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Challenge #01938-E114: Shark Generosity

Temptation comes in many forms, 30% off for one. -- Knitnan

Sale season was something Shayde was used to happening during the new financial year. Something that this new age didn't have. What they had, instead, was tax season. Which lead to the tax season charity sales. Excess stock that the companies could no longer afford to store, was to be sold at a discount to those who could otherwise not afford it.

Shayde, who could afford anything she liked now-a-days, still cruised the shopfronts sprawled through the commercial sector of the Elemeno. Econo-tourism, she called it. And it was, as far as Rael could ascertain, an excuse for her to practice anti-pickpocketing.

Dip-pocketing, her latest invention from Human Insanity, was the practice of adding money to someone's wallet or holdings without them noticing. Spare change dropped in the purse. And artfully-crumpled note inserted in the back pocket, that sort of thing. Always just enough for some otherwise-impoverished soul to be able to afford something nice that they could not otherwise afford. Even when it was on sale.

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Hocus Pocus

I need to focus.

Once again, my scattershot brain is not staying on task. It wants to do all the fun things, like reading fanfic, writing fanfic, and tooling around on Tumblr for more Shiny Elf Pics.


There's the post-Erastide cleanup to do, and I gotta do a bank run before time gets away from me. Again.

Today for realsies, I am doing the Beta Prep for Rael and when it's done, I shall put out a General Call. Desperately Seeking

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But I don' _wanna_...

We need...

We need a decent dinner. We need cream because we're running out. We need snackables for the kids' lunchboxes. We need to find a local source of good eggs that won't break the bank because trundling to North Lakes every third day to get them is going to drain my budget faster than anything else.

Economically, I long for the days when we could just pop on over to the Golden Circle factory outlet and just get boxes of whatever

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Now I can fill you in

First - I didn't get into the garage, yesterday. Second, I had a SNAFU with the funds.

As not precisely detailed, previously, the money didn't quite come into the bank on time. I believe it made it later on in the night. I had plans to get some boxes to organise the garage contents. And no money.

Fortunately, some investigating revealed the carer's allowance landed in my other bank account and I had plenty enough to get that and have grocery money

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Not stopping

I'm just about run off my bum, today.

I have a corner to unfuck, which I will be doing on the 20-10 plan with a side order of Keep-Pass-Toss. Both of these are very useful unfucking strategies which I will explain below.


Basically, you sort your one pile of crap into three smaller piles:

  1. Keep for whatever reason
  2. Pass it along (donate somewhere or freecycle or ebay it)
  3. Toss it out

Three smaller piles are easier to deal with than one

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Challenge #01475-D014: Signal Lost

"It matters not if you have stood with the great. What really makes a difference is if you have sat with the broken, walked with the lost, and loved the lonely." — Sheri Bessi Eckert -- Ariestess

"And what have you done?" asked the man in the yellow robes. He was Important. He would not be in this meet-up if he wasn't. The people demanded it, and he had to suffer it. For the good feelings of everyone who supported him. And for

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Payday! Huzzah!

Good news - we can finally has moneys by tonight. Bad news - it won't last long.

It never does, not really. And I'm getting pretty damn good at stretching my supplies to last through those last few squeeze days. I just wish that I never had to worry about finances from one week to the next.

Ah well. I shall lay in things so that my family at least have noms for the week that I'm gone. As well as preparing

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Freakin' Lurgi

The entire family - minus me and the the antisociallite Captain Useless - have been struck low with Lurgi this week.

Which, for me, means interrupted sleep, tired days, lots of coffee caramel mochachinos, and entire swathes of the Blah’s.

More ranting on the Blah’s after the cut.

There is nothing more draining than the Blah’s. Everything is just… blah. Even the thought of it turns you off.

Going out? Blah. Having a decent meal?

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Reasons why I'm bitching a lot about my dying Mac

Hubby pointed out to me that I talk about my dying mac a LOT. As in, almost every time I speak to him, a lot.

I didn’t mean to pressure him. I just really, really hate not having a mac.

And here’s a few reasons why:

1) All my stuff was on there. Well, almost all of it. I was still trying to figure out how to get all my photos off my iPhone and onto the mac[

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So it's been a tad of a rollercoaster, lately.

I got my PC running again after months of idleness, so now I can write my blog on that. Yay.

Alas, what I can no longer do is work on the adventure map until I learn/figure out a way to export a Mac saved game to a PC without the whole thing throwing a massive wobbler.

My PC is about eight years old since the last hardware upgrade. Which is about 80 in computer years. I refuse point blank to buy

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Due to Circumstances Beyond My Control...

I had to spend my “me money” on groceries.

You might not think this is such a big freakin’ deal. You’re entitled to your opinions. Hell, you’re entitled to tl;dr everything I write. Just like I’m entitled to write what I want, when I want.

And, right now, I want to vent some spleen.

I don’t spend a lot on myself for several reasons: 1) I’m hella fussy.

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Dear 53%

I understand your right to stand up for what you believe in. I’m all for it.

However, I believe you are labouring under some false ideas masquerading as good intentions.

If you believe that an individual has the right to freedom of speech…

If you believe that an individual has the right to peacefully assemble when they believe things are going wrong…

If you believe that an individual has the right to find work where they want to

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Dollar Shop Economic Theory

I’ve had this one baking on the back burner for quite some time. And since I have nothing else in my head but brewing brony tales, I figured I’d best get this out of my head to make some room.

The Dollar Shop is a phenomenon out my way, where you can walk into a shop and get an item [or a number of items] for a dollar a piece. Some cost more than a dollar. Many cost

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