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Fun was had...

The game sesh ended closer to eleven so we managed to get home just before it was AM, but probably not by much. The usual nonsense of being unable to sleep struck. AGAIN. And my arse was awake at like 4 in the morning after only getting to sleep at minutes in the morning.

It's almost midday, I haven't done anything, and I need mor sleep.

BUT - there's also another game night tonight in which we're all playing in Virtuality so... yay I guess. I do like new experiences but I might be a slight bit ragged by tomorrow.

I've begun the third and last circuit on the base of my TangleBag(tm) as it is about the right length when compared to the hessian bags I have laying around at home. The end result is going to be a little bit bigger, but I can deal with that.

In a day or two, I will be implementing my own solution to the right-angle problem. It will probably be completely wrong and every single crochet person will jump on me and tell me fifteen different ways to do it better.... But this is my TangleBag(tm) and I'm doing it my way.

I'm going to do my stories now and hope to catch a nap before game time tonight.

We Play Dungeons and Dragons!

Mayhem finishes early, this afternoon. As does Beloved's work.

Beloved will be heading homewards early. Mayhem will be headed homewards early. Chaos... still has her regular hours.

I have to work pretty fast today if I want degaussing time tomorrow. Especially considering that tomorrow has even more potential social gaming time with friends of Beloved, this time in virtuality.

I am the nerdy gaming nerd. Bow to me.

Not much progress on the TangleBag(tm), though I am taking daily progress pix

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New Meds, Wat Dis?

I'm trying some new stuff that Beloved ordered online. It's supposed to help with my internal energy management etc. We shall see how it goes.

The potential side effects have me alarmed, so I'm keeping careful watch out for that BS.

In other news, I have officially begun the second circuit of the floor of my string bag. It still looks like an unholy tangle, but it's a consistent unholy tangle and maybe the second circuit will make it look more orderly.

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A Change!

I finally got hold of the correct, clinical ashwagandha. You know, the stuff you can't firkin find in the shops. Well. The stuff I can't firkin find in the shops.

This is the stuff I could rely on to get my noggin sorted out to within tolerable areas off functioning. Now I have it back, and I have a way to get it reliably, I am accepting no substitutes.

[YMMV, ask your fave medico, do your own research, etc. etc.]

In other

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Rain! Rain!

Finally, after what feels like forever in the dry, the rainy season has started.

We have a good rain that's settled in, but I'm still attempting to push it towards the dams and the drought-stricken zones. We need the rain. We do not need floods washing away what there is of the topsoil.

Of course, I could argue that we should be attempting to farm kangaroos and emus that are actually used to feast/famine conditions, but that's me. The problems inherent

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I Need a Day

I'm taking a break from my flash fanfiction today. I've been getting real dark of late and that's a sign of... something. I need a ray of hope. I need to stop looking at the news. I need...

I need a day of rest.

So, today, I'm focussing on the Instant, this blog, and that's it.

I'm calling it mental health. It might be a depression slump. I can't tell from here.

The news is dismal, my friends. My country's leaders are

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We just had to re-wire our household internet because mice, but before that, I had my entire site crash. So I wanted that to be a decent excuse for learning how to fix my own dang 500/502 errors.

Before I did that, though, the aforementioned internet rebuggering. In which we discovered that the cardboard box Beloved was using as an improvised server shelf was encouraging mice. Mice that nibbled through all the very important internet cables.

No wonder the internet was

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You know what?

(Chicken butt)

Nah, but seriously. I think I'm going to keep monitoring my intake 'cause it seems to be working for me. Perhaps there's a psychological thing that triggers my brain into shifting the fat out or whatever, and just monitoring seems to work for some reason.

For example: The previously-mentioned glut of sugar and subsequent weight loss. See also the unaltered diet for the first few days with the altered weight loss.

I was good, yesterday. Deliberately choosing food options that

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Not only do I have a crook Mayhem to fret about, but there's also a cleaning day. Mayhem's earliest appointment to see the Doc is right about exactly in the afternoon when I need to be watching for Chaos, so there's going to be some juggling there.

Fun times.

I dunno what the everloving eff is up with my bod. I'm under macros but over calories and it's either proof that calories are made up bullshit or something else be going on.

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Addle Daddle

I woke up convinced it was Tuesday, a fact not helped by Chaos' early morning tautology:

A Tuesday is still a Tuesday if it happens last week or if it happens today.

Well said, Miss Chaos. Well said.

But I still had a moment of existential dread about what yesterday was since I went and did my Patreon stuff yesterday. But no, it is Wednesday and the first thing I did with Chaos [after checking that it was Wednesday] was to help

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New Tactics

Usually, when waiting for Chaos' bus in the mornings, I devote a patch of my time to fanficcery. I've taken to using that time for progress on my novel. A few sentences or paragraphs here and there can make all the difference.

As in, all the difference between me having a patch of spare time and me not having any at all.

I've started downloading the Hero Kids kits I paid for. I may yet have time to read up and practice

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Between one and two AM, this morning, I couldn't sleep for the pain in my face. And of course I couldn't be arsed getting up for painkillers because one firkin AM.


So yeah. I'm not on all cylinders this morning.

Mayhem is under the weather because local tummy bug, and my money run is going to include dropping off a piece of paper because doctor's notes have to happen.

He should be fine tomorrow. I, however, am not

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Every single Cyclone Season

A long-ish time ago, when both my little darlings were in Public School, I paid $3K to get my nose broken. Deviated septum correction so I wouldn't keep Beloved awake with my stentorian snoring.

Fast forward to today, and I can pick up on the presence of every single low pressure system anywhere between Townsville and myself makes my face hurt until there's either a big-arse rainstorm and I reset, or the whole dang system goes away.

The only thing that really

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New Toys, Teething Trouble, etc

Game night kind'a knocks me around a bit. Not that I'd swap it for anything, though. It's the staying up past midnight combined with irrevocably waking after four hours' or less sleep.

I need a nippynap. Or twelve.

BUT... I did get to see the new toy in action - the new system for viewing our chosen entertainments, a combo of new drives and clever internet that should give us access to the things we love to see.

Which means I was

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Game day!

It's the Friday I've been looking forward to for what feels like forever. I get to go in and do D&D with Mayhem and even though tonight is likely going to be all plot&plan, I am STOKED.

One way or another, I'm going to learn about Homebrewing and I might enlist KIABIL to help out there since he's done that sort of thing before and actually knows the ropes instead of talking out of his arse.

Long rant

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