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America is going to eat itself

…and possibly take most of the world with it.

Just because I haven’t been contributing to the OWS threads, lately, doesn’t mean I haven’t been keeping track of things.

One thing I’ve learned from the patterns of history is this: If a nation does not stop itself from an impending fall, it will plummet all the way to the bottom and then some. Especially if it’s been warned by everybody and their kid brother’s dog.

The POTUS is clearly not in charge. He has to bow to the will and whim of his owners.

So does the senate, and every other elected official out there.

The corpratocracy will keep abusing the system, keep wringing every last groat out of the monetary system until all that is left to consume is itself. They’ve already started in some areas.

The tipping point will come when the corporations will no longer support the expenses of their guardian arm (the police) - and dispose of it. They will either insist on an army forced to go in against family and friends… or bring in foreign mercenaries.

At which point, the police the corpratocracy trained will join against a common foe to oust, rout and destroy the corpratocracy and all the individuals therein. Including innocent folks who were too afraid to speak up for fear of losing their jobs. That’s you, currently vocal 53%. Pay attention.

It’s all going to get nasty, and bloody. And bloody nasty.

I know the corporations don’t give a shit. That’s their problem.

I also know that the people are currently divided on the issue. Not for very much longer.

The police and the armed forces are one bouncing paycheque away from lining up their former executives against the wall. Or burning mansions. Or lynching rich people just because they are rich.

Gated communities will be put under siege.

Washington, New York and Beverly Hills are going to burn.

This state of madness must be stopped before it starts.

[Penned on the 25th Jan]

So I thought about illustrating things to folks...

Y'know, with paperclips, since I have so darn many of them. One box of paperclips would represent percentages of the population and the other box would represent percentages of wealth.

Everyone’s pretty divided. The 99%, the 53%, the 1%. I’m not quite sure how I’m going to divide this up.

1% I know has 45% of the wealth.

9% also has 45% of the wealth.

The remaining 10% is divided somewhere between the 53% who are

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Dear 53%

I understand your right to stand up for what you believe in. I’m all for it.

However, I believe you are labouring under some false ideas masquerading as good intentions.

If you believe that an individual has the right to freedom of speech…

If you believe that an individual has the right to peacefully assemble when they believe things are going wrong…

If you believe that an individual has the right to find work where they want to

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