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Aaaah holidays

There's something about the school holidays that just makes me want to lie in until my back aches. At least I wasn't waylaid by Steamworld Heist, today. Just a solid dollop of The Lazies.

I want to take care of a drift of boxed debris as part of tidying up for Yuletide, but Beloved insists that all boxes going into the big shed must be sealed and labled. I'm thinking of making Beloved to it with my help. It's a cool enough day today. It might get done.

OR I might be throwing a festive cover over the lot and hoping nobody cares.

One way or another, we'll be ready. I'm going to do more towards clearing the kitchen and the spare room. At least, I hope I'm going to do more. Heh.

Who am I kidding? I will be levelling up my crew in Steamworld Heist so that Chaos can play Undertale on this computer. The instant I'm done with my Instant, and the obligatory upgrades my system needs.

If it wasn't more effort to get people to help with the tidying than it was to tidy alone... this house would be spotless by now.

But then - I have lots of things I'd rather be doing than cleaning, so... pot, kettle, black, I guess.

One day, I will get sick of it all and just... minimise everything that's clogging up the place. And on that day, Satan will drive to work in a snowplough.

It sucks knowing what needs to be done and lacking the willpower and motivation to do it. Looking at the mess drains the spoons I need to take care of it. If I had company... If I had help... If the people who lived here didn't just... leave things.

Eh. You didn't come here to read my whining. I just need hugs. I'll be fine.

5th Mar 2012

This is the first day walking without assistance. My weight has steadied out at 88.5 kilos for the second day and the house is a fucking sty ‘cause everyone left everything because they knew this day was coming.

Walking hurts like a rock in my shoe, even with the gel pads made to make walking easier. Without them, it hurts like a knife in my heel. Ergo, walking costs spoons. I have to sit and rest when I can no

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Last week off my feet

It’s Wednesday of the last week I’m supposed to stay off my sore foot. Come Monday, the crutches go back to the chemist’s and I pretty much have to clean up after all of the slobs who left everything to the forces of entropy.

I’m already gnashing my teeth.

Right now, whenever I put weight on to my sore foot, it hurts like there’s something sharp stuck in the heel. It probably

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Two more days...

It’s Wednesday. I promised myself that if my heel showed no signs of improvement by Friday, I would drag it and my sorry fat arse down to the local quack to see what they can do.

Besides, I’m running low on Seratide and I need a new scrip.

I also plan on checking what other rheumatism remedies there are. I was given some quinine-derived stuff last time by a specialist who wasn’t sure if it was

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