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Challenge #04180-K162: Innocent Mistake

A: Human, we found an abandoned mineshaft! (cracks flare)

B: Dumb question, what were they mining down there?

A: (pulls out data pad) umm records says... they were harvesting a resource called petroleum. Why?

B: No reason. Imma go fire up the ship... -- Anon Guest

[AN: This seems very erroneous. On multiple levels]

There are reasons why graveworlds are graveworlds, and many of them do not leave the infrastructure intact. Well. Intact except for a fine layer of carbon. Everything organic was long gone, but all of the buildings and machines were still in near-perfect condition.

And every city had a mineshaft.

They were able to decant the records into the main system, but translating from the local dialect took time. That was why Barb was extra skittish about investigating anything dark and deep. She held the flare given to her by Aude, but waited for more data.

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Challenge #04022-K004: One Person's Nightmare...

The world had been a toxic sludge pit. The CEOs were all dead now thanks to the pollution that had caused that disease outbreak. The populace was rescued by the CRC. Now, nearly 5 centuries later, inoculated against it, some return to rescue their former homeworld, with the CRC's aid and blessing. -- Fighting Fit

Most of the volatile components left on the world had broken down to less harmful ones. The world once named Rykodaan was, at least nominally, safe for

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Challenge #01678-D217: More Than You Need to Know

"Of course it's a work of Art. Nobody understands what it is. -- Anon Guest

It was large. It was made of an assortment of materials. It was in the centre of the room, and therefore important. And it moved in the breeze. Sails and counterbalances shaped and painted like planets swung about in orbits devised by, apparently, one of the few minds who could understand five-dimensional mathematics[1].

Alas, this was a Graveworld. The society these people had built had also

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