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Challenge #03447-I159: Milestones and Progress

The adult Bubs speaks to an interviewer for a podcast who wants to know how she came to grow up with the family she had. What happened to her birth family, and what she did now for a career. -- Anon Guest

I don't really remember my place of origin that much. Just little things. Like how differently it smelled and how unclean it was. I remember being afraid of adult humans for quite a while. I was nonverbal my entire first year in a proper school.

Yeah. I know it's not funny. I laugh so I don't cry. I've been through some [EXCREMENT] and no lie. The nightmares are so rare that they're calendar events, now.

I remember Korprat as like a combination deity and boogeyman. If I was out of line or did something the adults didn't like, Korprat was going to turn me into burgers. Or chop me up for a bawdyhole. It was never explained properly what that was. Not until I reached a certain age.

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Challenge #03446-I158: Lucky You

A rich idiot manages to trick a couple of Pax Humanis enforcers into going after an innocent whose only "crime" is that they're a Lucker who managed to win a lot of money off the rich idiot. Once the enforcers learn the truth, well, the idiot's lucky they got away with only a severe beating. -- Anon Guest

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool Pax Humanis - they'll be lucky if they find your body.

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Challenge #03445-I157: Artistic Enthusiasm

The human, excited for all the sugarcane, gets to work, on their off hours, refining it all and making paper and other products out of the sugarcane, as well as having far more than a hundred pounds of refined sugar to work with. This is gonna be fun! What to DO with it all?? -- The New Guy

Happy Humans are scary creatures. It's the cackling. It does it every time.

Human Thal had been making

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Challenge #03444-I156: Access Issues

Highly intelligent, and very kind, cephalopod-like beings invite their human friend to visit their home. The ship goes down to a planet that has very, very few areas of actual dry land, and a vast ocean with enormous cities beneath. -- Anon Guest

Interspecies relationships are very interesting. The Cephalopoda have made a series of mistakes in their interactions with -shall we say- more rigid cogniscents. Chief amongst these is what the Humans refer to as the Octodad Incident for reasons known

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Challenge #03443-I155: Early Bird Serves the Worm

It was very early morning in the survey camp and the human was up and cheerfully going about getting ready to surprise their friends with a wonderful breakfast while enjoying a beautiful sunrise. -- Anon Guest

The difference between Early Birds and Insomniacs is that the Insomniacs don't want to be there. But a dawn like this? It tended to level that difference into nothingness.

Some quirk of the atmosphere lead to a fine layer of crystals somewhere in the stratosphere or

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Challenge #03441-I153: One Picnic Date in Sunlit Park

I noticed in the stories she talks about a cruel master. Yet in the stories when she started, she was rescued as an infant in the creches when the factory that made beings like her, selling them as slaves, was found by the CRC and shut down. Was she kidnapped and abused at one point?

internutter744 hours ago

That is because I forgot my own continuity XD

Gonna have to sandwich in an abuser at some point blargh.

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Challenge #03439-I151: One Last Hurrah

A rough topic, but just had this conversation with a coworker and it made me realize how alien the idea of "rallies" are. For those that don't know, a rally "is an unexpected return of mental clarity and memory, or suddenly regained consciousness that occurs in the time shortly before death".

A: (Excited and happy) "Do you two remember my friend that has been sick for the last few months? The one that they didn't think would make it? ...He woke up!

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Challenge #03438-I150: Critical Misunderstanding

A Knomira sees a human carrying a large bird on their shoulder. They try to pet the bird and the person states quite coldly they have to ask the bird's permission. The Havenworlder is NOT happy about the Knomira throwing a fit calling them a 'pet'. It's not their fault their translator's broken! -- Anon Guest

[AN: Translator software is almost universally useless in my future. Galactics prefer to use the services of living translators, usually JOATS]

"Why didn't you train your

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Challenge #03437-I149: Diminished Responsibility Reformation

A young Knomira who had been spoiled their entire life by their parentals is incarcerated and in therapy. What did they do? Doesn't matter right now. What does matter is helping them realize their path in this life was self-destructive. It didn't help the parentals were one step to getting themselves incarcerated if they didn't stop harassing the therapy center. -- Anon Guest

"You can't do this to me! I know my rights!" There was nothing to throw, and the isolation environment

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Challenge #03435-I147: From the Mouths of Babes

The beatings the human was enduring from the very angry parental were bad enough, but worse was to come. They had to face the child after the child came out of the ICU, but still heavily bandaged, still very weak, and try to explain themselves. Injected with a medication meaning they could not, at least for the time being, tell a lie, they had to be honest, not just to the family, but for once in their lives, to themselves.


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Challenge #03433-I145: Congratulations on Your New Cat

They decide to keep the cat, the poor kitten needs them, this is obvious, and raise it. Though learning to raise such an animal was a bit of a learning curve. However, they found it quite protective of them, and very comforting on days when things were ... difficult. -- Anon Guest

When the Humans encounter something small, usually a serving of food, they tend to say, "It's a shame to take it away from its mother.

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Challenge #03432-I144: Bonus Action

Mr. Sunshine and his apprentice, Jay, are on a Deregger polity on a mission when a small child runs up to them terrified, pulling on Jay's blood-stained clothes, begging them to help rescue hir family that have been trapped and are being hurt by "bad people". -- Anon Guest

"It could be a trap," murmured Mr Sunshine. "At least wear a fresh 'drop'[1] for the occasion."

"Right," Jay shrugged off the old garment, leaving it in Mr Sunshine's capable hands. The

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Challenge #03431-I143: Leave Only Footprints

With hir new robot body, the militant, nearly fanatic vegan, considers going home to try to get everyone to pledge to be rid of their 'dirty' animal bodies and give up ever eating anything again. After all, isn't eating the same as killing, be it plant or animal? Hir therapists are starting to run out of ideas. -- Anon Guest

"You cannot go free, not yet," said the Phloran therapist. "You do not understand the wrongs

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Challenge #03422-I134: Non-chocolate Chocolate

A chemist invents a type of treat that tastes, and looks, almost exactly like chocolate, melts and is as usable as chocolate, can even be made into candy bars. And yet, it is chemically safe for all humans and almost all galactics. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Carob!]

Deathworlders make very tasty things. This is known. Also known is the fact that most of the ingredients are deadly to most known cogniscent life. No matter how many things one can do with fruit

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Challenge #03428-I140: Weighed in the Balance

A younger person, who is heavy-set and was mistreated on their homeworld due to their appearance, has very poor self-esteem. Upon finding their way to Alliance space, they make friends that help them realize that they are, in fact, quite beautiful, in body, mind, and spirit. -- Anon Guest

They made fun of hir, even as Adina was leaving them forever. All the usual bon mots like, "Better pack light so they can compensate for hauling you," and, "Sure the ship will

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