Dear Diary

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In the annals of "that escalated quickly", we have:

  • Queensland closing its borders
  • Parents keeping their kids at home if they can
  • Schools remaining open for the parents that don't have anywhere else safe for the kids to go
  • People fistfighting THE ELDERLY for more TP than they probably need [yikes!]
  • Empty shelves... empty shelves everywhere
  • There's been mass layoffs and a subsequent mass run on firkin Centrelink
  • ...and in other news, I'm shifting where my stories go because Steem decided to censor stuff


Those of you using this site as my one-stop shop for my nonsense will note that the menu now has "Peakd" instead of "Steemit". I shifted off of Steemit as soon as I could because Steemit has decided that censorship is the way to go.

Everyone who reads my stories know that I have:

  • LGBTIAQ characters
  • Fancy, newer pronouns
  • Call-outs against the wealthy and privileged
  • a snoot cocked in the general direction of power

None of these are sympatico with the current state of fascism blooming globally. I expect to be censored at best and possibly lined up with the other discontents at worst. Therefore, I grab for whatever freedom is left and stick to my principals.

Beloved and I cooked steak and cauli mash for dinner. Just in time as the cauliflower I had was getting pretty soggy.

Today, sometime this afternoon, the family will be doing early voting so we won't be at the polls. Any gathering - even elections - are vectors for infection.

If you can postal vote or absentee vote - do that. Keep the risk of infection low.

Self Quarantine!

We're keeping Miss Chaos at home this week and next week. Beloved is staying home. I'm braving the wilds of the local shopping center to see what supplies I can acquire that we also need.

I am only sticking to what we need.

With all the best luck, we should stay plague free for the interim. I am the most at risk out of my family. Yet, I am the one taking the most risk by going out there and acquiring whatever.

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Stream Morning!

I'm functioning on a thin chain of naps and a lot of caffeine this morrow. Yeeps.

I owe a thing about my bread since both loaves came out... edible. Not perfect, but at least edible.

Perfection will take time.

Longer than I expect because everyone and their kid brother's dog has emptied the shelves of literally anything that could plausibly be long-term food.

I can only hope that sanity returns before I run out of enough flour to keep my starters alive

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Bread Fail!

People should make their instructions (a) clearer and (b) linear. If you're doing an instructional video for noobs, don't make a big deal out of the allegedly proper way and then mumble something about never doing that in person.

Share. The method. That actually. WORKS!

::Anguished ASD gargling::

So yeah. Instructional video said "use this portion" with way more importance than what the guy who made it actually did. So my dough was too moist and the loaf turned into a roofing

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Bread Day!

I made starter harvest pancakes and I have one batch of starter growing on the countertop ready to make some firkin multigrain sourdough. YEAH!

I got maybe a half hour before I need to start mixing and whatnot. I shall be measuring some of the important stuff with the house scales after I'm done with the blog.

If you're reading this, there is already bread underway.

Today's nonsense is going to include another episode of Inter-Mission and attempting to refine the backlog

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I went to the pet shop to acquire some base essentials, which included kibble, litter, and three packets of sachets.

I forgot the damn kibble.

Hence the title.

Part of today's nonsense involves finishing the podcast off, actually acquiring kibble for my poor starving felines, and rearranging my ENTIRE KITCHEN so I have the space to make bread.

I may surrender to the inertia gods and merely add a vinyl mess mat to the table IDK.

There's something about the recent insanities

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Shutting down everywhere

Beloved managed to score some limited little luxuries and, by all reports, everything be completely batshit bonkers out there. People are panic-buying ALL sorts of bullshit. I know when I went for my week's ration of ice cream, there was almost NO flour. There were three packets of wholemeal flour, of which I only took one.

I only needed one. So I got one.

Meanwhile, Beloved got SIX firkin packets of eggs. Like, each one is 18 eggs, and they got six

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Welp. It's a crisis...

I'm making a mostly-vegetarian stew because there was no beef available when Beloved went for ingredients. So far, the ingredients include an entire Wombok cabbage, 1.5 kg of "low carb" potatoes [really, love?] and a decent dollop of vegemite.

Next on the chopping block, a decent container of carrots. I'm definitely adding some celeries to offset the potatoes in there. Lots of celeries.

On today's agenda, the Patreon nonsense, blogging about bread, writing the Instant of course, and making a bloody

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Okay. Let's do this!

We have, my Beloved and I, located a one-stop shop where sourdough accessories can be acquired. The problem? Even the closest one is fuck-off far away. 46 kilometers versus 51. South versus North.

Shall consult Beloved about the routes.

Honestly, I think North might be less bother, but more fuel. Things be a little bit nonsensical around here.

On the plus side, I do have enough prepped meals to last me almost a month. If the rest of the family starts eating

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Stream morning yaaaayyyy

I set up the skeleton of ep 25 of Inter-Mission and because the stream is still going as I write, I can't edit. That might happen later today.

I gotta count my prepped meals to figure out how long it's going to be before I prep a buttload of meals again. Whether or not that's going to happen in the middle of the Covid Crisis.

Which would make everything... interesting to say the least.

Stream action's back on. Hang on.

Ah, that

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Fun was had. Friction is generating.

So we had some decent RP. Not a lot of decent fights, but some decent RP. We had all players but I didn't have enough warning to buy Krispy Kremes for the entire group. I let them know though.

I might be on the hook for a gigantic box of doughnuts, next fortnight.


  • Barbarian too scared to confront my Tief so he sent a note up with his invisible servant
  • My Tief gave him lines ["I will not shoot my allies"
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Finally! Rest... (sort of)

Well, today is the 7th day of feeding the starters, and I now have them resting in the fridge so that I have time for other things. Like taking a firkin BREAK.

It's the thirteenth this month, which happens to be a Friday, so there is an almost mandatory uptick in gambling. I won't be having a flutter via $1 scratchie. I am content in hoping my "cheesy bread" will actually turn out okay.

Chaos has swimming and I have D&

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Thursday Already? AUGH!

Well, I have definitely been keeping busy. This morning's experiment is muffins, which are still in the process of cooking in the oven.

Last time I checked, they were looking pretty good.

The last thing I need before publishing my progress is the actual cooking time.

We're up to one hour now.

I still have all my other output to do, but by gum, I know I can do it.

Figuring out what to quit so I have more time for fun

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::Trumpet Riff::

So. Today, I have already fed the sourdough and made Accidental Crepes. I saw Miss Chaos ready for her day, and wrote two hundred out of my allotted five hundred for today.

Very soon indeed, I shall be rocketting off to see Miss Chaos' school about the learning plan, possibly what Keto does to folks, and anything useful I could provide for the entire learning journey.

Mayhem should have had a shift today, but he's down with some kind of Lurgi [GOD

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So Sideways...

Harvesting and feeding the sourdough takes me some time, and I really should be blogging about it all. The problem was where to put it. Instagram has turned into phone-only nonsense and putting a recipe up there is not my best way to waste time.

I briefly entertained using somewhere like Squarespace, but I think they cost money.

However, I also have an alternate Steemit account [which reveals more about me than I want known here] so the entire sourdough experiment will

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