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Challenge #03864-J212: To Cease Evil

A mummer kept a slave, beaten and terrified, in their tower. The slave thought this mummer was actually Wraithvine, for they did not know better. The mummer, outside the tower, was completely different from inside. Then the real Wraithvine heard weeping in the tower. -- Anon Guest

Would you choose to suffer for the betterment of the world? Would you sacrifice for people you've never met? Would you surrender comfort? Would you surrender warmth? Would you endure as much as you could without dying?

Wraithvine told me I was selfish for wanting comfort. For wanting the barest minimum of food. For wanting more than just barely enough water to drink. In winter, I am selfish for wanting warmth. In summer, I am selfish for wanting a breeze.

Most days, I am selfish for wanting the pain to stop.

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Challenge #03335-I047: Accepting the Price

Sneaking this in even though you said you wanted to get down to 50 prompts before opening it back up again.

It's from this story btw.

As Wraithvine sat without even batting an eye to let the older woman cut the hair, the woman rather surprised to say the least that they'd just sit and allow it, another comes into the home. This being looked almost exactly like the immortal elf. Wore clothing similar,

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