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Challenge #03493-I205: Covert Operations

The CRC rewards handsomely for those that rescue Dereggers from their polities, but what of those who do not wish to leave their home planets because they are trying to help, from the inside, make things better? Does the CRC reward if they are kidnapped and taken as a "rescue" against their will, or are they allowed to go home to continue their work? -- The New Guy

Consent is essential when rescuing Dereggers. Forcing people to go where they do not want to be is what the Deregger Overlords do. We are citizens of the Alliance, and therefore ask first. It solves so many problems before it starts.

Take the case of Freedom Denni. Yeah, I know hir. I almost took hir out of hir good work that one time. Consent, my fellow cogniscents. Consent.

You might think you're doing a good thing, but not until you get a You idiot letter from the CRC. Further, those unwilling expats will move mountains to flee back to their beloved home and the flakking Dereggers just never shut up about it.

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Challenge #03492-I204: Covert Patriotism

The CRC keeps trying to reward them for going around rescuing Dereggers and going from station to station to help clean and repair things and getting the stations back on track. They only accept enough to keep their ship in good repair and have supplies. The rest? Well, there are now a couple of charities set up to help those in need. -- Fighting Fit

Picture in your mind a general transit made for just about any work within civilised space. The

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Challenge #03459-I171: This Way Out

On their world....

Good Girls Don't Speak

Good Girls Don't Read

Good Girls Don't Think

Good Girls Clean

Good Girls Cook

Good Girls OBEY...

It's a good thing the transport ship is taking them away... from their world. -- Lessons

Good Girls don't pick up flyers in the exercise yard, but one had stuck to Charissa's foot, so it didn't count. Good Girl's don't read, but this glossy page had no words to read. It had pictures, and arrows, and told a

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Challenge #03450-I162: No Dessert 'Til You're Just

The CEO drifts in space in a luxury - filled lifepod, with multiple lifepods filled with the survivors from his fleet linked in a circle around his own. The AI was safe in its own contained cube floating nearby. They were NOT happy with the CEO over this incident. Heh, and their recriminations were nothing compared to what the CRC had to say to him when they rescued everyone. -- DaniAndShali

The AI known as Target

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Challenge #03421-I133: Sharing? Inconceivable!

Several CEO's, disgusted on how disastrous many of the Deregger worlds have become secretly get together to start changing their own empires, making a tidy profit while doing so. First stop? Dedicating a couple of worlds to preserve and protect endangered species, not for hunting, or as pets, but to help restore nature's beauty. -- Anon Guest

"But... why? It's a planet full of resources. We should be exploiting it. Especially the live ones." Saxon clearly wasn't getting the program.

Maverick tried

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Challenge #03420-I132: Of Course it's Healthy

The world was dead, badly irradiated, it would be a long time for it to heal. The few survivors were in emergency hospital facilities, and the CEO's, now former CEO's, of this badly sickened world, were imprisoned, but also having to take treatment due to pretty severe radiation poisoning. -- Anon Guest

"You can't do this to me, I know my rights," CEO Martlebury Fauntleroy Jenkyns tried to struggle against the Mediks. "This so-called treatment is making me worse! Radiation sickness is

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Challenge #03402-I114: One to Grow On

The being is trying to be the most evil SoB in the entire Deregger polity. Problem is, they're so damn incompetent, they keep making things BETTER for their people, not worse! So how in the hell are they turning such huge profits?? -- Fighting Fit

Howlon Farmaul had inherited quite the region. Owning shareholder claim of a solar system within the Greater Pecuniary Empire of Fiduciary Expansion. Better known amongst those evil Alliance scum as Greater Deregulation Upper Northeast. The news filtered

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Challenge #03400-I112: Taking Them Out

They sold the Dereggers what they CLAIMED was a disintegration weapon. Shoot it at an enemy, the enemy vanished, often screaming in fear. In fact, they sold many. Imagine the people's shocked faces when they found they "reappeared" aboard one of many pods hidden in that system's massive asteroid belts, being taken, carefully, to safety. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I decided a long time ago that my Amalgam Universe did not have teleportation devices, so this is Amalgam Adjacent. One universe over,

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Challenge #03389-I101: Domino Choices

Havenworlders are planting dwarf fruit trees in pots so when the shipload of rescued humans - refugees from a Deregger polity currently in the middle of a civil war - arrives, can be given at least three plants per person. -- Anon Guest

They were hefty gifts for Havenworlders to carry, but even a weak Human could lift them with relative ease. The ship had said five hundred souls, so fifteen hundred pots now came with a very small tree. Free soil

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Challenge #03367-I079: Accomplished As Asked

They trick a CEO into signing over a planet that is extremely resource poor, about the same size as earth, and thanks to the CEO's hunting and fishing behaviors, almost completely devoid of wildlife. Once signed and delivered, the contract completely ironclad, they made sure of that, they immediately registered the planet under their name as an ALLIANCE planet, removing it from the Dereg empire altogether.

Then they got going renewing the wildlife and rebalancing the ecosystems. But this planet became a

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Challenge #03297-I009: Viral Integrity

A new virus is sweeping the Deregger empire! The deregger leadership is forcing people to wear masks, making, 'gasp', REGULATIONS to wear them! The leadership is running terrified, anyone found to be infected is immediately imprisoned. They even consider begging the CRC for help as it mutates each time a vaccine is found and will not combine with the immunoflu! The virus has a dangerous side effect. So dangerous it could rip their empire to SHREDS! CEO's and other leaders are locking

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Challenge #03291-I003: The Real Enemy

Their people were on the brink of rebellion. True they were insanely wealthy, they owned entire solar systems, but that means nothing when everyone, even their security, was ready to turn on them. To PROVE that all the people were given was good for them, and the health measures "worked", they decided to live for one month like the average citizen of their worlds. Within two weeks they were so sick they could barely move, wracked with pain, and no access to

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Challenge #03279-BONUS005: A Hard Lesson

The CRC allows the citizenry or a former Deregger colony to decide the fate of the CEO that had ruled over them with an iron fist. What punishment does he get? HE gets to be the one to shovel manure from the barns, haul it, and spread it on the fields all day. Though, at least, HE gets to get regular breaks, fresh water, and time to eat, and his quarters were softer than what he used to let them have. --

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Challenge #03275-BONUS001: Just Make it Go Away

Your ignorance is not as good as my scientific studies. You screaming that 'you're offended', is not a valid argument for this discussion. If you want to argue against these protocols, which are meant to protect yours and others' lives, have actual facts on your side. -- Anon Guest

They had asked for help against the endemic pandemic. Then they refused that help on moral, legal, and religious grounds. Deregger CEOs. They wanted all of the advantages and none of the work.

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Challenge #03268-H359: Unexpected Kindness

They had managed to turn their hobby into quite the lucrative business. Setting up in one of the busiest Alliance stations, their business, a confectionery shop specializing in homemade candies using recipes from Earth before the Shattering, was especially popular with families. And now, of course, was their favorite past time with all the extra Time they had after paying their bills, though they always made sure to set some aside in savings, shopping! It seemed like every day a new package

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