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Challenge #03467-I179: Lofty Goals

What if Amatu were to go up on cliffs and up in trees and work on his fear of heights. Sometimes, even severe phobias, can be lessened and controlled through careful exposure. While they're not always overcome, they can sometimes at least be controlled. After all, flying is an incredible thing to have when being an adventurer.

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03375-i087-elevation-trepidation -- The New Guy

On the Windy Plains there was an entirely different method of play. They called it "kiting" though it probably had a word known to professionals. It involved using the wind to gain as much elevation as one was comfortable with, and then going just that little bit further.

Vee Antheson, twelve-year-old draconic bloodline sorceror, was terrible at it. She would sometimes beg a 'lift' from Amatu just so she could attempt to fly with the use of a strong headwind.

Knowing that Wraithvine was waiting with Featherfall readied was a remarkable boost to Amatu's confidence. Yet, in its way, it was worse than learning how to ride a velocipede[1]. The first step was always learning how to move against your instincts. Chief among those was looking down.

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Challenge #03335-I047: Accepting the Price

Sneaking this in even though you said you wanted to get down to 50 prompts before opening it back up again.

It's from this story btw. https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03240-h331-not-as-expected#@internutter/re-bkf-r3v5fl

As Wraithvine sat without even batting an eye to let the older woman cut the hair, the woman rather surprised to say the least that they'd just sit and allow it, another comes into the home. This being looked almost exactly like the immortal elf. Wore clothing similar,

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