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Challenge #02994-H071: Survival's Edge

One of the squishier, timid alien species is marooned on a dangerous planet with their ship’s human. The escape pod has disintegrated ejecting various components over the landscape. The human is injured and unconscious through the ordeal. The alien survives by initially reciting the mantra of “What would Human Sal do?”. And then venturing out to retrieve bits of the craft to create a shelter, healing technologies, food, etc… Macgyvering all the way as they have seen their human do in the past. Even managing to unlock the mysteries of duct tape. All while fending off dangerous wildlife and even a near deathworlder sentient to save them both. In the end the mantra changes to the last lie “everything will be alright, you will be right behind me” when they realize they will have to leave their human behind to venture out of the makeshift camp to save them both. Later when they are both safe -- To save their own psyche they can only praise the human for saving them both and attributes their own actions to the human even so much as saying you were right, you were right behind me. The human of course having no memory of these events is totally baffled. And even though they can’t admit to their own actions a seed for adventure has been planted in their heart and is passed on to their offspring. -- Random Paine (Sorry if this was a bit long for a prompt. I love your work.)

[AN: There are long prompts that make sense, and then there's long prompts that boil down to "tell this story your way". Of the two, the latter give me less of the flexibility I like when making a story.]

Beeping. The sensation of a bigger pain lurking behind the ache Sal felt and a sensation of floating pink haze. The distinctive squish of antibacterial phage virus jelly. The whirr and squeeze of a blood pressure monitor. Blink. Medik cream surroundings. lights and graphs and a calming message on the screen directly above.

You are experiencing medical care. Please remain calm. That message faded out and another faded in. If you are claustrophobic, the panic button is in easy reach. It came with a diagram. Nice to know the Alliance medical profession had learned from a few surprise claustrophobes. Many spacers discovered to their shock that they weren't cut out to bide their time in an ICU drawer.

There was soft and calming music to accompany the soft and calming scenery playing on the overhead screens. It was comfortable, but Sal was not yet inclined to sink back down into dreamland. The last thing ze remembered was... putting all the safeguards around Myrdd. They'd been about to crash the lifepod and...

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Challenge #02993-H070: Small Disaster Control

Sometimes, previously scheduled social bonding activities go wrong, especially when dealing with humans. In this case, one of the humans in question was found drinking beer in the corner and crying during a time that was blocked out for a social gathering. When questioned, they explained that there had been some tension between two other members of the group, which had just sort of gotten worse when they tried to defuse it, until the whole gaming session had dissolved into raised voices

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Challenge #02990-H067: To Ease Dreams

Try petting a sleepy human, you may be surprised how they react

Going by my household, that reaction can be anything from screaming and flailing to rolling over, hugging you, and purring. -- Anon Guest(s)

[AN: This was in two posts by as many as two Nonnies, so I added the option for a plural]

Companion Hyekk read and re-read the helpful hint in the Companion's Guide to Bonding With Your Human, and considered what he knew of Human Gof. Not

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Challenge #02989-H066: One Somber Free Time in the Soft Corner

A: I thought this was your dedicated study time?

B: brain is too full of sad to fit any more information right now... -- Anon Guest

It was easy to tell when Human Jori was having a bad day. They were magnetically attracted to the Soft Corner, and burrowed in. Not to sleep, but to be comfortable and, if truly stressed, entertain themselves with simple things meant for children.

Jori was deep in the beanbags, burrowed under the weighted blanket, and

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Challenge #02988-H065: It's Friendly Out There

They'd stowed away aboard a galactic ship. They were very sick, feverish, shaking, and all alone. They had no family, and the few friends they'd had died of the coughing sickness that was common among those that lived in the slums that smelled of acrid soot. They spotted the owner of the ship, but dizzy from illness, had collapsed. They expected to be spaced, now, and was surprised to wake up alive. -- Anon Guest

Bubba had one goal. I am not

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Challenge #02987-H064: Unwelcome Advancements

[H] "Hold still, we're going to try this again."

[galactic volunteer] "It won't knock me out like last time?"

