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Challenge #03864-J212: To Cease Evil

A mummer kept a slave, beaten and terrified, in their tower. The slave thought this mummer was actually Wraithvine, for they did not know better. The mummer, outside the tower, was completely different from inside. Then the real Wraithvine heard weeping in the tower. -- Anon Guest

Would you choose to suffer for the betterment of the world? Would you sacrifice for people you've never met? Would you surrender comfort? Would you surrender warmth? Would you endure as much as you could without dying?

Wraithvine told me I was selfish for wanting comfort. For wanting the barest minimum of food. For wanting more than just barely enough water to drink. In winter, I am selfish for wanting warmth. In summer, I am selfish for wanting a breeze.

Most days, I am selfish for wanting the pain to stop.

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Challenge #03763-J110: Recycled Staff

I have died many times now. Each time I am reborn, I have all of the memories of my past life, and the lives before that. I was warned about this, but until my job is done, and they're all safe, I accepted this fate. -- Anon Guest

Sometimes, it's a pain in the arse to be indispensable. It's a worse pain in the arse to be indispensable on a Deregger ship with appropriated B'Nari tech. The instant the CEO noticed my

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Challenge #02715-G158: A Delicate Mist

"They played us like a violin!”

“Actually violins are quite difficult to play, I played you like the cheap kazoo you are" -- Anon Guest

There is a vertiginous feeling to being betrayed. It's worse than falling because the damage has been done before the sinking of the heart even begins. It's the realisation that kills. It kills trust. It kills faith. It kills hope. Once those are dead, there is very little left to lose.

Nevertheless, there are those who insist

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Challenge #02547-F357: Now There Be Dragons

Waking up in the forest with a splitting headache, they realized something hit the car at tremendous speed. They awakened to finding in their lap a large, greenish-blue, egg. They had no idea where it came from but they carefully held it while scrambling out of the car and fleeing into the forest. They'd smashed the cell phone they'd been forced to carry, stolen the car, and fled from their very abusive foster-parents knowing that the foster-mother had probably called the cops

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Challenge #02194-E365: Won Family by Combat

It's the nice, sweet, quiet ones that never argue that you should be afraid of. -- Anon Guest

They thought the Human was docile. Quiet and apologetic, they assumed that they had been 'trained'. The Human certainly acted that way. Always eager to please. Always nice to the point of being excruciating. They thought that Human Zie would never be violent.

They were wrong.

The thing about Humans is - even the soppiest milquetoast has their line in the sand. The point

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3 Ways to Keep Yourself Safe When You're Not Ready to Leave Your Abusive Partner

3 Ways to Keep Yourself Safe When You're Not Ready to Leave Your Abusive Partner






In addition to what's mentioned in this link, we have some info to help folks make a plan to stay safe when leaving an abusive relationship, and when they can't leave just yet: The Scarleteen Safety Plan

Seriously, I've only been able to skim this article so far, but I definitely plan on reading the whole thing later

If you're being abused

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Police Officer Allegedly Shackled Elementary School Students With ADHD

Police Officer Allegedly Shackled Elementary School Students With ADHD


A federal lawsuit out of Kentucky has placed law enforcement in the
spotlight once again, raising concerns about overzealous disciplinary
policies carried out against special-needs students when they commit
minor infractions.

That is a hellishly uncomfortable position to be in - even if you’re hyper-mobile. This is fucking abuse.

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amandasucks:If you're a girl and you hit, punch, or physically harm your boyfriend in any way it's still considered abuse and you're equally...


If you’re a girl and you hit, punch, or physically harm your boyfriend in any way it’s still considered abuse and you’re equally as much of a piece of shit as any guy that hits his girlfriend. Seriously the amount of girls that disagree with this is ridiculous, and they’re all fucking stupid. Sorry not sorry.

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An appeal

My best beloved loves the Twilight movies. They have never touched the books.

Same SO does not immediately believe my own arguments about why the whole series is so fucking toxic to both genders, but young girls in particular.

We are parents of a young girl.

What I would like is links to places that specifically tear down the ‘abuse apologism’ of the movies and only the movies, because apparently anything that mentions the books renders said arguments null and

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