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Challenge #04128-K110: Unwelcome in More Places

Several humans from a larger nearby polity, learning of the city of Middenden, try to go and subjugate it. It's filled with "filthy monsters" after all and "devils". Their heavily armed soldiers, and their leaders, quickly learn these beings are not weak, and are tired of being treated like this, they deserve respect too, damnit! -- Lessons

The real problem with People of Import is that they have a great influence on everyone who knows them. Lies Hashu could be very vocal, as all the citizens of Middenden well knew. She bullied her way into the attention of Duke Urbicandol Koyunlyr, who had an impressive army and a low tolerance for self-important trumpeting.

Those uppity types had to be controlled. Taught their place. Otherwise, they'd all get ideas. Think they could govern themselves. And then they'd get stronger than they deserved to be, and spread corruption and deprivation all over the known world.

She didn't even need a third chorus of, "Think of the children!"

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Challenge #03765-J112: Raise Them Right

Los estudiantes duros aprenden lecciones de disciplina y respeto de la manera más dura, negándose a escuchar de otra manera. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Translation- Tough students learn lessons of discipline and respect the harshest way, refusing to listen any other way.]

The students called him Sensei Hellkin, when they called him anything at all. They couldn't know anything about his true identity because he never spoke about it. That, and it probably wouldn't matter a whit to them that he was

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Challenge #03373-I085: Conflict Resolution

Hammer headed cane, sturdy, handy assistance device, it can 'hook' bags off the floor, and dislodge high items from shelves. It also strongly resembles a Medieval War Hammer. -- KnitNan

[TIL: If you search for 'cane' you get a whole bunch of doggos. Cute, but not what I was looking for]

Reeve Hallad Stoneblood had a limp from an old injury. In cold weather, especially, he had need of a walking stick. This made bandits assume that he may be easy pickings

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Biting the hand that feeds it. I’m not naming names, but anyone who follows Slashdot knows that a very big publishing corporation is...

Biting the hand that feeds it.

I’m not naming names, but anyone who follows Slashdot knows that a very big publishing corporation is suing an author for contractual violations. Her violation? Taking a completely different book to get published on Amazon.

Sure $20000 is a relatively small steak, but the big stakes here are authors leaving the publishing corp’s for nicer pastures. The publishers know this, but instead of going after Amazon, another big company that can afford

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