Challenge #03869-J217: Enlightened Self-Interest

Even elves can catch a cold. Wraithvine comes down with a bad case of the sniffles. -- Anon Guest

[AN: This hits different now that I'm in the process of fighting one of them off]

One of the undeniable rules of the world is thus: Elves do not sleep. Well. The adult ones do not. As an Elf grows to physical maturity, they learn and adapt to a discipline of meditation that puts them into a peaceful reverie. It connects them to their magic and dissipates disorders of the mind. When an adult Elf sleeps... something is very wrong.

Caison knew that much when they found the Elf. What they didn't know was what to do about it.

They were a street kid and this was one of the places they went where nobody would bother them. One of the many buildings that everyone else ignored. So out of the way that it was an inconvenience to everyone else.

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