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One more week...

One more week before I find out what's happening with my car. I know what's happening to it, because that part's inevitable. The inevitable bit is that my zippy little car is "going to a farm in the country". Whether or not it's going as scrap is up to what we can afford.

I... hate driving the landbarge, but my options are limited to the extreme.

It sucks, but I'm still able to get about and do things. That's always a plus when I have to go places and do things pretty much 24/7.

Compared to not being able to go places and do things, I would much rather have the landbarge.

As for game night, the DM had the Lurgi, so there was no game night. On the plus side, I got to watch the latest Terminator movie with Beloved. It's the usual horseshit, but it was fun. Go see for the spectacle.

I needed that sanity break.

I might be taking another one today. Just... horsing around with whatever tickles my fancy. Or taking extended naps. I'll see when I get there.

For now? I work on some fresh fiction for y'all.

Dee un Dee! Dee un Dee!

It's D&D night and I am planning to at least combat the excess of the evening with the abstinence during the day. I shall be a good little nugget and expand my fasting window so I can gorge -as I inevitably do- when the game is on.

My Beloved is taking this old car of mine as a lost cause. Even if the motor is cheaply fixable, it's not worth keeping around. So... in perfect logic, they went and ordered

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Feeling Frazzled

I have no idea what's going on with my mind and body right now, but I really want to tuck myself into a warm pouch and just let my brain fill with static until I feel refreshed.

It'll involve a lot of napping and entertainment of the popcorn variety. If I get there. I might just need more hugs. Who needs less, right?

At least I have no worries further than my Instant and the Allotted Word Count, which I hope to

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Silence There

I haven't heard anything back from the car repair people, so I shall assume they discovered that they were the ones who fucked up and are now sweating cobs about how to handle this news.

I can hope for schadenfreude and not be evil, right?

Well, small sins aside, I took a sanity break from ficcing yesterday, and I fully expect my daughter-across-the-water to be slightly peeved about that. She needs her ficcy fix and I was unable to provide.

I needed

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I took some 5-HTP before beddie byes, last night, and still woke up at around 2AM. At least I got a good start on ep 16 of Inter-Mission.

By "good start" I mean I edited one story and set up for the next one. I need sanity breaks for this nonsense.

My car should be being seen to today, which means I find out -any time between 10AM and tomorrow afternoon- exactly what went wrong and how much it's going to cost.

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Okay. Let's start to deal.

Beloved and I installed a new cat flap with a magnetic flap catch and pretty red handles for locks. The cats have to get used to the force necessary to dislodge the magnets, but that's relatively small beans.

I have money in my bank, and it's just enough to manage the budget and pay for my car's ransom. Next week is anyone's guess.

As always - anything you can buy from me [links to everything in the hamburger button, top right] will

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Progress Was Had

Whilst waiting for Toasty to start her stream, I got quite a few fictions moved off of the paid content list of my Patreon. Because it is actually sketchy to charge for access to that.

So. From oldest entry to newest, I have moved all the fanfictions onto Patreons Only content from the $5 tier. I'm in the process of moving all the stuff off of the $10 tier, but there's WAY more of them than there were of the $5 tier.

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Approaching Normal

I have both sets of braining meds! Interestingly, the ones that had to wait for stock beat out the ones that had to cross the Pacific Oceans to get to me.

The cat flap is repaired with a qualifier attached in the flavour of "for now".

We are going to need a new one. But it's at a state of being in which it can do it's job. For now.

My car has been surrendered to the mechanics and I will find

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I will not ask what else can go wrong, because it more or less has. My car is due to go to the repair people today. That's going to cost a honkload.


  • I can't start Audacity - the program I use to edit my episodes of Inter-Mission [have no fear, there is a new episode today and there are like three more waiting in the wings]
  • One of the cats broke down the pet door that was their only safety from
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It's expensive, this week

So. I have registered our pets, splurged on my birthday present [it was preset moneys, so it's technically not out of my bank] and am waiting on an AUS$600 car repair bill.

This alongside the usual food/petrol/shenanigans nonsense that happens on the daily.

It's a sock in the gut, for sure, and I could really use a safety net to feel relaxed about this sock in the gut. Like, I know, on an intellectual level, that I can make

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Okay. I've got this.

My car is officially out of commission even though it's technically driveable. The coolant leak is pretty fast and I don't want to be stuck in the middle of busy morning traffic with a non-functioning accelerator again.

That was hairy.

So I'm stealing my Beloved's landbarge for all my errand shenanigans. My car has an appointment in likely-early next week, and I was told to bring it in on Friday. It likely won't be fixed before Tuesday.


It's going to be

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So I'm visiting my Shrink today, and I have a revelation to remember...

My temporal challenged state is actually a comorb of Autism! It makes immense amounts of sense and can plausibly be used to construct Autism diagnoses for other adults who struggle for one because reasons.

I just gotta remember that S. I sent myself a message, so we'll see how that goes.

Speaking of how that goes, I am going to be writing my Instant and novel on my lappy

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Some Good Things

Okay. So. I got to play a game with my daughter-from-across-the-water. It was fun, I gotta admit. I did get to catch up a little further along on catching up on Critical Role.


I did not get to start printing my mini. Dag.

Beloved wanted to play WoW instead of helping me out so I didn't get that cheev. But I can still have a clean house and keep pestering Beloved to make my mini.

Speaking of, I have to do

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Plotting and PLNs

Today, my Beloved is home. Today, I have a chance to print out a miniature. A chance. Not a guarantee.

I'm not going to pay for the download until I know Beloved is awake because the longer I have money in my account, the better it's doing for me. Also because I don't want shenanigans from getting the wrong file. So I want to be sure I'm getting it right.

I have just enjoyed watching Toastyhat create more of her video, and

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So That Happened...

We had a short session last night because (a) One party member was away sick and (b) the plot arrived quicker, but...

Despite all that...

I was bloodied twice in one fight, surprise-attacked by a troll, and learned that my faux german accent was too much for our new DM so I'm toning it down next sesh.

It's not easy being squishy.

Thankfully, I have tactics of a sort. Tactics and ten darts. I'll have to engineer a system to make sure

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