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Sunday, Still croaky

My voice is still doing dumb shit so I can't record more chapters for Adorable today. Bum.

I really should track down at least one stylus so I can progress with Pseuducku and better art than the shitty concept doodles I did in Lunacy already.

So my PLN is thus:

  • [X] Write this blog
  • [X] Listen in to Tale Foundry
  • [X] Work on the prompt
  • [ ] Daily tale
  • [ ] Meme in the Fediverse
  • [ ] Archeology [unearth a stylus]

I'm still taking in a lot of fluids, so I expect to be taking pee breaks frequently.

So let's get going!

Challenge #03869-J217: Enlightened Self-Interest

Even elves can catch a cold. Wraithvine comes down with a bad case of the sniffles. -- Anon Guest

[AN: This hits different now that I'm in the process of fighting one of them off]

One of the undeniable rules of the world is thus: Elves do not sleep. Well. The adult ones do not. As an Elf grows to physical maturity, they learn and adapt to a discipline of meditation that puts them into a peaceful reverie. It connects them to

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Sunday, Tummy Bug?

I got struck down by a sickness this morning. The guts are feeling better as I type this, but I'm still feeling very weary.

It should plausibly pass by tomorrow.

The family economy is likely going to shit and I shall be finding out what happens when my meds run out if they're going that much to shit.

I can hope not, but I'm waiting for news about that on the topic.

Meanwhile, I get on with my PLNs as if I

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Challenge #03328-I040: We Care Because We Care...

A Human has caught a bad cold, a variant not yet indexed into the immunoflu, and is miserable. They're coughing, they're tired; and yet, they don't want to make others do their work for them. Fortunately, they have friends that are a bit insistent on making sure they eat properly, and rest in a nice, comfy, bed. - Anon Guest

Their Human was exploding. But since this was a Human, they seemed to be surviving the process. The mask was a dead

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Challenge #01542-D081: A Painful Setback

Like most toilets in Educational facilities this one was littered in graffiti, some of it actually, (a) anatomically correct and, (b) spelled right. Someone had scrawled 'Plumbing does not define Genius or Worth!' -- Anon Guest

Those were inspirational words, but when one was battling digestive upset, plumbing certainly interfered with one's ability to learn. Taerl read arguments from other scholars, including one who repeatedly asked for proof of assorted statements. Someone else, irritated with the non-rebuttal, had scrawled, DO YOUR

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