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Challenge #03203-H294: A Machine With Real Heart

They had an android body, they were an AI, and yet, we fell in love. Some in my family tell me they're just a machine despite the AI within and cannot feel real love. But, how do you define a machine? Can we truly be together? We love each other, this is so hard. -- Anon Guest

What is life? What is real? Does it even matter? My family thinks so. When I met P3T3R Five at Docks and Locks, it wasn't love at first sight. That's a tired old trope. What does happen is fascination at first sight. P3T3R is certainly fascinating.

Who could ever, ever ask for more? Love without complications galore...

The fictions always give them chrome faces. P3T3R has an LED display that, thanks to artistic blur, could show any emotion she wants. It even has lip sync. Her body isn't chrome, either. I mean, she does have a chrome body, but she only wears it on special occasions. The price of polish is a luxury.

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Challenge #03202-H293: Hey There Li'l Partner

A security officer aboard a space station has a nice, quiet, day with little going on, and happily entertains a human child who is well behaved and delights in being able to pretend they're "helping". At least until the parents show up, thank the officer for finding their child, who'd been a little scamp and had run off, and their shift ends without incident. -- Anon Guest

"Well hello there, Wandering Star," Security Officer Bytto had spotted the small Human in a

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Challenge #03201-H292: Therapeutic Tales

The Havenworlders who were saved when the scaffold fell decided to visit the Human that saved them. The medics realized having the Human sit alone in silence, while it did help the body heal, was damaging to a human's mind and caused them to become agitated. So the medics invited the visitors to come, to chat, and explained that it helped a human recover. The workers who had put up the scaffolding incorrectly, which lead to the accident, also visited, to apologize.

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Challenge #03200-H291: Between a Rock and...

The human had, somewhat grudgingly to start with, accepted a job from a havenworlder who read too much from the infonets and didn't always understand the gist of what was put there. The job sounded dangerous, so they prepared for the worst. The planetary survey, a small ship just big enough for the human and a very, very small crew, was likely the most boring one they'd ever been hired as guard duty for. It was like being paid to go on

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Challenge #03199-H290: An Honest Mistake

Dear General,

It is true that your soldiers may outnumber mine.

But the ocean runs deep.

I am certain that you will run out of men, before the ocean runs out of space. -- Anon Guest

It only looked like a Graveworld. There were all the signs. Ruined buildings in the midst of assorted plants run amok. Domesticated animals turned wild, creating an ecology of their own. There were even apocalypse journals left where they might survive until discovery.

More Graveworlds were

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Challenge #03198-H289: I Am Not Here, I Did Not Die

There are many stories of first contact, what about a last contact? When a species is so doomed that no technology could help them recover? -- Alex

We are the Elm, and we are dying. We have accepted this, and send this to you. By the time you translate this message, we will likely be gone. Do not mourn for us, as we have had enough of mourning.

No grand mistake has caused this end. We have merely reached the end of

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Challenge #03197-H288: Dietary Restrictions

A Human has a very sensitive digestive system due to the damage done from multiple illnesses before they escaped the Deregger world they'd come from. Now working aboard a Havenworlder ship, they found even many of the Havenworlders' foods too harsh for their digestion, and had to explain why the foods they made, while nutritionally balanced, were bland even to the Havenworlders. -- Anon Guest

Human Roi was a Rescue. The crew of the Pohkit Ansee knew this on an intellectual level,

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Challenge #03196-H287: Not Singing With Them

The humans were having ice cream sundaes, as much as they can eat, while their superiors reported to their allies about the battle, and their allies read the battle reports and all the horrors within. -- Fighting Fit

"All the little angels rise up, rise up. All the little angels rise up high," the Terran Space Marine Corps were singing over ice cream sundaes with all the lashings. There weren't as many of them singing as

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Challenge #03195-H286: Dished Out

They left no bodily mark on their torture subject, but the being was screaming for mercy within but an hour, maybe less. The chamber was pitch black, it was not warm, nor cold, the walls were so soft they could practically not be there, though they were strong to hold the subject in, and there was no gravity, so no pressure on the body. Total sensory deprivation. The subject was not even able to hear their own voice.

When cruel people want

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Challenge #03194-H285: Stumbling Blind

Poor Jay develops a crush on Lilicoon and asks if she would be ok to date her. -- Anon Guest

Uplifts were literally made to be attractive. It wasn't their fault. On planets and in polities where they weren't outlawed yet, a certain type could have an Uplift made to order. Some called them Anthros, some called them Beastfolk... but the important part to remember was that they were victims.

Jay and Lilicoon had that starting

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Challenge #03193-H284: To Hear Them Singing

A hearing impaired human, now with implants to allow her some ability to hear, but is also telepathic, has saved up to purchase a ship and start their own business. She ends up finding a ship for sale and, while touring it, hears a familiar 'voice'. She buys the ship on the stop and joyfully reunites with her old friend. -- Anon Guest

This is space, nobody can hear you scream without special equipment. There's not

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Challenge #03192-H283: A Bad Lucker's Best Friend

How do Deregulations keep popping up? Even in times when most galactic Cogniscients know that they are a generally bad idea.

The founding reason for this actually comes from Alliance law, what Terran lawyers call "quae non inhabitabantur planeta indici" or, for those that don't speak legalese, an uninhabited planet belongs to the discoverer.

In this instance though, it suited Phy just fine, an unclaimed planet in a quiet corner of space. Somewhere that ze and hir Biogen pet Porgy could live

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Challenge #03191-H282: This is Us, Us is Good.

"Human? I've been studying your world's history, as much as I safely can, why is it so many people seemed so happy to kill each other for a piece of colored cloth?" -- Anon Guest

Human Van thought, very briefly, about saying, Oh, it got worse than that. There had been those perfectly willing to indirectly murder the weaker of their own kind just so they could "live pure". There were those who were ready and eager to use an army's worth

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Challenge #03190-H281: The Classics

A human introduces their friends to 2001: A Space Odyssey and its sequel 2010: The year we make contact. -- Anon Guest

Humans love to share things. Food, games, experiences, and culturally significant milestones. One common way they do this is a phenomena known as Movie Night, where the Human in question shares entertainments from an astonishing store of media ranging from subtle to gross.

The CRC are still looking at how to handle Humanity's media made for their children. That stuff

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Challenge #03189-H280: Visual Aid

Sometimes, despite the CRC's best efforts, you have to be cruel to be kind. In this case, a person has been abusing themself and all therapies and medications are not helping much. So, instead, a non-sentient construct is made of the person so the person is forced to see, and hear, the pain inflicted as if to another person, and realize what it is they are doing, and find out WHY this is happening. -- Anon Guest

Humans are very strange. This

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