[H] "Nope, bugs are worked out, we tested on other humans first for a reason after all, that knock-out was accidental, sorry about that."

[galactic volunteer] "Alright, I'm ready."

The human throws the small metal disk which adheres to the galactic and, suddenly, they can't move. They can breathe, see, hear, they are not being hurt, but they can't, otherwise, move.

[galactic] "Well.

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Challenge #02986-H063: Surprising Gifts

They were a level 3.5 to level 4 deathworlder. Yet they wore a livesuit because they were quite small and looked almost like a humanoid jellyfish in appearance. Their world would be considered a 'gas planet' where none could land, but in a world where there is tonnes of organic matter, life would evolve. Not quite a gas giant as far as size and gravity, but not a small world. Yet the livesuit was not to protect them from the atmosphere

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Challenge #02985-H062: The Superman Paradox

I would like to see a level 2 or 3 deathworlder who doesn't recognize a human as a level 4/4.5 deathworlder trying to be protective of the squishy. And the human letting them, on account of not being a fighting type of person. Right up until the level 2 or 3 deathworlder gets in over their head, and then the human is like nope. You do not hurt my protector. I am protector now, and it is time for adrenaline

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Challenge #02984-H061: Surprising on Every Level please show us what happens to the next set of Vorax raiders. -- Anon Guest

Three months into training, Kin's students encountered their first challenge. Human Kin had just worked a double and was therefore sound asleep when the raiders came. From all available accounts, the raiding party had been stealthily stalking their vessel, waiting for such a time of comparable weakness.

The first thing that Companion Thresk knew about it was the alert to head

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Challenge #02983-H060: Me Next!

It was many years since the Saurians had first learned Tai-Chi from their human friend. From there it had begun to spread through other ships, then to stations and colonies of their people. But once it hit their homeworld, its popularity spread like wildfire. Soon it became a required part of the physical education of their young, and a part of their cultural identity. Needless to say, the humans liked the change. -- Fighting Fit


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Challenge #02982-H059: It Comes to Life

Oh Flakk! Those idiots were out on a run - Traction Engines, rolling roadblocks, every damn dog in the district went crazy. Every small child fell instantly in Love with them. -- Knitnan

No matter how far science progresses, there are still pockets of obscure weirdos who go old school. It should not be shocking that many of those weirdos are Humans. Some of them crave a fictional past that misses out on all the yucky bits associated with the era in

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Challenge #02981-H058: Just in Case

If you make stuff, or take part in Recreation, someone will ask why you "Bother" - it's old, you can get it quicker and cheap in the shops. "In case of the Zombie Apocalypse!" Usually gets them to either shut up or actually Think. Zombies aside, there are times when old and slow skills come in handy. -- Anon Guest

Progress steps in, and the people who benefit from it see no value in the older way of doing things. Why bother

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Challenge #02980-H057: We Tried to Warn You

When you are in any building, especially if you intend to stay there, find the location of the emergency exits. -- Anon Guest

A quick way out is more important than any general way in. Ask anyone who's been trapped in a house fire, if you can. Safety regulations insist on clear and ready access to quick escape in case of disaster. In most areas of known space, this is an automatic and well-enforced law[1]. But it isn't just fire. Space

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Challenge #02979-H056: What a Waking View

Muscle memory, we do things so often our body remembers how - even though we don't think about it. Most common is dance moves, and the slap that turns off the morning alarm. Then there are the reach in the dark for tablets or weapons. Go with it and see where the Idea takes yo. -- Knitnan

Human Sar could arrive at a trouble site in their full livesuit before ze completely woke up. His successive companions would learn that Sar's livesuit

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Challenge #02978-H055: I Got'cha Something

On docking at the station, the first thing the crew noticed was that it was Silly Season. The second thing that they noticed was that, while they had been being distracted by the colorful streamers on the walls and the semi-random bursts of soft flower petals falling from above, their human had vanished. Hopefully, whatever souvenirs they picked up for pack bonded crew-members would be benign this time.... -- Anon Guest

Silly Season is not a specific time on any planet's calendar.

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