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Challenge #02663-G106: All Signs Point to...

"OK. This place is disgusting. I don't think there is enough bleach on the planet to make it safe..."

"I found this stuff! It was in the cleaning section, and while I can't read anything on it it has a 5 page booklet of what I think are warnings... At least all the skull and crossbones and hazard signs look like warnings."

"Grab three. Anything with that many warnings has to be good." -- SilverRey

There are reasons why some hulks are classified unsalvageable. Some few are even marked hazardous to scavengers. Of course, once in a while, some Humans think that they have a good plan for skating past these laws[1]. They subsequently took it on themselves to salvage a designated hazardous vessel for profit.

Many of them are completely unfamiliar with GalStand, neither simple nor elaborate. They were, relatively speaking, barbarians. More accurately, they were under-educated, somewhat desperate, and ingenious enough to get themselves into terribly enormous amounts of trouble[2]. Two such Humans on one such enterprise have just entered their target vessel and realised that they may have made a mistake.

"What a wonderful new smell you've discovered, Princess," snarked the first.

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Challenge #02409-F219: Escape From a Hell-Planet

It's also worth pointing out that [Name] and Considering Long Term Consequences have a distant, if cordial, pen-pal relationship. -- RecklessPrudence

It's hard to think long-term when your long-term is what other people call 'tomorrow'. Living through the day was challenge enough on the world I used to call home. Planning a week ahead was madness. If you had asked me, there and then, what my plans would be for the weekend, on the day before it... I would have stared for

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stfueverything: xrosiexrichx: lifehackable: More Life Hacks Here yo whaaaat!! Or use a drop of conditioner. Yeah, this is dangerous...




More Life Hacks Here

yo whaaaat!!

Or use a drop of conditioner.

Yeah, this is dangerous because science.

  1. You have bacteria in your eyes

  2. These bacteria also live on your eyelashes

  3. When you use mascara, some bacteria travels on the brush and goes for holidays in your mascara liquid

  4. Once there, they breed like fuck until they get toxic

  5. The toxic shit stays there when it dries out.


Also avoid

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One important lesson on economics from someone who's picked up on a few things...

Put basically: If they’re offering it to plebes like you, the bubble is about to burst.

There are numerous economic bubbles in past and present. The stock bubble. The internet bubble. The housing bubble. The quantum chocolate bubble. Okay, I just wish there was a quantum chocolate bubble…

The point is, bubbles are just like pyramid schemes. Sooner or later, they’re going to run out of people to sell it to and the whole shebang is going

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