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3 Ways to Keep Yourself Safe When You're Not Ready to Leave Your Abusive Partner

3 Ways to Keep Yourself Safe When You're Not Ready to Leave Your Abusive Partner






In addition to what's mentioned in this link, we have some info to help folks make a plan to stay safe when leaving an abusive relationship, and when they can't leave just yet: The Scarleteen Safety Plan

Seriously, I've only been able to skim this article so far, but I definitely plan on reading the whole thing later

If you're being abused by your partner, and you're reading this right now, then you have awe-inspiring strength.

You're suffering, but you have the courage to seek out ideas on how to take care of yourself.

I'm guessing you haven't come across many tips like these. When I was being abused, the only advice I found was about how to leave an abusive partner, or how to heal after you've left.

In this society we sometimes talk about abuse victims being strong after they leave, but frame them as weak before hand. I think that is so wrong. Living in an abusive relationship takes a strength that most people cannot even comprehend. you're not weak because you stay. there are a million reasons why we stay because, frankly, abusers actively work to keep their victims trapped.

So know that if you're in an abusive relationship right now as you read this, I think you are strong as fuck, and I am rooting hard as hell for you.

Honestly, if people feel even a little inclined to reblog this, I would appreciate it. I am not trying to guilt anyone, if you don't reblog I won't think you're a horrible person, that's totally your prerogative... But if these words can help even just one current victim of domestic violence... I would be so happy.

Someone on my dash asked for a link to this recently and I didn't have it

Please share this, if you can. The decision to walk away from an abusive relationship of any kind seems like such a no-brainer to people who have never been part of one, but it's not an easy thing to do. The support in assisting people who are needing the strength to get out is so so so important.