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One More Day

So I read this morning that killer humidity is going to be a thing. Like, air so hot and thick with water that people are going to die.

Billionaires who found enough funds to re-roof Notre Dame could easily initiate moves that would turn this shit around. They won't, because that will hit their precious profit margin.

They won't do anything until the deaths mount into the thousands. They will keep denying in the name of profit until denial becomes unprofitable. After all, dead people can't spend money.

By the time they actually move? It will be too late for literal millions.

It may even be too late for everyone, including the people for whom the love of money was the only thing that mattered. That old axiom about the last tree versus being able to eat money comes repeatedly to my mind.

Pity it hasn't come to any of theirs.

Rich people.

I swear they think money can get them out of any crisis. It's done that all their lives. They've got out of any consequences because the law is for people who can't afford the fines.

Well. The fines for this crisis happen to include the death of everything. Not just poor people. It's the death of crops, the death of cattle, the death of the oceans... and the death of people. Even rich people.

I hope and pray that something happens, but cynicism tells me it won't.

...and I have to keep on going because it's all I've got.

Another broken week

Today is a public holiday. This means that it's a gamble as to whether anywhere at all is open for business.

The goal for my novel this week is 114K, which means at the end of the week, there will be two left until I reach the end. I am definitely taking a week to myself before I start the serious work of an actual planned trilogy.


Each book has to be a complete story, but not quite complete. They also

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Resuming Production

Turns out, I will literally do anything to avoid attempting to finish up SESP. This includes starting up work on the next episode of Inter-Mission and uploading some more episodes of Oh My Mods.

One day, I gotta make myself finish that thing. If only for the sisu of it.

I am making more eps of everything, though. It's looking like some good streamlining definitely helps with the process of creating Inter-Mission. I'm up to the first musical interlude already. And I

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One in the Can

I finished up the sound profiles for the very first episode of Inter-Mission. Huzzah. I also recorded five more stories for the next episode.

If I keep up with the average of five stories per episode, with two musical interludes, Mayhem and I are going to have to write some more musics.

Premier album, here we come.

Probably two or more, the way we're going.

Today... my agenda is way more relaxed. I got three more weeks of writing B'Nar before I

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I have an almost-half-hour episode in the bag and I am now adding a musical score of sorts to underlay the story. Making lazy loops is... interesting. I usually don't do more than three instruments because it'll be at a low volume to overwhelm any hiss, but not the actual words of the podcast.

It's turning out good. I have a drama track, a romance track, and a suspense track, and that should be all I need until I get to the

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Woke up at 4:30 this AM. So that means no time for a recording sesh. Set-up takes a wee smidge more than that and I don't want my next chunk of raw 'footage' [do you even call audio tracks 'footage'? IDK] to be interrupted by the dulcet tones of One Way Ticket by Steam Powered Giraffe. Baller wake-up music though it is, it is not the best interruption for a story.

I might be able to squeeze in a recording sesh

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I got this... I think

So this time my internal alarm clock was really set to "fuck you" and got me conscious at like 11:30 PM on the same evening that I went to sleep. Like fuck was I getting out of bed before midnight, though.

Beloved was worse, they hadn't even come to bed yet and I could hear a TV show going. Not a help for regaining slumber.

Beloved comes to bed and tells me I should try going back to sleep. Not an

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I have recorded three stories and added a musical interlude and two advertising breaks... and I'm almost at minute twenty of the planned half-hour or around-a-half-hour I have in mind.

I'm going to have to record a different advertising spiel for the second show. My first one is already out of date. A little editing, a little re-recording. But not today because everyone's already up and about.

Today... I need to do a money run because I forgot to, yesterday. I need

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Into the Wild Blue Yonder

Audacity... flies. The learning curve is so gentle that Flat Earthers would declare it a straight line. I owe these guys some money.

I do remain slightly vexed that you have to manually flick between the move and selection tools, but it's a price I can pay for snipping out awkward pauses, re-takes, gulps, and horking up lumps of mucous.

It happens.

So far, I have twelve minutes of total audio so far, and the knowledge of how to cut, copy, paste,

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I'm lernding!

That was one of the more amusing cries of Ralph Wiggum, famous example of a kid who's fallen through the numerous cracks in the US education system.

I kind'a feel for Ralph whenever I try to cram new things to learn into my fluffy noggin. Especially things that I thought would be easy like:

Creating a podcast using GarageBand to merge and edit and mess with assorted completed sound files.

Yeah. Turns out that that's not a thing you can do.


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2 AM fun times

I can't sleep. I have Stuff happening today, and I suspect I'll need caffeine at some point, but I'm still holding off until I capital-N NEED it. I've been doing good on keeping coffee out of my life and I think I can manage not flarfing it up now.

I'll see.

Meanwhile, it's been taking me so long with my Instants that I might as well start one now and see how I fare with that.

If I'm still wanting to be

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That was painful...

I recorded my second story this morning. It took longer than it should have. Why?

  • I can NOT read properly, today
  • I learned that the mic works better when the headphones are turned on
  • I learned that my headset automatically turns off after like seven minutes.

Combined with outtakes, stuffups and re-do's, that's... a lot of reading. At least I was able to pick up where it dropped off and just read the end from there.

BUT my throat is shredded and

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Public holiday, broken week, do the hustle.

I'm more or less focussed on writing and not bothering with very much else outside of the mandatory minute of silence in remembrance.

Here's to all those who have fallen. For those who fought for ideals, who fought for their homelands, who fought for their way of life. Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn...

Here's to all those still serving. For those who are still fighting. Some for ideals, some for rich

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Mayhem was sick, yesterday. Pointing finger aimed at a whole load of sugar over the holidays. We both decided that he would be better off going without sugar for a bit and seeing if that improved things for him.

Three guesses what Mayhem decided to do in the middle of the night?

He made the supremely "wise" decision to raid someone else's Erastide gift, and break it in the process. Without even bothering to ask if it was anyones.


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Up and Down, Up and Down...

This week promises to suck. Not because anything else has mucked up my life, don't fret. Nope. This week sucks because...

The firkin school calendar is messy!

Some repressed lump of cartilage in the education department decided that the school year had to consist of four terms made up of ten weeks, interspersed with two-week-maximum holidays [december-january doesn't count] that are artfully arranged to match up with Xtian holiday periods despite separation of church and state...

Ev'rybody do th' hypocrisy ra-a-a-ag... Ahem.

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