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Exam schedules have Mayhem going into school closer to the afternoon than the morning. I'd better not get a text from the office about this.

...I'm probably going to get a text from the office about this.

Still, there is today's exam, then two more on Monday and Tuesday next week, then he has allegedly the other three days to slack offski. Supposedly.

I'm trying to cram my work into those interesting time windows, but I have my doubts about my ability to accomplish. I'm trying.

...very trying.

Early Start

So I went to sleep early because I must have worn my brain out, yesterday. After all, I did all the Patreon stuff, the Instant Story, my Wordpress Wednesday, and the five hundred words. I had just enough juice to watch some Critical Role and write a few lines of fanfic before I just wore out.

As a direct result, I had enough sleep at 2:30 AM. Fun. After half an hour of convincing myself to actually get up (COLD!) I

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We're back!

Once again, the internet outage was just long enough to be homicidally annoying. I usually give the nice peeps in charge of our interwebs until the next day to get the digits out of their orifii, and it actually works.

Plus, let's face it, I was busy as hell during most of yesterday.

Mayhem is back to school and so is Chaos, so I might just have a time window in which to record some stories and maybe edit some Inter-Mission for

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Welp... Today Sucks Already

So. Mayhem sick at home. Me due to see my shrink. A plausible time window in which I could record and edit Inter-Mission but there's the whole issue about the interwebs being down. Again.

Just what I needed. Another absolute pain in the butt. Thanks. Fresh-made and ready for the anguish.

I'll get things sorted somehow, even if it is a pain in the butt. For instance - using my phone as a Wifi spot gets this message to you, my dear

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One More Monday

Chaos is back to school today, and she has a SUPER short haircut because my girl believes in doing her own hairdressing -_-

She chopped the back of her head practically bald with a pair of scissors so we had to give her an undercut. Why? She was feeling too hot.

After she's off to school, I have to go run and get moneys for this week. Then it's the continuing chaos of the impending summer weather plus unfucking the house.

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Tick Tock?

It's a quarter past eight.

Mayhem has a quack's appointment at twenty past nine. In order to get him there, I have to be dressed and ready to leave at five past. In order to get dressed etc, I should move to do that at about ten to nine.

This leaves me plausibly three quarters of an hour to attempt to write today's Instant.

Probably not going to happen.

But I can certainly try.

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It wasn't as late as it could have been, but it still ran me a teeny bit ragged. I hope not ragged to the point where I fall over with this damned ekka flu.

Chaos brought it home. Mayhem caught it. I'm... in close vicinity to both these darling little vectors of mine.... Getting run down is a guarantee for catching Lurgi.

I owe y'all a story, too. But if I need to take a week off from the novel so I

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We have another game night tonight and I am excited to try some SOLID GOLD BULLSHIT that I've made up for this event. Basically, our crew is stuck without a clue and desperate to find the Macguffin that don't want to be found, so I'm'a try some Divine Inspiration to see if the DM is going to hand us a bone.

I have a whole ritual plotted out including a partial filk of this thing because serious bits should always be peppered

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Thursday Again?

At least this time I had enough shit together to get the bins out before the early arrival of the rubbish peeps. Huzzah.

Everything else may literally fall apart but I have that handled. I've GOT this, and my knees are already grateful.

I've done things. I have things to do, and I might just have a handle on them. I got the Instant to get out there, and five hundred to one thousand words in KOSBOB to write... and that's it.

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Okay! We're back!

Steemit is back on track and the past two days' stories are up there and earning me fractions of coin. Huzzah.

I've decided to not mess with the distributions on other platforms. People can follow the trace if they so whist. People who care will find out about the Steemit shenanigans. People who don't will show me that some people actually read my old stuff.

I just assume nobody cares since my responses are generally that of a howling vacuum.

Speaking of

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So Steemit is down. For now. Which means I can't earn fractions of a cent per diem that I post. I honestly thought this nonsense would last less than a day. Now I'm stuck with a story in limbo and little in the way of a PLN in order to line up what happens next.

Those of you who know me from my days as and XME fanwriter will know that I have ALWAYS had problems with what happens next.

My kids

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Not Getting the Hang of Thursdays

So the recycling collectors were hellishly early today. Causing me to have to do an urgent bin-run twice because I couldn't recall which week was recycling week.

My knees hate me now BTW.

I am more distracted than a kitten in a discotheque, this morrow and things are going S-L-O-W-L-Y as a direct result. With Mayhem sick at home with yet another Lurgi, it's looking like a lovely day to just... give up on doing anything productive.

But I'm not going to

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Monday Again?

My week is off to a fantastic start with Chaos being the one with the Lurgi and Mayhem due back to school. Since he's officially an adult, I won't get on his case until it's about time to leave...

Which makes literally everything else that should be routine today a complication.


On the other hand, there may be time to gather me some Halo Tops because my stash is officially empty.

Also, I binged the entirety of The Dark Crystal: Age

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This Time For Sure

Beloved is home today and currently out getting bolts so we can make the bottom junction box into a permanent installation. Ain't nothing shy of a sledgehammer breaking this thing.

Anyone wanting to use my carefully-constructed kitty kondo as a chook pen or whatever is going to have to firkin work for it.

Anyway. I should probably work on the story before my love returns with the bolts.

Story is most likely to happen after we fix the dang cat cage.

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Nothing to do...

Spring Carnival - aka Melbourne Cup Season - is upon us, so my Beloved is spending some extra time in the office. Which means I won't see them for extended passages of time. This is the time of year when EVERYONE is at the betting emporium to have a flutter on the ponies, so it's the busiest time of year for my love, making certain the servers are serving all the needs and anticipating the flood of incoming bets on the Big

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