Challenge #04022-K004: One Person's Nightmare...

The world had been a toxic sludge pit. The CEOs were all dead now thanks to the pollution that had caused that disease outbreak. The populace was rescued by the CRC. Now, nearly 5 centuries later, inoculated against it, some return to rescue their former homeworld, with the CRC's aid and blessing. -- Fighting Fit

Most of the volatile components left on the world had broken down to less harmful ones. The world once named Rykodaan was, at least nominally, safe for rehabilitation. For five hundred years, the people who once lived here had been monitoring the world from the safety of a station in a lagrange point near the planet.

Finally, they could reclaim the world they had once been forced to leave.

Full livesuits, as well as other protections, engaged as the first crews went down. Their priority was to contain and neutralise the volatiles that still remained, as well as to set up a source of clean water for themselves and all the others in the area.

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