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GAME NIGHT! Woot Woot!

After a month of deprivation, we're back in the game :D I'm stoked. The ur-game of D&D is back on for sure.

Every player, consciously or no, plays "break the DM" because making your DM laugh is such fun. Likewise, making them say, "What the fuck?" or calling on their deities in any tone of voice.

I actually do want to make our DM a third-eye hat. I just have to find the mats and then twiddle about with them until it's made :D And yes, I will probably be documenting that.

Also in the PLN today is a trip to get poked in the arm with a sharp stick, as I am well in the risk zone for this years' killer flu strain. This alongside a trip to the shops for D&D supplies and The Quest For Stickers.

A little background for Non-Australians. Every now and again, the two major grocery chains re-run a "charitable" scam called Earn and Learn. You shop there, they give you stickers according to the value of the shit you purchased. You pass these stickers along to the school of your choice, and the grocery chain gives that school money according to how many stickers they gather.

They profit, schools get stuff, it's win-win and the assembled families of the school kids get a warm glow as they buy their veggies. It's fun.

To be certain I'm getting everything done today [already accomplished my Novel work, yay], I shall be content creating on my lappy as I wander hither and thither and even yon.

Wish me luck, y'all.

Chaos Birthday!

On this day, fourteen years ago, a tiny new Human was surgically extracted from another Human and began a very interesting life. On this day, a pair of very bright eyes began assessing the world for chaos potential.

My little girl is fourteen, and we're having a feast day. I've already binged on chocolate :D I also sent her along with little chocolate cupcakes. We will be shopping for a birthday cake after she gets back from school, and going for a

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I recorded another story this morning, just in case the five I have are too short for episode three. I started putting ep three together and I should have that in the can by tomorrow afternoon.

What did not happen was the 1K words I had pln'd. It was a very busy day. I got a lot of the stuff on my shopping list [forgot Chaos' cupcakes] but I didn't have a lot of energy for writing after that.

Did get all

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Round and round I go

Mayhem's back to school after battling off the Lurgi. I need to gather supplies. There's also Patreon Day(tm) in which y'all get to catch up on my shenanigans. Then there's the Instant, the Flash Fanfic, and the (planned) 1K words towards my final goal of a finished novel.

I'm a busy nugget today.

So things might be late. Things might be forgotten. Things might end up dropping off the priority list. I'm trying my best, and my best is all I

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Yet Another Monday

Yet another week of kidwrangling. Yet another 3K words towards the end of my novel. Yet another week of writing stories with the hope of gaining Notice from someone influential enough to get me on the lists of the worthy.

It was a long-arse day, yesterday. Today promises to be longer because I am still exhausted.

I did wake up at 3AM again, but... I didn't go record anything because tired. I need more rest.

In diet news, I'm trying a Stevia/

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Busiest Day

A very comforting Primary Parental's Day to all those who do all the worrying, cleaning, running errands, and wearing themselves to a frazzle in order to drag the next generation (kicking and screaming optional) into the current era.

Today, the family is heading straight to Scenic Coominya to do some reno stuff for Capt S. Some time after we do the election stuff. I suspect I'll be dragged along for the "fun".

All the better to maybe do some ficcing with, I

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Stuff, Nonsense, and a Busy Weekend

We're on a mission... to get more orange bags and trade in the ones we've already filled with recycling.

I also aim to get my hands on some Xylitol, MCT, and some other stuff for my general health. If I can, I'm getting my mitts on some mats so we can at least start some work on the Homemade Kitty Condo(tm).

...I might document some of that for my Patrons. I might document some of that here. I dunno yet. I'll

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I Got This... I Think

So. Friday. Cleaning day because broken week. One thousand words for the novel due. Also the usual palaver with the Instant and the Flash Fanfiction.

This weekend is when Mother's Day is happening, so I gotta remember to at minimum call MeMum. I know Beloved and KIABIL are headed down to Capt S's to do some minor tasks and a dinner out.

I never know what I'm doing from one day to the next. The best I have is my patterns and

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I fucked up (again)

I forgot to write Wordpress Wednesday. Basically, I ran out of oomph to write anything and farted off my evening by absorbing relax time.

Sorry about that.

Most of my daily energy was absorbed in fetching an interwebs order from the post box. I got an extra one for free, and the Post Office in its infinite wisdom, decided to put both of these parcels in separate boxes, and notify me in separate texts. yeah, I had to go back for

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I just finished episode 2 of Inter-Mission and my next battle is recording the next set of stories for the masses.

Somewhere out there is a hyper-specific gremlin who will appreciate what I'm doing here. I hope they have lots of gremlin friends.

Speaking as a self-confessed hyper-specific gremlin - I feel you, pal. Been there, done that, been scoffed at by the "normals"... 'druther be a gremlin.

Anyway... This week spurs a four-week journey in which I detail my personal experiences

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One More Day

So I read this morning that killer humidity is going to be a thing. Like, air so hot and thick with water that people are going to die.

Billionaires who found enough funds to re-roof Notre Dame could easily initiate moves that would turn this shit around. They won't, because that will hit their precious profit margin.

They won't do anything until the deaths mount into the thousands. They will keep denying in the name of profit until denial becomes unprofitable. After

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Another broken week

Today is a public holiday. This means that it's a gamble as to whether anywhere at all is open for business.

The goal for my novel this week is 114K, which means at the end of the week, there will be two left until I reach the end. I am definitely taking a week to myself before I start the serious work of an actual planned trilogy.


Each book has to be a complete story, but not quite complete. They also

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Resuming Production

Turns out, I will literally do anything to avoid attempting to finish up SESP. This includes starting up work on the next episode of Inter-Mission and uploading some more episodes of Oh My Mods.

One day, I gotta make myself finish that thing. If only for the sisu of it.

I am making more eps of everything, though. It's looking like some good streamlining definitely helps with the process of creating Inter-Mission. I'm up to the first musical interlude already. And I

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One in the Can

I finished up the sound profiles for the very first episode of Inter-Mission. Huzzah. I also recorded five more stories for the next episode.

If I keep up with the average of five stories per episode, with two musical interludes, Mayhem and I are going to have to write some more musics.

Premier album, here we come.

Probably two or more, the way we're going.

Today... my agenda is way more relaxed. I got three more weeks of writing B'Nar before I

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I have an almost-half-hour episode in the bag and I am now adding a musical score of sorts to underlay the story. Making lazy loops is... interesting. I usually don't do more than three instruments because it'll be at a low volume to overwhelm any hiss, but not the actual words of the podcast.

It's turning out good. I have a drama track, a romance track, and a suspense track, and that should be all I need until I get to the

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