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So it's been a tad of a rollercoaster, lately.

I got my PC running again after months of idleness, so now I can write my blog on that. Yay.

Alas, what I can no longer do is work on the adventure map until I learn/figure out a way to export a Mac saved game to a PC without the whole thing throwing a massive wobbler.

My PC is about eight years old since the last hardware upgrade. Which is about 80 in computer years. I refuse point blank to buy the latest and most expensive version of the Windoze virus because it’s buggier than a backyard barbie.

That, and I’d have to find/download/re-install all the software I’ve acquired over the years.

Face it, I’ve just got this system to the point where I only have to reboot it every other hour just to make it go. I’m not about to “upgrade” to a shittier system that BSOD’s as soon as I cough or look at it funny.

Anyway. My old mac - a second-hand laptop - is now resting in the quantum uncertainty state between completely fucked and just barely viable enough to spit out the burned DVD backup disk I left in there before it dies for good.

I need about 2k to get a new mac of any warrant. 5-6k if I want the uber-impressive mac tower. And given my history of burning out macs, I think I’ll go with the 2k monitor version rather than the 6k tower. [Those numeral amounts are dollars. The four key on this keyboard doesn’t work. Sigh.]

Thanks to the hound, the car, the kids, the holidays, and the upcoming trip to Thailand… we’re skint. Broke. Without significant monetary resources.

I need income.

My skills are limited - wordsmithery, some artistic merit, and the ability to spot most tropes at a standing start. My health and stamina are not that great [spur in my left heel, possible arthritic buildup in my knees rheumatism in my wrists, asthma and a wonky back] and I can drive a car if I’ve had a coffee because I also have stress-related sleep issues. Whee fun.

What jobs are out there for a nerd who regularly breaks technology in the course of everyday use? What jobs are there for a writer who also needs to be available to pick up the kids? What can I possibly do after being out of the workforce for twelve-so years and out of the technology loop for over a decade?

I can’t afford to go back to school. I’ve had incredibly bad luck with teaching myself. About all I can do reliably is write and draw. And periodically mock things.

Please help. What work is out there for me?