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Challenge #03896-J244: Welcome to the Universe

Three newborn humans, two very exhausted parentals, and a ship full of friends ready and willing to help. -- Anon Guest

"Triplets?" asked Companion Drask. She had heard of the concept, but it still boggled the mind.

"No, one had twins and the other had one." Companion Morq repeated himself. "Both our Humans were pregnant." He belatedly remembered that Drask was oviparous. "Hatching."

"I thought they were mates. Humans are dimorphic, aren't they?"

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Challenge #03895-J243: Mnemonics Exist for a Reason

A small child bumps into Jay and Lilicoon. They're lost and ask help to find their parentals. And can they help the child tie their shoes? -- Anon Guest

They had been enjoying a good night out, and it almost time for it to end. They were both dawdling on getting to the 'goodbyes' for the evening. Walking slower. Finding things to mention and have another conversation about it.

"'Scuse me," said a little voice. A very small child. "Are you good

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Challenge #03893-J241: Obscured Needs

Their friend was sent to rehab after caught, yet again, self-harming. The first time was passed as accidental. The second time was the warning that their friend needed help. They visit their friend in the rehab center and hold their friend through the tears. -- Anon Guest

Rescue Humans can have all possible quirks. Not all of them at once, that would be what is technically known as "A Mess".

Human Shae was almost wholly within the 'mess' category. He remained food

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Challenge #03892-J240: A Burning Desire to Repeat

The Archivaas learn of the history of humans banning and burning books and other reading material, and how some DeRegulations STILL do it, to try to hide information from people. -- Lessons

Knowledge is power. People have known this for centuries. Whoever controls the knowledge has the power over those who cannot access all of it. Interestingly, it only takes a few fragments of misinformation to spawn a million conspiracy theories.

Some people will believe anything if it thereby makes them the

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Challenge #03884-J232: Mind This For Me

There was a battle, the human shoved the last four besides them into a life pod. Their companions and a very small human infant placed in their companions arms before the pod was shot out into space while the human remained behind to fight. -- Anon Guest

The infant Deathworlder slept through all of it. They were still asleep now that they were all far from the recent upsets. Unaware that their parental had just sacrificed herself to ensure the rest of

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Challenge #03882-J230: Help When Needed

A Havenworld, a resort planet very popular with the extremely rich, an Alliance world, is opening its doors to thousands of homeless Deregger refugees. The Deregger CEO's laugh, thinking the Alliance wealthy are about sue the CRC into oblivion. They're shocked when the wealthy in the Alliance offer funds to help those in need. -- The New Guy

An incontrovertible law of the space-traveling universe is: Always answer a distress call, for the distress in question may one day be yours. Even

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Challenge #03881-J229: Catch and Release

Within the infinite expanse of the multiverse the existence of humans are questionable at best. For the universes that do host Homo sapiens, there is one multiversal constant. Humans are the most [KERATINOUS SKULL PROJECTION] beings in the universe. Even in the universe that can be best described as warhammer 40K, Jahhatai Khan is cruising the vastness of space in search of xenoussy. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Not doing Warhammer, because I only know it via osmosis. Also because using someone else's

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Challenge #03880-J228: Fluff and Nonsense

They were Deathworlders, but they needed a much stronger Deathworlder around to help with the missions. Their thick fur, almost like the wool of Terran sheep, was shedding, it was that time of year. The human respectfully asked to have the discards, much to their confusion. Until the human explained about turning that shedding fur into crafts. It eventually became quite an interesting thing for them, and a bit of a profit, too. -- Anon Guest

Deathworlders, like Havenworlders, come in a

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Challenge #03877-J225: Progressive Engineering

"How did your people study storms such as twisters in your past?" Human - "Oh, we drove big, heavy, vehicles right into the paths of these storms and studied them from the inside."

"Those must've been marvels of engineering, with caterpillars and all to anchor them."

Human - "Nope, just heavy cars with a bunch of armor welded on, kinda like a big tin can with an anchor, and us praying our luck held. Here's a video!"

"I'll say it again what

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Challenge #03876-J224: Alive and Unharmed

I read your story and I could not help but grin at the comments. Could you elaborate from them?

"Bring them in ALIVE, understand?"


"They need to be alive to stand trial."

"We promise the prisoner will be very much alive, and will be able to be made healthy enough to stand trial."

"Remember ALIVE means their BODY also has to remain alive, as well as the brain!"

"Don't worry, we promise they will be very much physically and mentally alive

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Challenge #03875-J223: Point of Disorder

The CRC and several Alliance officials come together to discuss the shocking turn of events. The humans have begun to befriend, the Thranityr and help more and more clans go from being Vorax to being contributing citizens. Even to the point of becoming full allies with the humans. -- Anon Guest

"They're Humans," said one of the board members present in the quorum. "They'll pack-bond with anything alive. Even the things so toxic it'd kill them to touch it. They just invent

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Challenge #03874-J222: Pitching Therapy Assistance

I made a special virtual reality program for people with explosive tempers. When they get angry, they go into the specially padded room, put on the VR goggles and haptic feedback suit and gloves, and do whatever they need to do to get it out of their system. There's been a lot of success in helping people control their tempers until they can get to the Let it out rooms. -- Anon Guest

[AN: As far as anger management is concerned, mindful

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Challenge #03873-J221: I Need This Deal

They didn't have parenting licenses, didn't care. They raised these orphaned children to the best of their ability and made sure the children were safe, knew love, were educated, and given the best lives they had the ability to give them. -- The New Guy

[AN: Honestly, the parenting licenses are there to ensure that guardians don't harm the kids they raise. Pretty much the same philosophy as your statistical outlier there]

My name is Taro. Yes, like the food. And I'm

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Challenge #03872-J220: Looks So Harmless

This was a Havenworld, at least for those native to it. Peaceful, utterly harmless.... everything. For those not native to it? They had to stay tightly in their livesuits, or in the special habitats, or risk death. Knomiras saw people walking outside with no livesuits and threw a fit. Fortunately, they got pulled back inside before too much damage was done. -- Fighting Fit

This world only looked like a paradise. Gatekeeper Ulf had the annoying duty of making sure that only

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Challenge #03870-J218: Time to Stretch

I've been at my job for about two years. The Time is good, but by the POWERS, I'm SO bored! But if I leave my job, where will I go? If I slack off, I'll get fired. Ghads... starting to feel like it did back in the bad place... I'm...SO...BORED! -- DaniAndShali

I am safe in this little corner of the Alliance. My duties are simple, but important, and nothing beyond my means. It's also nothing above my limits. It

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