Dear Diary

A 2504-post collection

Tuesday, Vet Visit, Patreon

Today, Jolie is getting some of her shots. Vaccinate every living creature you love, my dear readers. That includes yourself.

Also today, I am sharing some of my literary output with my dear readers over in Patreon. I aim to be working on the tags and dungeon and so forth, today. I might even get an album or two sorted.

Beloved has been out all night on the big project, and will be coming home later to catch up on her sleep.

I might not get to the audio portion of my pln's. Oh well.

At least I have a lot of output to share. A Devil's Tale is going to hit 130 chapters today so... yeah.

I might even attempt to lure high-ticket Patrons in by promising them access to the finished chapters as they go live, and the first to sign up to my higher tiers gets access to the live documents as they are written. IDK if it's a great idea, but there are people who livestream their sleep and let people wake them up so...

You can earn money with anything these days, so long as you let just about anyone rule your life.

OFC if I tried it, it would go nowhere and get me nothing.

Long Monday, Few PLNs

It's long Monday, and I woke up at 6PM yesterday. Fun times ahead.

I shall attempt putting my sleep alarm an hour further on and see how I go.

That's next week though.

Post-walkathon, there's two things my legs don't like: getting up and walking the first twenty steps thereafter.

I hope it eases off as the week passes on.

The upcoming Saturday walkathon is going to be "interesting" all the same.

I'm hoping to make it to 4K, but I might

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Sunday, Tale Foundry and Game Night

Tale Foundry will be live soon, which means I have a chance to do my favourite thing - work on a story for the prompt before the prompt is officially announced.

And there's Game Night tonight, which means I have an early sleep planned in the afternoon.

Looks like the game stream will be Minecraft. It might not. Time, as always, will tell.

Adding to my frustrations with TaleSpire is the fact that NOW they add in water blocks. So now one

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Saturday & schedule change

At a later hour this morning, my love and I will be out walking on a Park Run. It's a thing. I need sunshine. I need exercise. I need to get out of the house in spite of the rising risk of plague.

You will take my face mask out of my cold, dead hands.

I also need to be social with people since I have effectively ghosted all of my old friends from high school. Find new friends. That sort of

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Friday, Unfuckening and Preparations

It's Friday, so I have some household unfuckening to do. I have cancelled tomorrow morning's stream because my love and I are going walking for our health. The stream will be happening somewhere after I get back home and possibly have a shower.

I'm getting the hang of DungeonDraft. Yay. It's a lot faster than TaleSpire and I'm feeling better about getting things ready for D&D sessions sooner.

Next, I learn how to handle OwlBear Rodeo. That's for the mobs.

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Thursday, A Slight Change

I am now building dungeons in DungeonDraft. Which is mouse drawing rather than manipulating nonsense around and cussing a lot. Theoretically, it will be an easier time for me, and I shall see where the RageQuit Boundary is.

AFTER I tag a week and find 250 more words for the 2K summary.

And maybe during my album sorting because multitasking is my life.

Music makes work go quicker.

And after Chaos returneth home, I should nap so I have some energy to

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Date PLNs

Beloved spent a miserable 48 hours at the workplace, or near enough to it. Certainly a significant portion thereof. Her plans today include getting to work early and thereafter leaving early so we can have a lazy night in.

I will read to her and she will have a well-earned laze about and we shall feed each other treats.

We might even watch a television or two.

I can feel a rant coming on regarding perception of people and body police. I

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Tuesday, Patreon and Further Progress

Today's Patreon day! Woo! More chapters to post, more chapters to filter, more chambers to dress, more fics to tag... and more chapters to write as well.


Also albums to sort, which will happen during the other nonsense of the diem.

I did not eat very much yesterday. ISTG I need a keeper. Or at minimum, someone to hand me good food at regular intervals.

I have this weird thing where I just don't know that I'm hungry. At all. My

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Sunday, Game Night Again

The game with the more local maniacs happened between eight and midnight last night, so I am even more worn-out bean than I should be.

So I shall publish this and then catch up on some sleeps before the story goes out.

Mum's got the ball rolling with a new floor, and set up a contingency plan because mortality is a thing. Yay I guess.

I have a story done, it just won't be posted for a while, and Beloved wants to

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Saturday, Game Night

We need more kitty fodder. We may also have to pick up kitty litter as well. I like having supplies in store in case of Yet Another Apocalypse. And we're due for a few.

La Nina is overdue to block all the roads with more floods. We have yet another outbreak of the Plague left in the "meh" zone of the news. Ongoing international horseshit is threatening the availability of literally everything and the only thing stopping me from getting a bunker

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Friday, Unfuckening and Weekend PLNs

Today's the day of catio cleaning, starter feeding, and perhaps some extra home unfucking on the side.

Mum's got the go-ahead to fix her house, and that means my weekend is potentially booked to help her with her stuff.

Fun times ahead. Whee.

Until bulletins to the contrary, I shall carry on with the routine as previously outlined. Fingers crossed, but if Game Night doesn't happen, you know why.

I panicked and forgot it was Friday, today. Rushed to prepare for the

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Thursday, Spinning Plates

I have to stop wanting to do more things. In the space of an early wakening, I almost volunteered myself for: doing audiobooks, making animations, creating some variety of serial entertainment for YouTube, and maybe being involved with the filming of A Devil's Tale.

Fortunately, Beloved is 90% of my self-restraint.

I kept to reading her some chapters and leaving it there.

I must focus on finishing some projects before beginning others. Making more work to do is just going to make

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Wednesday, Wordpress, Dates, and Other Shenanigans

Today, I might have an opinion on Wordpress. I might not. I don't really know. Possibly about the past being another country. OR it might be another installment of A Devil's Tale the fanficcy variant.

Depends how bloody tired I am by the time I get that shit together.

Gotta tag a week, gotta add 250 words to the 2K summary so I could get at least halfway through that word limit. Gotta set dress two more chambers, gotta clean and sort

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Tuesday, Patreon and Vet Visit

Jolie is headed back to the vet's today, to see how she's healing up post-surgery. She should soon be back on the kibbles.

Soon to be supplanted with very different (expensive?) kibbles that are better for her teeth. Not looking forward to finding those, to be honest.

But I also want to be a good cat parental, so I gotta do the thing.

I also have Patreon posts to create, a Tale Foundry entry to concoct, and all the other things I

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