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Challenge #04011-J359: Hush Now Darling

The parental finally finds their way back to their friends and their child, but it takes a while. -- Anon Guest

Three to five days was the estimate, given Alliance average response times to emergency signals. The CRC didn't get to them until eight had passed. Eight days of discovery regarding infant Deathworlder healthcare.

For a small flock of Havenworlders, it was stressful.

Four of them were not enough to take the place of one Human parental. Though when the CRC finally intercepted them, it was clear they were trying their best. Infant Jarl was in good health, though exhibiting some signs of early touch starvation.

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Challenge #03927-J275: Visiting the Niblings

Wraithvine visits Amatu, the half-halloblood / half-hellkin that is his friend and adopted brother. Amatu has a wife, an adopted child, and a large family now. -- Anon Guest

Grey showed too early in mortal hair. Some lasted longer. Some were gone in a blink. For a friend and baby brother, it was... jarring to see snow settling on a far younger man's head.

Then again, everyone was younger than the immortal Wraithvine. Except a few other immortals, of course.

Baby Corbinian was

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Challenge #03900-J248: Long, Long Memory

Sitting in a cavern waiting for a heavy rainstorm to pass so the large group can keep traveling, a child turns to Wraithvine and asks, politely, "what was your ma and pa like?" -- Fighting Fit

Wraithvine stared, not at the cavern wall, not at anyone here and how. Ze stared into centuries long forgotten and unnumbered. Back into the Age of Dragons and the Age of Gods, when the Elves were yet another scrappy little species trying their best just to

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Challenge #03722-J069: True Family

A Human family find an orphaned infant Elf after a massive earthquake. Raising an Elf isn't easy, but they love the child as deeply as if the child were their own blood. -- The New Guy

Nino was eight before they learned that their name was not Poor Dear. They knew their story from before the time that they understood words.

Rennie and Mama found them crying by the road, the poor dear. Rennie scooped Nino up and Mama helped hir walk

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Challenge #02854-G297: Here's One We Made Earlier

They had left Marvin with the village he had saved through the adventure he'd done on his own. As much as it hurt Anthe to do so, and even Wraithvine felt a tugging in his heart, they knew it was the best thing for him. That village needed the young man, and he needed his home there. Him and his new wife. He'd met her when she'd joined him, Wraithvine and Anthe while they were adventuring together.

Then a message came as

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Challenge #02697-G140: A Family Affair

Yes, I hate my brothers

Yes, they destroyed my life

Yes, I will probably kill them at some point in my life

But they are my brothers and I will not let you touch any of them

Because there is nothing more pure than hatred to your own siblings. You can say you hate them but you still love them no matter what. -- Anon Guest

Family is complicated, if you let it get that way. Let me begin with explaining mine.

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Challenge #02686-G129: Small Messy Disruptive Creatures

It goes about on all fours, eats kibble, and gets into the trash to chew on things. Is it a dog, or a human infant? The answer is yes. And in this instance, we're very glad it was the baby, because there was cocoa powder in the trash can, and she was chewing through garbage to get to it. -- Anon Guest

Human Diz was looking even more tired than normal, and they had been tired for almost a year, but this

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Challenge #02034-E210: Incident During the Building of Antagulus IV

[Words you learn to dread hearing. #3.] "It seemed like a good idea at the time." -- Knitnan

Something, somewhere, was on fire. Aarblax could see the smoke curling through the air. This was, thankfully, a facility with a generous amount of atmosphere to share, so it wasn't that worrying. Yet. The Public Address system was making bizarre, intermittent noises. This meant that someone had manually disabled the alerts and the system was attempting connections through the network. Which had also been

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Small progress is still progress

I didn't get everything done that I wanted to do yesterday. I got my daily Instant up. Of course. I got my five hundred words in.

I got some more chicken and I got dinner on.

And I got the floor cleared of the mountain of debris that had built up through collective apathy.

Today... if I'm lucky, I shall clean up the spare room a tad, make it nice for incoming visitors, and attempt to keep the cat out of it.

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Angry blog entry is angry

Caution: spleen venting ahead. Beware of low-flying bile.

Hubby’s in the shits with me and vice versa. He’s in the shits with me because I refer to him for practically every last decision in and around the household, including the clothes and accessories I buy [which is shit difficult ‘cause I’m large all over].

I am in the shits with hubby because he essentially created this position.

If you’re going to criticise every

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Two more days...

It’s Wednesday. I promised myself that if my heel showed no signs of improvement by Friday, I would drag it and my sorry fat arse down to the local quack to see what they can do.

Besides, I’m running low on Seratide and I need a new scrip.

I also plan on checking what other rheumatism remedies there are. I was given some quinine-derived stuff last time by a specialist who wasn’t sure if it was

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Spinning my wheels...

I hate wasting time.

Lots of things that need to get done depend highly on other people doing them. Because I lack the skills, the knowledge, the money or the resources to do it myself. So I end up sitting around waiting for other people to get the thumb out of their collective butts.

Time bleeds away. Hour by hour.

I’ve organized and packed the kids’ bags so they’re ready for school. I’ve matched and

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So I Might Have Poisoned Some People...

Not on the scale of ratsak for sugar. No. It was round-up. On weeds.

How can that poison people, you ask.

These were weeds on the fence that we’re fixing up so the dog can’t get through. Hubby told me to go spritz the weeds along the fence line, so I did. Fast forward a few minutes and Hubby and Brother-in-law have now decided to go whipper-snip the back fence and pull all the weeds out.

The last

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A Quarter to 2AM

Monday 28th of November.

That’s when I sat down to write this. Give or take a few minutes.

Someone rang our phone and hung up. Twice. Long about midnight.

As a means of waking me up, it’s very effective.

Once I’m awake, no matter what, I can’t get back to sleep.

It doesn’t matter how tired I am. It doesn’t matter what time it is. It doesn’t matter

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