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Thursday, Bread Prep and PLNs

I will likely be up until past 10PM today. Most of that is because juggling dough and proofing my chia sourdough.

I'll be seeing how well the new scales go tomorrow.

I know from testing that one of them displays a weight up to two grams above the other. But at least they're consistent. I can manage once I figure out where the finessing lies.

It's honestly better than having a different weight every time I put the same thing on the scales. I already went off about this on my rantosphere.


I shall get on with my offerings, and record a chapter of Adapting for Adorable.

Tonight, my Beloved should arrive for extended snuggle time and tech support. I may even be working on the full transfer to Linux instead of Windoze.

Time will tell.

But for now... I go to tell a story.

Wednesday, Rant Incoming, Psych Day, and Sundry

I got myself a very crammed day, today. The daily offerings, the weekly rant, a telehealth psych appointment, and at least one side project to work on.


The telehealth's due in less than an hour, my Smashwords account is migrating to Draft2Digital, and I do not have enough hours in the day to deal with all the stuff I have queueing up for my conscious hours.

I don't know whether it's depression or old age that's eating my days with sleep.

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Tuesday, Very Good Sleep

My love and I briefly woke in the usual early morning. I got my stretchies in, but then my Beloved started snoring, and I decided to just rest my eyes for a minute.

It's now almost 10:30 AM and I still haven't tormented my feet, fed the cats, nor got going on my daily offerings.

We're also planning to wander off for lunch at some point.

Expect my offerings later this evening. If they don't happen to happen, then there'll be

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Monday, No Backups and Shenanigans

The backup reads are not happening this week, so I want to go out shopping for essential things. Including my new specs. I'll be getting those first.

But before that, I have to finish my stretchies and torment my falling arches. And feed the cats in the process. The most important thing I do every day. Just ask the cats.

I remember thinking once that I had some economic freedom at long last. That I could just go and get whatever I

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Sunday, Stream Shenanigans and Budget Cycles

The cats are going to need food. And kitty litter. The household is going to need a few things by this Tuesday. I have the money for that, so all is allegedly fine.

I also have the money to get my new glasses.

All I need is the time and the energy to get all those ducks in a row. Not happening today. Not happening tomorrow.

I might be able to get to that on Tuesday. Fingers crossed.

Today, we already had

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Challenge #04164-K146: A Very Simple Lesson

B'Nari medic learns the secret of how some sea creatures eternally renew their genetic telomeres without any harm to themselves. And begin to splice this coding into new bodies which now stop aging after becoming adults because the telomeres never degrade. -- The New Guy

[AN: Pretty sure the B'Nari would be looking into that before they hared off with their gengineering colony]

Immortality can be either a blessing or a curse. It all depends on how the immortal views it. It

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Saturday, Tummy Bug and Catching Up

Props to the poor sods who were literally working through the night to restore the NBN to my particular nook of Australia. Apparently, all of Caboolture was incommunicado for a good portion of yesterday.

When I went to bed at 10PM, there was a notice that boiled down to "We're doing our best, further bulletins as news warrants."

This morning, there was a notice to reboot your routers if you were still disconnected.

Champions, the lot of them.

I can't do parkrun

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Friday, Internet Fail

The LAN is broken and our best efforts to fix it in-house have failed. Dang.

Currently, I have no idea when it's going to be fixed. If it's going to be fixed.

Add to that a tummy bug gifted unto me by Mayhem and things are not looking bright for this nerd. I have remedies to hand and hope in my heart, but... I might be sleeping off a lot in the very near future.

I'll be making my offerings, securing a

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Tuesday, PLNs in Motion

I have a couple of Leyland's Tours in the barrel. Today, after I finish my daily doses, I take off and get shopping done.

I also have to ring the people who service our sullage system and let them know that they can actually reach the machine.

Making phone calls. My kryptonite.

Still, I braved up and did it. Yay me.

Tomorrow, I am taking Mayhem with me to help MeMum with assorted shenanigans that also involve heavy lifting. Huzzah. Part of

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Monday, Backup Reads and Shenanigans

I need space on my compy, so part of today's mission is getting rid of stuff I no longer need on Windoze and hoping for the best. Bit by little bit.

...and then seeing if that works.

Fingers crossed.

I'll get on with my offerings and stream before messing around.

And hope I don't have another fatal freeze like the one I had last night. My entire set-up froze to the point where even the on/off switch didn't work.

...that made

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Sunday, We've Experienced Technical Difficulties

We had some admin issues that's resulted in me effectively twiddling my thumbs all firkin day, waiting for my Beloved to fix the issue.

I used to have instructions to make it go. Instructions that worked.

They don't work any more.

Either things have changed or the interface instructions need to change according to the OS. OR I just need to wait until Beloved deigns to glance at my messages.

This time it took half a day. I have waited days on

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Saturday, Parkrun and Compy Repair

Miss Chaos has her PC back! It was just the power supply that went boom. With a new one installed, Chaos is back to her usual shenanigans with gaming and youtube and more gaming.

I'm about to dive into my offerings and otherwise prep for the VTTRPG that's on early-early tomorrow morning.

I did get some good sleep so that I was able to wake up before the alarm this morning. I might be able to do it again tonight.

I'm already

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Friday, Fuckups and Folderol

We accidentally broke Miss Chaos' computer. A simple birthday gift of extra storage space resulted in the thing catching fire.

We think it's only the Power Supply Unit, but Beloved it taking it away to be certain that it's all in perfect working order before it's back on Chaos' desk.

The rest of her gifts - a game from her brother and some Steam Gift Cards from the fam - are currently moot. Fingers crossed, it is just the Power Supply Unit,

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Thursday, Nebulous PLNs

I'm monitoring my food again. Mostly because I'm worried that I'm not eating right. Pretty certain the QPP will have my back and helpful hints as to how to improve.

Looking after myself is difficult. I have limited hours and so much to do. Getting up late and staying up later, then getting up even later.... It's a vicious cycle. Almost as bad as irrevocably waking up at fuckoff in the morning.

At least with the latter, it feels like I have

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Wednesday, Rant Day and Running Around

I have two... "interesting" loaves of bread on the rack, today. After the shenanigans, I shall wrap them up in paper and pop them in the fridge.

I have just enough bread for today. Tomorrow, I can open a loaf and wrap the both of them in plastic.

Loaf tax:

[Shown here: Two photographs of homebaked bread, each loaf is made of two sections. Each loaf has split along the side, instead of splitting along the scores made in the top. The

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