry.

It's... not

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