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Challenge #04203-K185: A Welcome Place

A family unable to bear children, but had a large house and farm, asked Wraithvine and hir friends to help find children to adopt, for they lived far enough from most places that finding unwanted children was actually difficult. -- Anon Guest

It's a familiar beginning to a nursery tale: Once upon a time were a loving couple who could not have children...

In most stories, it's the origin point of something or someone wondrous. They inevitably leave the humble farm and nobody asks about the loving couple. The wondrous is way more interesting, after all. Not in this story.

Once upon a time, a Giant fell in love with a Gnome. They could not have children the normal way, and so asked a traveling Wizard for help. As one might expect, this wanderer was Wraithvine, and knew many interesting tricks.

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Challenge #03722-J069: True Family

A Human family find an orphaned infant Elf after a massive earthquake. Raising an Elf isn't easy, but they love the child as deeply as if the child were their own blood. -- The New Guy

Nino was eight before they learned that their name was not Poor Dear. They knew their story from before the time that they understood words.

Rennie and Mama found them crying by the road, the poor dear. Rennie scooped Nino up and Mama helped hir walk

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