So I Might Have Poisoned Some People...

Not on the scale of ratsak for sugar. No. It was round-up. On weeds.

How can that poison people, you ask.

These were weeds on the fence that we’re fixing up so the dog can’t get through. Hubby told me to go spritz the weeds along the fence line, so I did. Fast forward a few minutes and Hubby and Brother-in-law have now decided to go whipper-snip the back fence and pull all the weeds out.

The last time I used round-up, I had diarrhoea for two days.

Say what you will about the Monsan-toerags evil ways, but they do know how to make shit that kills things.

This time, I insisted that everyone wash.

I don’t know if that’s enough. I washed the last time and I still got the quirblies in the intestinal region. I hope the use of extra soap helped matters.

Maybe it soaked into the plants before anyone laid their hands on them.

Maybe extra lashings of soap will help, this time.

I won’t know until the time for innard rebellion has passed.

At least the dead plants are on our side of the fence. No need to worry about inadvertently poisoning the neighbour’s cows.

They sell this shit where kids can grab it. Yikes.