Dear Diary

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So. Vulpine was a wash-out and I immediately looked up #MSWL to find my next agent/publisher. First on the list, no waiting to cry. On to the next publisher/agent.

Yoiks and a-firkin-way.

[Shown here: Robin Hood Daffy smashing into a tree on loop]

At least Vulpine were willing to send me an email, telling me I'm too weird for their rolls. Nice of them. I sent them thanks and asked for tips. Something may come of it. I dunno.

Next on the list: D4EO Literary Agency

Sent them their sample and an ego-ridden WWAEWGD type query letter in the hopes that unending bravado will get my foot in the door where meek niceness has plainly failed. I might have gone too far towards pyramid-scheme-pamphlet but I figure it should still work.

I am, of course, screenshotting all rejections that actually come to me. Possibly including the nice tracker webpage D4EO has so I can see whether or not they've peeked at my sample.

Whee fun.

It's almost Bus O'Clock, and I wrote over 300 words yestermorn, so there is hope high for today.

...I also busted my wrist a little because of the Telephone Game shenanigans, but I'm mostly OK after a little time in the brace. Optimism. Always optimism.


I had one of those ideas at 1AM that came to fruition at 3AM and you know that is not going to end well. Details on my Patreon as shenanigans ensue. I've already had one salient question about the nonsense that is about to happen.

I'm going to be having fun. I hope everyone else does too.

Today is Patreon day, and there's at least ONE treat for my Patrons to enjoy. Thanks 1AM. I owe you one praise. You were good

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The sun is shining...

I haven't heard any birds singing, but I have a kittycat on my lap and the world is temporarily kind to me. I'm not waking that up any time soon.

My body is hating on me right now so I have to take the small pleasures, like a kitty finding me comfortable to rest on for a handful of minutes.

There's new Covid cases in Queensland just as the pressure's rising to open the internal borders, they're making people sharing plane space

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A slice of normal returneth

Toasty's stream is at 1AM today instead of tomorrow, so now my weeks are no longer as interesting as they are on Mondays.

To make today interesting, I submitted a pitch to Vulpine Press as recommended by a complete stranger on the interwebs. Next month, I pitch someone else. Let's do this. One thousand rejections. Official Number One.

They say six to eight weeks, but I'm doing this on a month basis.

Come July, I am pitching again. Bravery be damned. I'm

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I've done all the dumb things...

Well. Technically, I've only done some of the grand total of silly mistakes and bad choices that Humanity is capable of. I'm not completing the set because I refuse to treat people like things and I won't endorse violence against minorities. Hell, I won't even try to defend it. Those peeps are bad. End of.


Dumb things I have done:

  • Ordered flour to my Auspost Locker, not knowing whether or not their delivery company delivered there [spoilers: they don't]
  • Gave myself
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Nothing is Over Yet

The American news is all about the riots, and even then, they're trying the usual flock of D's1 to either keep the people scared or keep the people shopping. They would like to believe that Covid-19 is over because the news isn't as loud about the statistics, but it's still raging over there. Plus it's looking like that second wave is revving up close to the source.

Fun times.

Police violence is all over my news feeds and nobody is talking

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Wednesday Again

Instead of writing Or You're a Terrorist, I think I'll do a thing about the Muppet's latest stance against what he calls "Antifa Terrorists". This overripe citrus clearly does not understand that "antifa" is short for "anti-fascism".

Either that or he does understand it and has telegraphed the knockout punch to justice in the United States. Those hapless sheeple who still worship him will still remain willfully ignorant of such until it actually lands on them... and by then it will be

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Here's teh PLN

I am going to write this blog and then go to Foodways with my tail between my legs and red all over my face because I've forgot about the cream since THURSDAY.

Then I shall return with whatever cream they still have and get on with today's output.

I have a new chapter of KOSBOB for all my dear readers and I might even have some more of Lust of the Demon Lord - I dunno. I also have been bitten in

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Monday, at 1AM

Instead of waking early to join the stream, I was woken at half-past eleven by Chaos doing a silly run. I figured that, since I was due to actually wake at half-past midnight, I might as well get out there and prepare for the nonsense.

Today's nonsense, whether or not it includes an art stream, will definitely include house unfuckening, a daily tale, and a goal of 200 words.

I didn't easily over-write, last week, so that's my cue to stay at

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I am legendary

Yesterday, acknowledging that my family was HEAVILY into the bread I baked [because butt, possibly], I set out to make more bread so we'd actually have some for the week.

I actually baked it on the same day I mixed it. Let me tell you. Sourdough is S-L-O-W. I perfected a mixing method much like a cat making itself comfortable, and it turned out amazingly.

I should have given it four folds, but it still turned out well. I also should have

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I made some yummy ass bread

There is a reason for the lack of a hyphen there. Mostly because both of my loaves yesterday had a definite butt-crack to them. At least in one end of the loaf. Alas, there are no photographs because someone1 wanted to eat both loaf butts.

Given that one loaf is down to a hub and predation has already begun on the other, I am now warming up my other sourdough starter so I can make a couple more loafs so we

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Friday. Loaf time.

We were almost out of bread, the last of the extant sourdough had gone the way of all mortal things. Mould. Dang. Then this morning, at what I affectionately call "f-off o'clock", I was woken by the delicate clanging of my measuring cups.

Turns out, my Beloved was making kit bread. On the very eve of the day that I would be making more sourdough. They're doing it to use up the kit bread supplies, including the dry yeast we have lying

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PLNs coming to close

I have two more meals to complete and pack, and one GIGANTIC stew to make with the rest of the veggies and to pack that... then I'm firkin DONE with meal prep.

Next step - documenting all this noise.

That promises to be some degree of "fun". How much all depends on how much I can be arsed by the end of it all. Details in my foodie blog when and if I can get motivated to do that. Recipe by recipe.

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Wednesday, Depression looms

I have left: One more sugarloaf than I have Wombok to match, and my version of coodles involves an even numbering of both for a fair flavour profile. I also have some untouched Bok/Pak Choy [I am too white to tell the difference, forgive me], a brace of spring onions, a plethora of broccoli, and a whole honkton of teeny zucchini and UNBELIEVABLY HUGE carrots.

I am seriously pondering making Coodles2: Electric Boogaloo - aka Carrot Noodles and seeing if that

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