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I'm lernding!

That was one of the more amusing cries of Ralph Wiggum, famous example of a kid who's fallen through the numerous cracks in the US education system.

I kind'a feel for Ralph whenever I try to cram new things to learn into my fluffy noggin. Especially things that I thought would be easy like:

Creating a podcast using GarageBand to merge and edit and mess with assorted completed sound files.

Yeah. Turns out that that's not a thing you can do.

Current googling has me at "You can use QuickTime to edit music together" and in trying to follow the instructions... no I can't. So now I'm looking for something cheap that I can mix music with on a "Granny can do it" level of technical expertise.

I have some raw sound, and I really need to get that into a better format. Fortunately, the hiss I complained about on the PC doesn't seem to have translated to the Mac, so I might be safe. Either way, I still want to edit in some background music and atmospheric stuff because it just feels more pro that way.

Fortunately things exist to help with that and Google is my best friend. Hopefully, the learning curve for Audacity isn't too steep and, if I can fly it on an intuitive level, I shall give them what little I have to spare.

All hail free software, it has saved many an arse.

I have procrastinated enough, since it's seven and I've been awake since three. I shall now get a wriggle on with today's tale.

...after I take my meds because I need those to brain, apparently.

So it's been a tad of a rollercoaster, lately.

I got my PC running again after months of idleness, so now I can write my blog on that. Yay.

Alas, what I can no longer do is work on the adventure map until I learn/figure out a way to export a Mac saved game to a PC without the whole thing throwing a massive wobbler.

My PC is about eight years old since the last hardware upgrade. Which is about 80 in computer years. I refuse point blank to buy

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