Challenge #01753-D292: Quest's End

"Are you okay?"

"I may be crying, but I can still kick your ass!" -- OohLookShiny

To be heroic, you don't have to be physically strong. It's an advantage to have that, but it is not necessary. To be heroic, all one needs to do is continue in your efforts to improve the world despite the torturous circumstances in your way. People even have a term for the sort who can deal a lot of damage, but also end up almost ruined in the process. "Glass Cannon".

To be heroic, one must be willing to lay everything on the line to right what once was wrong. Even one's own life. Because the stakes matter that much.

Gin had taken the moniker 'Glass Cannon' as a warning to her enemies and her teammates alike. Yes, she could go off. She could knock a great deal of hit points of the bad guy of the week. But she could also end up in a lot of trouble from some relatively low hitters. And now she was here. Facing down the biggest, baddest, big baddie of them all. The one who started this fucking nonsense in the first place.

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